Christmas poems

Christmas has a very high meaning for the Christians next to Easter. Over the centuries, numerous customs have developed, including Christmas poems in Germany.

10 Christmas poems for every occasion

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The latest Christmas poems

The wind is drifting
The wind drifts in the winter forest.

It drives the wind in the winter forest
The flock of flakes like a shepherd,
And many a fir tree suspects how soon it will be
She will be pious and light.

She listens out. The white ways
Stretches it the branches ready
And resists the wind and grows towards
The one night of glory.

Author: Rainer Maria Rilke Category: short christmas poems

Oh you quiet christmas time!
The fairy lights are burning and all the people are running.
Still baking cookies buying gifts
what else could we use for the fridge.
This is the quiet time of the year and the Christ Child is already there.
We wish you all the best for this festive season.
Coziness, yes quiet hours with the family dear connected.
Singing Christmas carols under the Christmas tree
Bringing presents to children,
Her eyes shine mixed with candlelight,
that must be the silence of christmas.

Author: Leni Egger Category: beautiful christmas poems

Christmas time Oh Christmas time
Christmas time Oh Christmas time,
oh now it is already.
The flakes are falling,
the choir that sings
and the bell yes that rings

Oh dear Santa Claus,
come into my little room
I am already looking forward
and was surely a very good boy.

Oh dear Santa Claus,
don’t know what to wish for.
Do you have something in your bag,
what I can grab me?

Ho Ho Ho!
I am Moritz the Santa Claus
And I will do for you what I can
But were you also a good boy?

Take good care!
Sweets are only for the good
and for the wicked only the rods!

I was always a well-behaved rascal and never a cool guy in front of the girls.

Well here your gift what I give you
I hope you can live with it.

Oh dear Santa Claus
The one gift of great value,
I also do not joke.

Oh that makes me really happy,
Ho Ho Ho, Ho Ho Ho.
But now I have to get up on my sleigh,
for my reindeer want to be ridden by me.

Christmas time Oh Christmas time,
Oh now it is already so far.
That was a hilarity.
Papa Noel he came he went,
and now I can sing on

The most famous Christmas poems

The majority of today’s classic Christmas poems were written in the 18th century. and 19. The poem was written in the sixteenth century, although in the sixteenth. Hans Bruggeman wrote the poem Weihnacht in the 16th century. The beauty of the feast is described by Goethe with his poem Trees shining, while Theodor Storm enthusiastically with Knecht Ruprecht. Hermann Hesse sets the mood for the holiday with Christmas. The magic of the 24. December is also devoted to Rilke with Advent. And still James Kruss with The Christmas Mouse brings the children and adults to smile.
In addition, for many people Rainer Maria Rilke’s Es treibt der Wind or Joseph von Eichendorff’s Christmas belongs to the Christmas season, just like Christmas cookies, the scent of cinnamon and oranges.
Tip: You can find more famous Christmas poems here. The site contains more than 200 poems about the feast of love – u.a. with works by Busch, Goethe, Fontane, Rilke and Joseph von Eichendorff. If you do not find what you are looking for here, it is certainly worth a visit.

Christmas poems as pictures

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A star leads through the night


When the honey candle burns

Dear Santa Claus

Grandma's Christmas

Soon it will be Christmas

Holler boller Rumpelsack


Christmas time

Advent, Advent, a little light burns

Reflection on the essential

Christmas poems

If it gets dark in front of the house

Santa Claus

Christmas night

The angel trumpet

Advent, Advent, a little light burns

Winter is coming

The bright star

Christmas tree


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Advent poems

Advent poems should help to experience the pre-Christmas period as a quiet and contemplative time. In kindergartens and schools Advent poems are memorized and recited at small Christmas parties. There are classics that parents or grandparents learned in school, but you can also find new and modern things in Advent poems. There is not always a religious background, but it is always about Advent mood, about candles on the Advent wreath, about light, about snow and forest, about stars, glittering and mostly about waiting for the Christ Child.

