Cleaning mirrors: how to get it streak-free!

If there is one thing that turns out to be a never-ending task, it is cleaning the mirror. Only a few days after cleaning, it is dirty again. But that’s not so bad! With the right knowledge, you can quickly get your mirror clean again and, above all, streak-free ─ without any great effort at all. We have the best tips and home remedies for mirror cleaning for you!

Several mirrors in gold on the wall


If there’s one thing that turns out to be a never-ending task, it’s cleaning mirrors. Only a few days after cleaning it is dirty again. But not so bad! With the right knowledge, you can quickly get your mirror clean again and, above all, streak-free ─ without any great effort at all. We have the best tips and home remedies for mirror cleaning for you!

The best household tips for cleaning mirrors

Water, tea and lemon? What sounds like a tasty mix for a hot cup when you have a cold is actually the secret recipe for a clean mirror. In fact, a few home remedies of the cleaning of the shiny surface grab you excellent under the arms. Our interior experts reveal which household tips really pay off!

Shaving foam for coarse dirt

A rather bizarre cleaning agent is shaving foam. Here’s how: Rub your mirror completely with foam and let it sit for a few minutes. Afterwards, the shaving foam is simply wiped off with paper towels. This method not only makes the mirror appear streak-free clean, but should also prevent fogging for several days.

Tip: With the razor blade can additionally remove coarse residues!

Alcohol for small stains

High-percentage alcohol such as gin or even spirit remove minor dirt on the mirror surface. Here’s how: Clean your mirror as usual. Then put some alcohol on a cloth and wipe over the stain.

  • Cleaning mirrors in the bathroom
  • Detergent to clean mirrors on a tray

Lemon against blind and cloudy mirrors

You want a particularly shiny bathroom mirror? Cut a lemon in half and rub the cut side over the mirror. Afterwards, clean the mirror surface with clear water and wipe with a dry cloth. We are enthusiastic!

Clean fogged mirrors with tea

Let’s move on to our next insider tip. And this remedy surely everyone has in his household: tea! Yes, you have read correctly. You can also use cold tea to clean the mirror. Follow it up with a dry wipe and the surface will shine like new again.

Cleaning mirrors with rinse aid

In most cases, you can safely save the money for expensive cleaners. With lukewarm water, some rinse aid from the kitchen and a suitable cloth, your mirror will be sparkling clean in no time at all. But also only warm water or sparkling water or. Soda is sufficient!

Dishwashing liquid always works

Glass cleaner is less suitable for cleaning the bathroom mirror. Dishwashing liquid, on the other hand, is a real insider tip! Whether for hairspray, toothpaste splashes, mascara or smeared lipstick: Simply mix some dishwashing liquid with water and clean the bathroom mirror with it.

Universal tip: Air freshener

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but surprisingly, air fresheners are also suitable for cleaning the bathroom mirror. Simply spray the freshener on the mirror and wipe it off with a rag. Perfect ─ provides a pleasant smell in the bathroom at the same time!

Reading Tip: You can find the best tricks for cleaning the bathroom in our article on this subject!

The best cleaners for cleaning mirrors at a glance

DetergentWhen to use?
Shaving foam Coarse soiling
Alcohol Minor dirt
Lemon juice Blind and cloudy mirrors
Tea Fogged up surfaces
Rinse aid Lasting shine
Washing-up liquid Non-water soluble stains
Air freshener All-rounder with a good scent

The danger of chemicals and false helpers

Classic cleaning agents such as window cleaner, glass cleaner or even abrasive cleaners are not suitable cleaning agents for your mirror. Because their components are harmful and attack the silver layer in the mirror as soon as there is even a tiny gap at the edge of the mirror. This is how the mirror starts to rust. A sponge, on the other hand, can cause scratches in the surface.

Tip: In general, also avoid residual wetness! Water drops, a damp environment or vapors from solvents will cause damage!

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  • Golden mirror in ray form hangs on the wall

Mistakes when cleaning the mirror: Why vinegar& Co. not suitable

Make vinegar, half a potato& Co. other cleaning agents really superfluous? While some home remedies are great for getting your bathroom mirror clean, others are better left in the kitchen. We explain why!

