Cell phone location abroad: how to find a lost smartphone again

As practical as smartphones are – they have one unpleasant feature: the devices are quickly lost. It’s easy for a cell phone to slip out of your pocket unnoticed or to be left on a cafe table. It is particularly annoying if the device is lost during a stay abroad. But fortunately there are ways and means to find lost smartphones again. Here we present some of the best options.

Cell phone tracking via Google Find My Device

If the lost device is an Android phone, the free app "Google Find My Device" (formerly "Android Device Manager") is the best choice. In order to be able to use the application, you must first make sure that it is stored in the settings under "Device administrators". This works as follows:

  • Open settings
  • Safety& Select location
  • Tap on "device management"
  • Tap on "Device administrators
  • Put a check mark behind the app

If the location query is not activated, this step still needs to be performed (Settings> Location). With Samsung devices the appropriate menu point is usually under data security& safety> Location.

With the help of "Google Find My Device", the lost device can be located and located on a map. There is also the possibility to let the smartphone ring via the PC browser. Blocking or deleting data on the phone is also possible with the app. The latter option makes the most sense if it is certain that the device was stolen during the stay abroad.

Cell phone location via Apple iCloud

iPhones can also be located remotely. For this, the function "Find my iPhone" must be activated on the target device. The user logs in to icloud on a Mac or PC.com/find on or launch the "Find My iPhone" app on another iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Similar to "Google Find My Device" the location is displayed on a map. When the device is nearby, you have the option to play a loud ringtone.

In "Lost" mode, the device can be locked with a code. If the user has added credit, debit or prepaid cards in Apple Pay, once the "lost" mode is activated, no more payments can be made via Apple Pay. If the missing device is switched off or offline, it can still be set to "lost" mode. The next time the device is online, the entries will be implemented immediately.

Locate lost smartphones via spy app

If you are abroad and want to locate a lost cell phone, you have another option besides the two mentioned above: With a spy app, lost smartphones can be located within seconds. Unlike location-only apps, spy apps offer a wide range of functionality. They are primarily used to monitor smartphones, but can be used for cell phone tracking as well. The localization is done via GPS and works as long as the target device is turned on. If this is not the case, the last known location is displayed on a map.

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