Pre-Christmas bustle
Pre-Christmas bustle
Green wreath with red candles,
Glow of lights in all hearts,
Christmas carols, the smell of cookies,
Cinnamon and stars in the air.
Garden wears its winter dress,
who still has time for children?
People packing, crafting, walking,
ponder, search, run, buy,
cooking, baking, frying, washing,
riddle, whisper, whisper, nibble,
write letters, wishes, cards,
what they also expect from you.
But why hurry, hurry, hurry,
it is more beautiful to linger,
and above all to remember,
a package of "time
to give as a present.
And please leave some space
for the Christ Child under the tree!

Author: Ursel Scheffler Category: Advent poems

Christmas time
Christmas time – dull time,
hearts grow warm and wide,
childhood, the past
is near and not far
and when the white flakes fall
germinates hope, joy everywhere.
The world becomes white and brightly pure,
dazzling clear in the sunshine
shines the today, the tomorrow and the being –
Christmas miracle

Author: E. Beham Category: Advent Poems

Again it is Christmas
It’s Christmas again,
the year passed quickly,
Many a plan that we made,
Crossed by the monotony.
and yet, to see by candlelight,
this year was also beautiful.
Let be thankful for every day,
When we stand by the Christmas tree.
Who knows how it will be next year,
we hope it will be good.
health, happiness in the next year
and a lot of cheerful courage!

when we stand at the Christmas tree.
Let us be thankful for each

Author: Ruth Stille Category: Advent poems

Contemplative Christmas poems

Christmas time is so festive and contemplative. Somehow we all know this from childhood and of course love it too. Coziness, Advent wreath, candlelight, visit to one or the other Christmas market with punch and mulled wine belong absolutely to it. In today’s hectic world, it is not always possible to keep time for reflection. But maybe now and then a contemplative Christmas poem will do you good and remind you why we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas time Oh Christmas time
Christmas time Oh Christmas time,
oh now it’s already time.
The flakes are falling,
The choir that sings
and the bell that rings

Oh dear Santa Claus,
come to my little room
I rejoice already
And was certainly a very good boy.

Oh dear Santa Claus,
don’t know what to wish for.
Maybe you have something in your sack,
what I can grab?

Ho Ho!
I am Moritz the Santa Claus
And I will do for you what I can
But you were also a good boy?

Take good care!
Candy is only for the good
and for the wicked only the rods!

I was always a good boy and never a cool guy in front of the girls.

Well here your gift what I give you
I hope you can live with it.

Oh dear Santa Claus
That a gift of great values,
I’m not kidding either.

Oh that makes me really happy,
Ho Ho Ho, Ho Ho Ho.
But now I must get on my sleigh,
for my reindeer want to be ridden by me.

Christmas time Oh Christmas time,
Oh now it’s already so far.
That was a merrymaking.
Papa Noel he came he went,
and now I can go on singing

Then Christmas came
The Holy Spirit was looking for a girl
from an honorable house
and chose Maria.
Then he told her,
she will give birth to a child,
Jesus Christ, the Messiah,
it shall be.

Mary’s parents were poor,
and could not defend themselves,
and Joseph was her husband,
Mary was to be his.
So it came about that Maria
received from the Holy Spirit,
and pregnant was.

There she had now the Bescherung,
without their guilt
she had to carry the child,
and bore it with patience.
Then in those days
a census

by order of Emperor Augustus.
Joseph and Mary
Went to Bethlehem,
where her registration was.
They found no quarter,
so many were here.

They were offered only a stable.
There came Mary’s child
all poor to the world.
An angel has swiftly
told it to all the shepherds.
They came near

and saw the Holy Family,
the happy three.
They brought them the message,
proclaimed by the angel of the Lord,
and as it may be,
over the stable was a star.

Mary and Joseph rejoiced
and thought about it.
In a manger lay really
Jesus, newly born and awake.
Then Christmas came
to the feast of love for Christians.

