Cold in germany: tips on clothing, sports and heating

Cold in Berlin: The most important questions on dealing with frost

Cold in germany: tips on clothing, sports and heating

Four tips against freezing

Tips against cold

It has become cold in Berlin. This poses several problems at once. Everything you need to know about the right way to deal with the cold.

Berlin. It has become cold in Germany. Temperatures are gradually approaching the freezing point. It will remain cold over the next few days, says the German Weather Service (DWD). Especially at night the temperatures move more and more into the minus regions.

And although the Winter is just around the corner, many are not yet ready for the Cold prepared. We tell you how to adjust your life to the winter.

The right clothing in cold weather

Which Clothes It’s impossible to give a general answer to the question of what is the right thing to do in the cold. If it is dry, it snows? Do you move or sit in the winter landscape? For the office day, the onion principle is still unchallenged: Alternating between outdoors and indoors requires a layering system of multiple garments.

Down jackets or jackets with polyester filling are ideal for getting through the cold, explains Lutz Vossebein of Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. "They keep particularly warm with an air-cushion insulating layer," says the professor of textile technology, textile testing and quality management.

But the jackets with polyester filling have a disadvantage: the absorption capacity of water is low with synthetic fibers, says Vossebein. So if you sweat, you get wet. On the other hand, unlike cotton, for example, they keep warm even when wet.

What to watch out for when doing sports in winter

Even in sub-zero temperatures, a healthy person can safely go jogging," says Fernando Dimeo of the Center for Sports Medicine in Berlin. The Cold does put more strain on the body, the training should be therefore somewhat throttled. Otherwise, he says, it’s like swimming in the fall: "Not dangerous, just more strenuous."

The right clothing is important, says the sports physician. The best clothing is that which releases perspiration to the outside. Otherwise, you quickly get soaked and are at risk of hypothermia. "It is better to choose several thin layers than one thick one."

But if you dress so that you don’t freeze outside, you’re wearing too much clothing. In most cases, it would take ten minutes to assess the situation. Who Cold air in the throat who hurts, can wear a cloth in front of the mouth.

Cold in germany: tips on clothing, sports and heating

How to protect your skin from the cold

If it gets colder than ten degrees, the Skin their comfort zone. "The colder it gets, the more the blood vessels contract to retain heat," explains Cologne dermatologist Dr. Uta Schlossberger.

Then no metabolism would be possible. "From minus five degrees, the skin also no longer produces sebum, the protective greasy film is missing, the skin becomes dry."

In winter, therefore, the following should be observed to keep stressed skin healthy in the cold: Finger away from light emulsions and especially water-containing creams, instead applies: Fat feed. "Creams should, for example Urea, thus contain urea, Panthenol or Linolenic acid", says Schlossberger.

Consumers can also look out for the label "oil-in-water emulsion". from pure fat such as Vaseline however, the doctor advises against. "This clogs the pores."

She advises her patients in winter to also wear a Night cream to use grease, which usually has a higher grease content.

How to heat your home properly

No more getting into an ice-cold bath in the morning, no more wasting energy because you forgot to use the Heater to turn down when leaving the apartment. This is what manufacturers promise smart thermostats. They can be used to automate heating times and regulate the home temperature via app from the office.

Editors of the IT magazine "c’t" tested five popular models last winter. Her conclusion: All devices do what they are supposed to do and offer a clear gain in comfort. Whether one actually Saves heating costs, depends on a number of factors.

Owners of a Fritzbox can, for example, the AVM Fritz! Buy DECT301 (from 45 euros), it does not need a base station. In comparison, the cheapest and still easy to use is the Devolo Home Control radiator thermostat (from 35 euros).

It requires a base station (from 120 euros), but can also be used with many stations from other manufacturers, such as Amazon’s Echo Plus.

But heating costs can be saved even without smart helpers – with these tips and tricks for a warm home.

Charging car and smartphone batteries properly

Cold temperatures are especially important for Batteries a problem. When it’s cold, they deliver only part of their power. In the car, this can lead to starting difficulties with older car batteries.

Common problem: If a vehicle is only driven on short trips, the alternator generates too little power in winter to operate the lights, fan, rear window defroster and other functions while also fully charging the battery. The ADAC therefore advises to use only those functions that are absolutely necessary. What else drivers need to know about frost and ice.

The cold also causes problems in the smartphone: Older devices can switch off abruptly because the voltage is no longer sufficient for them in cold conditions. A simple solution: do not put the device in an outside pocket, but carry it as close to the body as possible.

Markus Grabowski, team leader for technology at the retail chain Gravis, warns against panic-mongering and hasty actions in such situations: "Switching off the phone early when the temperature is too low is annoying, but harmless and does not involve any long-term damage to the phone or battery," says the expert.

If it turns off, the expert says it should stay off for now. Users should allow the smartphone to slowly come back to room temperature – but not put the phone on the heater or warm it up with a hair dryer.

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