But why do so few women apply for a professorship at a haw?

Professor Elke Wolf

Many potentially interested women are actually not aware that they do not need a habilitation, but five years of professional experience, three of them outside of a university, in addition to their doctorate, in order to pursue a career as a professor at Bavarian universities of applied sciences (HAW).

The few additional appointment requirements that may be necessary, such as proof of pedagogical aptitude, can also still be acquired as part of the "rein-in-die-horsale" support program.

The advantages of a professorship, such as z.B. the freedom to set one’s own focus in teaching and at the same time to continue working in one’s personal field of research is something that only very few people know. So that means combining theory and practice in a meaningful way and being able to pass on their knowledge and experience to young people. A thoroughly fulfilling activity that is hard to find in the free economy. The same applies to job security.

The advantages of a professorship:

  • Self-determined work – possibility to set your own priorities
  • Varied, multifaceted activity
  • Combination of research and practice – Applied teaching
  • Working in an interdisciplinary environment
  • Social benefit: Encouraging young people to develop their personality and find a career
  • Flexible working hours – compatibility of family and career
  • Secure job, civil service possible
  • Reputation, social recognition

Portrait Professor Sabine Jaritz

"Being a professor is not a job, but a calling. As a professor I can inspire students for relevant topics and content."

Prof. Dr. Sabine Jaritz
Business administration, project management and
Change Management
OTH Regensburg

If you ask, you get answers.
For example, on these FAQs:

1. How do I become a professor at a university of applied sciences??

An HAW professorship differs from a university professorship in that it has a much higher practical relevance. Furthermore, a HAW professorship does not require a habilitation! In addition to a doctorate, a prerequisite for appointment as a professor at a university of applied sciences (HAW) is proof of at least five years of relevant professional experience.

It is crucial that three of the five years were spent outside of academia. The way to a university of applied sciences is to apply for an advertised professorship. Unsolicited applications are not possible.

2. How are activities in part-time jobs or many years of professional experience counted when applying for a professorship?

Part-time work is usually fully credited if it is at least 50 percent a full-time position (20 hrs./week) is. This means that even reduced working hours due to family reasons are taken into account in professional biographies.

Please make sure that you have proof of your many years of professional experience: certificates from employers, references from clients (if you are self-employed) as well as credit for periods spent in research institutes or traineeships.

3. How much does a professor at the UAS earn??

The salary of a professorship consists of the basic salary, family allowance and additional performance payments (bonuses). The base salary is set by the states. An HAW professorship is generally remunerated according to grade W2. The basic salary in Bavaria for a W2 professorship starts at level 1 with 6.097.72 euros (gross) and ends in level 3 with 6.719.94 euros (gross) per month.

Practical support is available even before you apply

It is not every day that you apply for a professorship. That’s why LaKoF Bayern/HAW has developed a special qualification offer with corresponding measures to support interested women in their application in the best possible way. For example, with doctoral scholarships or the support program "rein-in-die-horsale," which offers three differentiated offerings around the topic of HAW professorships.

University Professor:
Anything but a run-of-the-mill job

What does a university professor actually do? The fact that lectures and seminars, as well as supervising students, are part of the job certainly doesn’t need to be explained to anyone else.

What is less well known is that research is also an integral part of the job description of an HAW professor. In addition, committee activities and involvement in university management are among the main areas of responsibility and show how multifaceted an HAW professorship is.

Portrait of Professor Sevim Suezeroglu Melchiors

Prof. Dr. Sevim

Digital Entrepreneurship
and funding
OTH Regensburg

5 steps in the appointment process

Let’s assume you would like to apply for a professorship and you meet the basic requirements for employment, such as a university degree with a corresponding doctorate and at least five years of professional experience. Then you can apply for advertised professorships at universities of applied sciences (HAW).

Portrait Professor Brigitte Kolzer

We look forward to receiving your application. Take a look at the current vacancies at HAWs in Bavaria.

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kolzer
Business Administration/Marketing
Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

The Bavarian universities of applied sciences

If you are looking for a job advertisement of a specific university, click on the corresponding logo and inform yourself directly on the job page of the university.

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