Author: Vera-Regina from Austria Category: contemplative christmas poems

Reflection on the essential
Have we forgotten to live the Christmas season:
Consumerism and hectic, instead of giving us more time?
Yet it can be so easy to give –
come to rest and think with your heart
More time for family, friends and also strangers.
Reflection on the essentials – join hands.

Author: Michael Luber Category: contemplative Christmas poems

Short Christmas Poems

A poem does not have to be long to have an exactly fitting message. Often a short verse is enough and exactly what is meant to be said is expressed. Short Christmas poems are not only easy to learn, they are also perfect to integrate into a Christmas greeting to relatives, friends and colleagues. Even an e-mail or Whatsapp message becomes really personal with a short Christmas poem and makes even more fun.

The wind is blowing
The wind is blowing in the winter forest.

The wind is blowing in the winter woods
The flock of flakes like a shepherd,
And many a fir tree suspects how soon
She becomes pious and light-holy.

She listens out. The white ways
Stretches them the branches ready
And resists the wind and grows towards
The one night of glory.

Author: Rainer Maria Rilke Category: short Christmas poems

Christmas night
Outside the stars of the holy night are shining,
And inside the Christmas tree shines in radiant splendor.
The Christmas roast is fresh from the oven,
you just put it on the table.
The children happily unwrap the presents,
Therefore I wish you ‘nen beautiful Christmas rush.

Author: Sina Langbein Category: short christmas poems

Christmas Eve
Their bright, shining warm glow,
invites us to contemplation.
Christmas Eve is not far off.
We wait in hope, welcome the Lord.

Author: A.R Category: short christmas poems

Funny Christmas poems

One of the best known and most popular German Christmas carols "Oh du frohliche. " is already more than 200 years old and sings the merry Christmas time. Why shouldn’t there be humorous and funny Christmas poems?? The Advent and Christmas season with all its preparations and mysteries is such a beautiful, fulfilling time and there may not be missing a little fun, which is expressed among other things in funny Christmas poems.

Christmas mouse
Where is the Christmas mouse??
flits quite quickly from house to house.

Nibbles here and there from the pastry
And when you look at it, it’s gone.

Already strange with the Christmas mouse,
you don’t see them day in, day out.

But then it goes to Christmas,
she does not leave the cookies in peace.

The shrinkage is great, that can be said,
and hears the bakers lament.

And even the kitty lies in wait
Is afterwards however also not smarter.

It’s always been like this, year after year,
And one thing is very clear

When it’s Christmas at our house,
There she is, the Christmas mouse!

Author: Monika Muller Category: funny christmas poems

At Christmas, there we sit
in front of the TV and drink beer.
Mama is the first blue
and pukes already before the day show.
Then we carry the aunt out,
she can’t stand the boys choir.
And as soon as the movie starts
the uncle beats long and hard.
If then they tension slowly rises,,
Also dad leans to the side.
His head rests on the slumber pillow,
there’s also cousin Alfred wants to know.
He says once again "Merry Christmas. "
and then falls dully from the couch.
But the children rejoice
and call: "Now it’s Christmas time!
Now peace reigns here in the house.
Come on grandma, get out the schnapps!"

Author: Unknown Category: funny christmas poems

Oh you beautiful Christmas time
It began four weeks ago on the first Advent,
all had slept on the Sunday a little longer,
there I had a great idea,
we visit the Christmas market, although there is no snow,
outside are’ ca. fifteen degrees
you don’t need a sled, you can go by bike.

We have not eaten extra for lunch,
There you could eat delicious bratwurst
The choice was big, the purse small,
But it does not always have to be expensive,
it should only make a little joy,
How beautiful it is when children laugh.

There were candied apples, almonds, nuts, cotton candy,
It’s a good thing I had enough money with me.
For the grandchildren I like to do,
as they always say, rough shell, soft core.

The Christmas market was beautifully colorful,
in the children’s carousel and also otherwise it went around.
For me that was so right nischt,
I would rather have a few beers and a fox hissed.
I wisely went to the market and bought,
parked the bicycles next to the beer stand.

