Charging and maintaining the iphone battery correctly: this is how it works

Charging and maintaining the iphone battery correctly: this is how it works

To enjoy your iPhone for as long as possible, you should treat the iPhone battery correctly. But what should you pay attention to when charging? What should you prevent in order not to shorten the life unnecessarily? The most important points at a glance.

Plug the cable into the socket and start charging. Sounds simple, but you can make a lot of mistakes when charging your iPhone. With our tips you save the battery of your iOS device, so that you can use the expensive smartphone for as long as possible.

  1. 1. Charge iPhone battery correctly
  2. 2. iOS setting: Optimized battery charging
  3. 3. Battery care: Do not use iPhone in hot or cold environment
  4. 4. Do not charge at high temperatures
  5. 5. iPhone is not used? Avoid deep discharge!
  6. 6. More background information about battery care for iPhone, iPad& Co

Charge iPhone battery correctly

Even if it is the easiest way, you should not charge your iPhone overnight and leave it plugged in for hours. Once the battery is full, the device switches to normal battery mode. This will discharge the battery and recharge it immediately. These unnecessary charging processes decrease the battery life in the long run. So fills the iPhone battery in time before bedtime to about 80 percent. If the smartphone can’t make it through the night without charging, the battery is already badly affected and should be replaced. Alternatively, switch it to power-saving flight mode overnight if you want your iOS device to wake you up.

iOS setting: Optimized battery charging

With iOS 13 Apple has the function"Optimized charging of the battery“ introduced. You can find it in the iOS settings under"Battery“ in the "Battery status" area. If you don’t want to give up charging your iPhone overnight, leave the option turned on. Apple conserves the battery by automatically charging the battery to only 80 percent at first. For the remaining 20 percent, the system takes its time until normal wake-up time. The feature learns your iPhone usage and charging behavior automatically and intelligently.

Although the fast charging function invites you to refill the battery in a particularly short time. But you should not use it too often. The battery quality decreases in the long run due to permanent use.

Battery care: Do not use iPhone in hot or cold environment

The iPhone has a safety circuit that shuts down the iOS device when it gets too hot or too cold. Overheating and voltage drop are thus avoided or at least mitigated. In such a case, you should not be angry, but happy. When it’s cold, it’s best to leave the device in the inside pocket of your jacket. If it has already turned off automatically, a recharge helps. If it’s hot, put the iPhone in the shade and slowly let it get used to normal temperature again. Wait a few minutes before turning it on again.

alt="iphone-battery-is-too-hot" width="246" height="" /> Warning: It’s too hot for the iPhone.

By the way: The preliminary stage of the complete shutdown can be that in the Camera the flash deactivated is. Do not panic, at the appropriate temperatures also works again. Cold temporarily impairs the use, heat on the other hand can permanently limit the battery performance. Apple recommends in the technical specifications the optimal temperature range of 16 to 22 degrees. An insert at temperatures above 35 degrees you should avoid.

In general, you should not leave your iPhone in the car for too long on warm summer days. If you use the cell phone in the summer as a navigation device, you should not attach it permanently to the windshield of the car, because the sun is particularly active here. If you have a co-driver, give him/her the navigation responsibility.

Do not charge at high temperatures

You should also pay special attention to the ambient temperature when charging: Heat is harmful. When charging, the device heats up additionally. A cell phone case or case can additionally greatly increase the temperature. Apple advises to take the device out of the case in such cases. You should also not charge your iPhone under your pillow or near the heater..

iPhone battery life verlängern: These measuresßtook help immediately

iPhone is not used? Avoid deep discharge!

One of the most dangerous events for the iPhone battery is a deep discharge, which can even lead to the destruction of the battery cells. Normally nothing can happen, because the iPhone has a protection mechanism and switches off in time. On the other hand, it is problematic if you don’t use the iPhone for a long time: An empty battery can be discharged too much due to self-discharge. Unused devices should therefore be taken out of the drawer and plugged in every few months.

  • Store unused iPhones with about 50 percent battery charge and recharge a little every few months.

By the way, a full charge of unused devices is again not recommended, as this can limit the battery capacity.

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More background on the battery care of iPhone, iPad & Co

There is also something to keep in mind about the order in which you connect your phone to the power outlet:

You should Plug in first connect and then connect the charging cable to the phone. If you first connect the cable to the iPhone and then connect it to the power, a so-called "voltage peak", i.e. an overvoltage, can occur. In a bad case, this can lead to data loss and shorten the life of the battery. After charging, first unplug the power adapter before disconnecting the charging cable from the iPhone, otherwise a so-called "reverse instantaneous current" is generated, which can also cause problems with the battery.

Some tips that you still know from the past are no longer relevant today. In the past nickel-cadmium batteries were used. Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries are mostly used, as in the iPhone. These do not have a noticeable "memory effect". Man so it does not have to be fully charged discharge the battery and then charge it completely: If you charge your iPhone to a quarter of its capacity, you have only "used up" 25 percent of a charge cycle. Don’t be afraid of incomplete charge cycles:Every now and then a complete charge cycle (i.e. from 0 to 100) should help calibrate the display, though. More on the topic:

  • iPhone battery drains quickly? Tips for a longer battery life

If you’ve already spent a lot of money on your iPhone, you shouldn’t skimp on charging accessories. Avoid cheap chargers or cables. Again and again there are cases. Where inferior accessories self-ignite or damage the iPhone battery due to improper insulation and circuitry. Ideally, you rely on the original accessories from Apple.

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