Celebrating birthdays at school

Especially in school, but also in families at home, the theme of birthday celebrations has been dealt with creatively for weeks. Friends and family may not come at all or may be limited, and when celebrating a birthday at school, almost everything that was normally offered is currently prohibited. No singing songs, no hugging, no plays or role-playing and definitely no eating or drinking together. So what to do?

7 Ideas for Corona birthday at school with distance

Teachers in particular have to be imaginative when celebrating birthdays. And it makes sense to facilitate the learning determined by hygiene rules with some nice ideas. There are old rituals, like the homework voucher, and also new ideas.

Celebrating birthdays at school

Nice ideas for birthdays with distance

1. The compliment throne

A chair is prepared as a throne, for example, upholstered with a red velvet blanket and placed on a pedestal. On this throne the birthday child takes a seat. His guests or classmates write nice anecdotes or positive characteristics of the birthday boy or girl on colorful cards beforehand.

Celebrating birthdays at school

Now decorate

The birthday boy takes a seat on the throne. His friends now read their cards one by one. After that, all the cards are collected and put in an envelope or box. This is inscribed with the name of the birthday child and the date. The envelope is given to the child, who can keep it and look at it again and again later on.

Annotation: Viruses don’t last forever, they dry up, smear infections are rare, children are not particularly at risk.

2. The birthday place

The place of the child of honor is decorated for the birthday in the school with a napkin, a light (of course electronic) and a flower from. The child gets to keep this flower, which he or she is welcome to make, and also gets to choose a gift from the "treasure chest".

In the chest are useful little things like nice pens, rulers, glue sticks and erasers.

3. Warm shower

A week before the birthday, small cards are distributed to all children. On it they should write what they like about the birthday child. These positive qualities, and only these, are then read out in turn on the birthday.

After each card, everyone puts their hands up and says: Dear child, on this day, I tell you that I like you. Then the children move their fingers and figuratively rain down warm words on the child.

Celebrating birthdays at school

Cards a week before distribute and inscribe let

4. Painted lucky stones or hand charms

Each child paints a stone, which is then placed on the birthday child’s square. The stones cannot be collected together. Therefore, either the teacher must bring a stone for each child – or it is a homework assignment to go on a weekend field trip with parents and collect stones.

The stones can be painted, pasted or varnished at home or together in class. Later the stones may also be added a lucky chain, as they are now more and more often seen on the roadside.

Celebrating birthdays at school

5. Homework voucher

  • It is at the same time a general and individual gift. It fits with each child.
  • The use is not tied to any specific date, so the child can decide alone and on their own responsibility.
  • It is free of charge and does not strain the cash register.
  • It can be well prepared and does not cost time.
  • The voucher can be customized for individual children with the PC also in the layout.

6. Empty tea bag is lit

For the slightly older children, the tea bag ceremony can be a beautiful gesture for the birthday. In winter, when it is rather gloomy outside, it makes a cozy atmosphere.

The teacher or teacher bring an empty tea bag and a fireproof pad. When the birthday child has received a few nice congratulations, the tea bag is lit. The child may then come forward, try to catch the ashes and make a wish.

7. Solve a whodunit

All children love to guess and puzzle. why not solve a children’s mystery together for every birthday party?. there is a whole range of books that make this possible. One of them is Lauter klare Falle by Jorg Obrist, another are the crime stories to guess along.

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