My wife said then to me, comes at all out of the question,
You can stop drinking for a few days,
I did not like the idea so much,
but what does one not everything, for a good climate.

Everyone found the tree on the market moving,
it shone beautifully from this area.
It is already beautiful this Christmas time,
pity only, it had not yet snowed.

I would have looked forward to a white layer,
then you do not see the gray everyday life.
The pre-Christmas period passes like in the flight,
one simply does not get enough of it.

Earlier we are chased with the Trabi in the forest,
had politely asked the forester before,
tell me, where is a beautiful tree here?,
he found it immediately, you can hardly believe it.

He knew his way around his forest,
had surely banged there once more often.
With his rifle he did it,
what else did you think,

Today all this is not so stressful,
you go to the hardware store, incredibly casual,
if you want to do it exactly and precisely,
then you take with you, your dear wife.

For a year ago she was tearing her hair out,
she asked where did you buy this broomstick?
Since then she chooses the Christmas tree herself,
then there is at least no quarrel in the house.

To put up the tree is then my duty,
another can, or will not.
One day before Christmas Eve it went then ran,
I pointed the tree then below,
another tip he did not need,
because upstairs he had already.

Off into the stand, yes that goes,
to make sure he was standing upright.
The woman said then, now he stands right,
I believed her, because her opinion is important.
One knows exactly that it goes very badly,
If such a thing does not stand right.

Then the Christmas tree was decorated,
I have always been happy to shirk.
Our children were looking forward to it very much,
but that was a little longer ago.

At the end came to the tree a chain of lights,
in the room stood then as always the bet,
burns then today times the light,
or it burns as always, not.

One began then before already to joke,
where is then only the replacement of the candles.
A question that then moves everyone,
you had finally put it away well.

And lo and behold, you can hardly believe it,
the lights were all burning on the tree.
So the question that moves everyone,
for the time being postponed to the next year.

The tree was straight, not a bit crooked,
altogether it fell down only three times,
We then quickly stocked it again,
it looked different every time,
When we decorated it anew.

Then we had found the solution,
we tied it with n rope to the ceiling.
Now he stood there in full splendor,
it was already dark, but not yet night-

In the closet was looked again,
if all gifts are also well stowed.
Then with a clear conscience,
thrown into the cuddly beds.

That night I drove into town like a man possessed,
I had forgotten many gifts.
In the department store stood a big man,
he had a red coat on,
he asked me if I was good,
I said of course, the whole year.

He led me to a big tree,
It must have been ten meters high in the room.
Here are many gifts, you do not need money,
Here you can take what you like.

Everywhere gifts, under the tree, on the branches,
you only had to point with your finger,
already they lay wrapped in paper, next to you.
vouchers were also among the gifts,
everything you could think of.

On the one was written, the eternal life,
I just thought, that can’t be true,
now you pull so long on the branch,
until you got the bill in your hands.

I wanted to have the light and pulled and pulled,
the whole tree was already bending mightily,
suddenly the tree fell down,
and I woke up from my dream.

Now he was finally there,
the day of the Bescherung, this year.
For lunch there was on our table,
like every year a great fish.

It was a carp, about. four pounds,
we shoved it into our mouths with pleasure.
He was roasted in the tube,
After an hour it was fine.

And they had potatoes and grated apples,
underneath you could push horseradish,
because that was our special trick,
that gave the meal that certain kick.

We had acquired the recipe from grandma,
but unfortunately it had already died in the meantime,
she surely looked down from a star,
she also liked carp very much.

After the table was cleared of the leftovers,
was dreamed on the sofa still ne hour.
We held the grandchildren a little longer,
Santa Claus is still in the room.
So about 17.00 o’clock it was then,
for gifts it was then high time.

The door open and all inside,
the tree had a colorful glow
and underneath lay all the gifts,
if they also have one for me?

I was good, I had told him that before,
when he asked me in a dream.
My wife then knew,
where the present lay for me, from Santa Claus.
I opened the package and behold,
exactly the same as last year.

