Can you earn a living with forex? Tips


Can you make a living with forex? For many people Forex, money for a vacation, to buy a car or a house, for the necessities of life, etc. have at your disposal. However, not everything is so positive in the foreign exchange market;many investors have lost large amounts of money. Besides, Forex does not guarantee you positive results all the time you invest; otherwise everyone would be a millionaire.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether it is really possible to make money from the Foreign exchange trading to live. In this article we will deal with it and give you some tips to make it easier for you.

earning a living with foreign exchange

Before we begin, it is important to understand what Forex is. Forex is a global, decentralized or over-the-counter foreign exchange market. This market puts Exchange rates for each currency is fixed and includes all aspects of Buying, selling and Exchange From Currencies at current or fixed prices.

Things to consider in advance

Well, whether it is possible to live off Forex or not. In order to give an answer, we must first analyze the following aspects:

  • To invest in Forex, you must first think of an regular income think. Therefore, it is important that you analyze whether this income first the necessary Cost of living covers and you need to use the capital not only for investment, but whether you have enough money left to invest without affecting your economy.
  • You must learn, how to trade on the foreign exchange market. For this it is important to have a good Education to have, to attend courses and to perfect the way of investing.
  • Considering the effect of Leverage and the recommendation not to use such high leverage, you should consider a good leverage of 50: 1 or maximum 100: 1.
  • Keep in mind that forex profits taxable are, so subtract the amount to be paid to the taxpayer from the net sum.
  • If you want to make good money on Forex, you should know that it is difficult to make a lot of money if you start with little capital (if you open a Forex account with 100 €, you can earn little).
    Don’t forget that in order to keep up with the Trade online to make money, Risks must enter.

Questions you should ask yourself

  • Can I use the Risks of foreign exchange trading carry?
  • Have I had enough Time, to devote to trading?
  • Can I do well with Stress bypass?
  • Do I have realistic Expectations?


When asked if it is possible to make a living trading forex, the answer is yes, so don’t be swayed by negative comments. In addition, today there are many Online trading platforms, which are very easy to use even for beginners. In addition, these platforms offer professional Consulting By experts, free courses and put on their platform Tools available to you, which will allow you to perfect your investments and be successful at Forex.

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