Calorie calculator for athletes | calorie consumption calculator

A calorie calculator gives you the ability to calculate your calorie consumption based on information you enter into the calorie consumption calculator. These types of calorie calculators take your gender, age, height, weight and exercise habits as the basis for calculating average calorie consumption. The special thing about this calculator is that you can also enter your fitness goal in the input field "Goal". So you have the following goals to choose from:

Calorie calculator, calorie requirement

  • Muscle building (Calculates a calorie surplus of 250 calories)
  • Maintain weight (calculates calorie needs without surplus or deficit)
  • Fat loss (Calculates a calorie deficit of 250 calories)

When using a calorie calculator, you should always keep in mind that all such calorie calculators are based on average values. Every person is different and so it can happen that you have a particularly fast or slow metabolism and your calorie needs differ from the results of this calorie calculator. However, calorie requirement calculators are very useful as a guide.

Calorie calculator for sports and alternatives

Further down on this page you will find different sports with the corresponding calorie consumption per hour. The more information you include in the calculation of calorie consumption, the more accurate the result of the calorie calculator will be. An even more accurate option is offered by sports trackers or calorie calculators. Fitness wristbands. The most accurate of all options is to record your calorie intake by weighing your food. This should be done for 7 days to get an average value. If you neither lose nor gain weight during these 7 days, then you know your exact calorie requirement.

Calorie calculator for different sports

Sports are differently strenuous and burn different numbers of calories. The upper calorie calculator for different sports makes it easy for you to choose your sport and include it in the calorie calculation. The following sports are available for selection in the calorie calculator:

Calorie calculator for fitness classes like Zuma or aerobics: Especially popular with women are fitness classes like Zumba or step aerobics. If this is also your favorite sport, you can simply enter your weekly workload in the calorie calculator and start the calculation. Since the activity level and intensity of different fitness classes vary greatly, it is difficult to calculate an exact calorie consumption. We are from 200 kcal per hour.

Calorie calculator for yoga: Yoga is very trendy and it is no wonder that many people are interested in the calorie consumption of yoga. In my calorie calculator you can enter your weekly yoga hours and the calorie calculator will take this into account when calculating your calorie needs.

Calorie calculator for soccer, handball, basketball: Team sports involve a lot of running, so sports like soccer or handball burn a lot of calories. The calorie consumption here is significantly higher than for example yoga. If you want to lose weight, these sports are good for you. For ball sports in a team, a calorie consumption of 320 kcal per hour is calculated.

Calorie calculator for martial arts: The calorie consumption of martial arts like boxing, MMA and karate is comparatively high because you have to move very fast. There are no classic sprints and long runs in boxing, but the athlete is constantly in motion, and this burns quite a few calories. For martial arts we calculate a calorie consumption of 400 kcal per hour. Per hour 280 kcal applied.

Calorie calculator for tennis: I have also taken tennis into account in my calorie calculator. A match can last several hours and of course this also has an effect on the calorie consumption.

Calorie calculator for squash: Squash is a very fast sport and despite the small field you move very fast. In the calorie calculator you can specify how many times a week you play squash and how many hours you spend on the court. During a one hour squash game you consume on average 480 calories.

Calorie calculator for table tennis: Table tennis is also included in the calorie calculator as a selection. The calorie consumption is lower than for team sports like soccer.

Calorie calculator for volleyball: No matter if normal volleyball or beach volleyball. You have to move and jump a lot. This burns a lot of calories and is therefore important when calculating the calorie requirement. Playing volleyball for an hour burns approx. 150 calories.

calorie calculator for golf: Golf is a sport that involves a lot of movement and a few kilometers are covered in an 18-hole match. This is of course also noticeable in the calorie consumption. For golfers a calorie consumption per hour of 180 kcal credited.

Calorie calculator for walking: Walking is a very good sport for seniors and overweight people. The load on the joints is low and the cardiovascular system is less stressed than with jogging. Walking burns about 260 kcal per hour.

Calorie calculator for mountain biking: Mountain biking is also selectable in the calorie calculator. Mountain biking usually involves less calories than classic cycling but because it is often steep uphill and downhill the load is more like HIIT training and therefore this version of cycling got an extra category in the calorie calculator. 1 hour of mountain biking beats in our calorie calculator 410 kcal to beech.

Calorie calculator for horseback riding: Horseback riding also burns calories and regular riding at a fast pace is a very good total body workout. However, since the horse does most of the work, the rider "only" burns 160 calories per hour

Calorie calculator for jumping rope: The classic endurance training that is also regularly practiced by many boxers. Rope jumping as it is called lately burns a lot of calories and can be done almost everywhere. If one jumps an hour rope one burns approx. 400 calories.

Calorie calculator for cycling, jogging, cross trainer: The sports jogging and cycling are among the most popular sports of the Germans and are popular with people who want to improve their fitness as well as with people who want to lose weight and burn fat. The calorie consumption for jogging and cycling depends strongly on the speed of the weight. As an average value for one hour we calculate 360 kcal.

Calorie calculator for climbing / bouldering: You don’t often find a calorie calculator for climbing or a calorie calculator for bouldering. However, since I like climbing a lot, I decided to integrate this sport into the calorie calculator as well. If you spend one hour climbing you need about 380 calories.

Calorie calculator for fitness training: If you want to build muscles you can’t avoid fitness training with dumbbells and machines. Also who has fat reduction as a goal is well advised to go several times a week in the fitness training because every extra gram of muscle helps in fat loss. Fitness training may not be missing in this calorie calculator of course

Calorie counter app

There are many apps for IOS and Android which count the calories consumed during the day with the help of huge databases. Often even a scanner is integrated over that the bar code of the food can be scanned in. A calorie counter app is a good way to track how many calories are actually consumed because estimates are often very inaccurate. Especially for people who have not dealt with calorie counting and nutritional values in the past, such an app is recommended.

My favorite is the FDDB app which is available for both Android and Ipone:

Calculate calorie consumption – basal metabolic rate

The calorie consumption and the basal metabolic rate can be calculated with different formulas. These formulas have also been used to create the calorie calculator for athletes on this page. In the course of time new formulas were created with which the calorie consumption can be enriched. Some of these formulas are:

  • Harris Benedict formula
  • Mifflin-St.Jeor formula
  • Broca index adjustment

For more information on calculating calorie consumption and basal metabolic rate, I recommend visiting Wikipedia .

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