A colorful shirt, five pairs of socks,
a bottle of wine, dry as always
and I thought so with me then,
the old man has a good memory

I sometimes do not know what was three days ago
and he still knew everything from last year.
A tender smile met my wife,
that she was the "man was, I knew exactly.

Then I gave her my present with a slight grin,
it was like every year, a box of chocolates.
In the evening there was for all still a little glass of champagne,
It was not dry, it tasted good.

There were then two more days of Christmas,
they were contemplative, no question.

Beautiful Christmas poems

When the days become shorter and Advent has begun, most people feel in a contemplative position. Not only mulled wine, gingerbread and cookies are then at the top of the list of needs, but also love, affection and poetry.

Poetry? This, of course, means Christmas poems, which are not only recited by children under the Christmas tree. Beautiful Christmas poems one sends also gladly by Mail or quotes short passages on the back of greeting cards, which one sends far distant friends to the celebration of the celebrations. Or else – and that’s what beautiful Christmas poems are for – you simply enjoy them for yourself.

Oh silent Christmas time!
The fairy lights are burning and all the people are running.
Still baking cookies buying gifts
what we could still use for the refrigerator.
This is the quiet time of the year and already the Christ Child is here.
We wish you all the best for this celebration.
She loved coziness and quiet hours with her family.
Singing Christmas carols under the fir tree
to bring the presents to the children,
Your eyes shine mixed with candlelight,
that must be the silence of Christmas.

Author: Leni Egger Category: beautiful Christmas poems

On Christmas Eve afternoon
It’s snowing, it’s snowing,
it snows at christmas time,
The children want to pull sledges,
with the skis toil,
as in all years,
Skiing and sledding,
on Christmas Eve afternoon,
so that the Christ child may come.

It freezes to ice,
It freezes to ice,
the children wanted to go ice skating
Over the ice and without a break,
Turning pirouettes,
jump, dance, float,
on Christmas Eve afternoon,
which was very close to their hearts.

The wind is still,
because it does not want to blow,
the bells ring from the church,
where the children’s nativity plays
touch our heart,
to stage the message,
on Christmas Eve afternoon,
where the Christ Child lay in the manger.

Author: Brigitte Waldner Category: beautiful Christmas poems

The Christmas joy
In the sky bright stars shine
from the black winter night,
the carols bring warmth
in the cool winter splendor.

The smell of baked apples and cookies
is probably familiar to people.
Sweeping the paths with a broom,
soon the Christ child will be seen.

Feeling the longing for the loved ones,
you can not reach,
the bells are then ringing most fondly,
they start to comfort.

May candlelight these days
be hope for many hearts,
and carry the joy into them,
Celebrate Christmas all alone.

Author: Brigitte Waldner Category: beautiful Christmas poems

Christmas poems for children

Children like to learn little poems or songs by heart. It is fun for them to learn Santa Claus poems or a poem suitable for the Christmas or winter season. Small children learn easily and they can already very soon the again and again read out sentences from the children’s picture books. There are ancient Christmas poems that have been passed down for decades, but there are always new, atmospheric Christmas poems for children.

Dear Santa Claus,
put on the warm boots
and your big and.warm coat.
Dear good Santa Claus,
sit down in your sleigh,
Rudolf and the others bring you to our home.

Author: Sam Maurer Category: Christmas poems for children

When Santa Claus comes in the door.
Then the Christmas season is also at home with you.
When the candles are blazing and the lights are on.
Then Santa Claus doesn’t have to run away either.
Then he glides from house to house with his sleigh –
and hands out all the many gifts.

Author: T.Stone category: Christmas poems for children

Christmas is just wonderful
Christmas is simply wonderful,
and Santa Claus is then the star.
Merrily he moves from house to house,
and pulls out from his sack the gifts.

The reindeer is waiting eagerly,
"When will we fly to Christmasland again??"
"Do not be such a lousy Peter,
back we fly later."

Santa Claus arrives completely exhausted,
early in the morning at the last house still on,
he must hurry but it is already too late,
because it sees how someone goes down the stairs.