  • Vinegar: Did you know that vinegar essence can damage the silver layer of your mirror and lead to corrosion? So it is better to leave it alone.
  • Newspaper: A bathroom mirror can hardly be polished with coarse paper. This is why newspaper for your mirror is an absolute no-go. In addition, the printer’s ink can stain the surface. Do not use for windows either!
  • potatoes: It is better to leave the bulbous plant in the kitchen. It does not harm your mirror directly, but it can destroy the shine of the surface.
  • Glass cleaner: Oh dear! The components of glass cleaner can also attack the silver layer. The agent can also lead to rust! By the way, the same applies to abrasive cleaners.

These utensils you need to clean the mirror

Cloth for cleaning mirrors in a close-up

In addition to the appropriate cleaning agent, the choice of the right cleaning material is the most important thing. We recommend three types of cloth, all of which are ideal for cleaning and polishing shiny surfaces:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Chamois
  • Cotton cloth

Basically, all three models ensure a lint- and streak-free result. So which one you prefer is absolutely a matter of taste. Also practical for cleaning mirrors: A Spray bottle or a large Bowl as well as a Rubber wiper.

How to clean the mirror properly: instructions

We’ll explain the best way to clean your mirror:


The first step is to remove all things that are underneath your bathroom mirror. So that nothing gets wet when cleaning under the mirror for sure.

Now remove the coarse dirt from the bathroom mirror with a little water. Very important: do not use rough surfaces for this, they can scratch the glass. On the other hand, you can use a cotton pad soaked in alcohol and move it in a circular motion.

Now wipe with a damp cloth. Whether you use a microfiber cloth or an old cotton T-shirt is up to you. For the corners and edges are suitable cotton swabs or a soft toothbrush.

Then take a second rag to wipe the bathroom mirror completely dry. Alternatively, you can use the window squeegee and remove any remaining drops or streaks with the microfiber cloth. Work from top to bottom.

If stains are still visible, you can use a little spirit to help you. Re-drying is not necessary here.

Clean brown framed mirror stands on a dresser

Cleaning blind and cloudy mirrors properly

The cause of blind or cloudy spots on the mirror is usually direct Exposure to sunlight. As a preventive measure, you should hang or position your mirror in such a way that the sun does not shine directly on it. But if the mirror does go blind, there are a few ways to remedy the situation.

On the one hand, you can clean the dull spots with Linseed oil rubbing. Then let it sit for a few minutes and wipe dry with a dry cloth. Also Nettles help: For this, moisten the nettle, rub the mirror and polish dry after.

Household tips for the care of the mirror

With a clean mirror, your prospects are always bright! For this, however, you should take care of the good piece regularly. Learn what household tips you can take to heart for this purpose.

Remove scratches from the mirror with toothpaste

Sure, small scratches are annoying. But no need to worry: Just put some toothpaste on a cloth. Then wipe in circular motions carefully over the unsightly spots. Rinse with a little water and wipe with a cloth – done!

No candles under the mirror

Candles under the mirror create a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom, but unfortunately are not a good idea. Because the flickering light can soot the surface. This also creates unsightly streaks. So next time, better not put your candles near the new mirror.

Tip: Do not place candles under the window either!

  • Small black cosmetic mirror stands on wooden dresser
  • Cleaned bathroom mirror round

This prevents the mirror from fogging up

Everyone knows it: After showering or bathing, the bathroom mirrors are fogged up. Especially in small bathrooms without windows this often becomes a problem. But you can counteract this with a few simple tricks:

  • Glasses cleaning cloth: Polish your mirror in the bathroom after cleaning and drying easily with an eyeglass cloth. This helps generally against fogging with glass.
  • Anti-fogging cloth for the car: Special anti-fog cloths can also help. Here also rub the cloth over the dry mirror.
  • Soap: Alternatively, you can rub your mirror with curd soap and then polish thoroughly.
  • Hair dryer: Blow dry the mirror briefly if it is steamed up.

No matter which method you finally decide on – you should repeat the process about once a month. This is costly, but much cheaper than, for example, a Mirror heating.

How often should you clean the mirror?

How often you should clean your mirror depends on where the good stuff is located in your four walls. You need to clean a wall mirror in the hallway or bedroom confidently only once a month. The
Bathroom mirror, on the other hand, should be cleaned at least once a week. After all, unsightly splashes accumulate on the surface here almost every day.

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