Build muscle mass and gain weight with these tips!

Build muscle mass and gain weight

Gaining weight and building muscle mass at the same time – for many athletes not as easy as it may sound. Especially people with a very fast metabolism, who can eat as much as they want, have greater problems building muscle mass. But gaining weight and building muscle mass is not that difficult. Here you hold some tips that can help you.

The right diet

The easiest and most effective way to gain weight is through the right nutrition. Lots of protein, carbohydrates, fats and proteins ensure that your body gets exactly the substances it needs. In fact, for building muscle mass and gaining weight, diet is most crucial. In addition, make sure to drink at least three liters of water a day.
But not only the "what" is important, but also the "how. It is advisable to eat several small meals a day, optimally spreading your daily requirements over seven to nine meals.
As a rule of thumb: If you want to gain weight, you should eat at least 300 kcal, better even 500 kcal more than you need. Rough guidelines that are recommended for the diet:
Per 1 kg of body weight: 1 gram of fat, 3 grams of protein, 3-5 grams of carbohydrates
But you will not succeed in gaining weight and building muscle mass at the same time if you eat all day long. The body can only build muscle mass to a certain extent and stores the excess as fat reserves after a certain point in time.

Support through protein shakes.

Gain weight and build muscle mass is often supplemented by protein shakes trying to accelerate. Protein shakes provide your body with important amino acids and nutrients to build and maintain muscle mass.
A large selection of numerous protein products, which can optimally support your training, you will find here.
Build muscle mass, however, can not be taken from you by protein shakes. They support you in your training and help you to quickly achieve visible results.

Which training is the most effective?

First of all you have to get rid of the idea of gaining weight and muscle mass at the same time without gaining fat. It is even probable that you will gain some fat while building muscle mass. However, this is a normal process, because building muscle mass is easier when you have a positive energy balance. To counteract this, you should watch your body. If you notice that your body stores fat, you should reduce your calorie intake a bit.

If you want to gain weight and build muscle mass at the same time, you should create a training plan or have it created in a professional gym.

If you want to build up a lot of muscle mass, you usually focus on strength training. You can train specific muscle groups, but you should make sure that this is done on a regular basis. Variation is not necessary. but try to train as many functions of a muscle as possible.

It is especially important to reach your goal if you train over and over again until muscle failure. Muscles only grow through an intense stimulus. It is not necessary to warm up the muscles before strength training, as long as you do the exercise slowly.
Light endurance training is best done on non-training days, as endurance time can negatively affect muscle development.

Pay attention to recovery and give yourself time

What many athletes do not take into account is that to build muscle mass, the body needs time to recover. Studies have shown that building muscle mass with sufficient recovery periods brings the greatest success. Muscles do not build up during training, but only in the rest phases afterwards.
You will gain weight and build muscle mass best if you consume high-quality protein after training.

But be careful: if you eat too late, you endanger your training success. Late meals jeopardize restful sleep, which is extremely important for gaining weight. If you eat just before going to sleep, your body is busy digesting and makes it difficult for you to sleep. Sleep can have an impact if you want to build muscle mass.

If you want to gain weight and build muscle mass, you also need to allow some time. Your body is not capable of building much muscle mass over a short period of time. So take your time. It is therefore more sustainable for your body. You will probably gain significant weight and muscle mass after a few months, but this is a gradual process, so you should be patient.

You and your genetics decide.

Gaining weight and building muscle mass is undoubtedly always dependent on your body. Each person is individual and so it is also with the characteristics of the body. Metabolism, the time it takes your body to recover, your training intensity, your sleep duration, your eating habits, all these factors determine how fast you will gain weight and build muscle mass. Especially so-called hardgainers, people who gain weight very slowly, have to learn to adjust to their bodies.

Often it takes some time until the first successes appear. If you step on the gas and do it consistently, you will be amazed at how quickly you can make progress. There is no perfect workout plan, because too many factors determine how fast you will gain weight and build muscle mass. If your training should ever stagnate, you should not be put off, but rethink your training plan a bit and increase the intensity of your workout.

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