Santa Claus disappears in no time,
and the child with no presents,
is perhaps you!

Author: Julia Category: Christmas poems for children

Christmas poems as video

Things to know about Christmas poems

In this section you will find information about Christmas poems. Which these are in detail, the following list reveals:

Historical classification of Christmas

Although Christmas is a Christian celebration, its origin goes back further than Christianity is old. It lies in the celebration of the winter solstice, which is around the 25. December falls. The Egyptians and other advanced civilizations also paid homage to the 21st century. December their deities. Around the year 500 B.C., the Romans celebrated the Feast of the Dove on the 25th day of the month. December the birthday of their sun god Sol, while the Teutons celebrated the Julfest. The name Jul still means Christmas in Scandinavian languages. On the different festivities around the 25. December people should still insist 400 years after Christ’s birth so stubbornly that even the heads of the church could not keep them from it. The church decided to be strategic for this reason, as they wanted to recruit more pagans to Christianity. She therefore approved of the festivities, but created another reason. The celebration of the winter solstice has now turned into Christmas on the 25th. December the birthday of Jesus. This one was born according to various historians in reality probably in the autumn.

Christmas poems – one Christmas custom of many

Christmas is meanwhile celebrated in quite a few Christian communities all over the world. In Germany, some customs have been established over the centuries, which have endured until today. This includes the nativity scene with the baby Jesus, which is of great importance especially in Catholic regions. Also the fir tree, the Advent wreath and the Christmas market should not be missing. On 24. December takes on an important meaning, especially for children, the giving of presents. It often takes place before the Christmas dinner. Traditionally, the offspring recite to the Christ Child or Santa Claus. This includes not only the singing of classic Christmas carols, but also Christmas poems. The poems have among other things thereby a firm component at the Christmas celebration. They were also recited to the children by their parents or older siblings to shorten the wait for the presents.
Whether creative, melancholic, thoughtful, humorous, exaggerated, funny, rhyming, stylish or simply poignant. A Christmas poem can tell a story from days long past or from today and tomorrow, it may appeal to young and old or be surprising and informative. A Christmas poem is as unique as each Christmas season itself.

The wind is blowing by Rainer Maria Rilke

Christmas poems as a part of Christmas Eve

Traditionally, something is recited before the presents are given out. This includes a Christmas carol or even the recitation of a Christmas poem. Also therefore Christmas poems have tradition and belong to the Christmas season. In many families this custom has its firm place, which simply belongs to the celebration. For many children, it’s an equally lovely moment that makes the time spent waiting for presents go by faster. But not every child associates recitation with joy. So children should not be forced to do it. To encourage or ease their fear of reciting poetry, parents can also recite poems, thus passing on the joy of poetry and the tradition associated with it. Especially children love the world of fantasy and stories, which can be wonderfully conjured with Christmas poems. Just think of the children’s book read over and over again from times past or the story told day in and day out at bedtime. In the same way, the magic of Christmas poems can be conveyed by letting this love and access to poetry germinate through reading aloud and recitation. So everyone can find their own Christmas tradition and read out the same poem every year or recite it together. Perhaps everyone also takes turns reciting a new Christmas poem. Or divide the poem among several presenters. The possibilities are manifold.

Christmas poems as a greeting

Christmas poems go wonderfully with Christmas greetings. A short verse from it or a whole poem is the ideal Christmas companion. They decorate every Christmas card. As the trend towards impersonal, digital Christmas cards continues to grow, a personal touch can easily be added with the help of an inserted poem. In this way, the magic of the Christmas season can be conveyed particularly well.
Handwritten Christmas cards are becoming increasingly rare. This is a pity, as they are the ones that please many recipients all the more. The written word in the form of a Christmas poem automatically makes the reader pause and get in the mood for Christmas. Christmas letters are also popular. The report at Christmas time about the events of the year can be wonderfully opened or concluded with a poem.

Christmas poems Advent calendar

Advent calendar

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