Build a perfect joint in 5 minutes

Find out now how you too can quickly build your own perfect joints with the right instructions, which burn evenly and give a good puff of air. So let’s get started right away with the best tools for your new craft project.

Important materials and preparations for the perfect joint

Important materials for a joint

Before you can start building a joint, we need to clarify what materials are needed for it. The following list is a collection of the most important things that will help you in your endeavor:

  • A pack of leaves
  • Filter Tips
  • Cannabis
  • Fire
  • Tamper like a pen
  • (additional weed like tobacco or knaster)
  • (rotary base)
  • (grinder)

How you too can easily build a joint instantly

Step 1: Crush the cannabis correctly without wasting the active ingredient

Building a joint with a grinder

For crushing your cannabis, there are several methods you can choose between. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages and depends on the situation you are in. Generally you have the free choice between an electric or manual grinder, scissors or your hands. However, the hands can usually crush the weed only roughly or with completely gummed fingers, and this portion must be considered a waste. Furthermore, sticky fingers can make it additionally difficult to make a joint if da paper sticks to your fingertips.

Step 2: A filter tip with good aerodynamics and no tobacco in your mouth

The filter tip is the end of the stick that you put between your lips. On the one hand, it acts as a filter to make sure you don’t get small pieces of tobacco or weed in your mouth, and on the other hand, it also provides the joint with a bit more stability as well as a visual separation of the smokable from the unsmokable part. Additionally, it better protects your lips and fingers from burns. In addition, it also facilitates the airflow inside the joint, as if you smoked completely without a filter.

Meanwhile, there is also an improved version with activated carbon in filters for joints, which should filter out the main part of the toxic substances and probably also the fine dust. The simplest and always available variant is a filter made of a rolled piece of cardboard or paper. To do this, you either roll it up into a spiral or give the roll an M or S shape in the middle.

Step 3: Optimal filling method to roll a perfect joint

Filling a joint correctly

Now that you’ve crushed the cannabis and have a tip ready, it’s a matter of filling the joint properly. Already with the type of paper there are many differences between narrow, wide as well as thick and thin, but also short and long or bleached and unbleached papers. You should find out which is the ideal solution for you by trying it out. A good and very popular choice are black OCBs. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to resort to cigarette papers anymore, like when there were no leaves for joints.

For the filling of the joint there are also a few variants, which are presented once briefly. Depending on whether you want to smoke a lot or a little of the paper and thus reduce or intensify the enjoyment of the cannabis flavor, you choose the construction technique. Compared to the normal practice, in the Dutchman, the sticky strip points from the side of the paper to you, which is closer to you. While in the standard method, the sticky spot on the back half of the leaf faces you.

Another distinction is whether you close the bag with or without the contents. For beginners, the first step might be to roll the joint beforehand and then pour in the finished mixture. Advanced smokers, on the other hand, will prefer to roll the joint with contents inside.

When the tobacco and weed are bone dry, a little moist, coarse tobacco should be added before the mouthpiece, which acts as a filter to keep the small bits from getting through the mouthpiece. If the tobacco is very dry, it may be advisable to then mix in some long-threaded and moist tobacco for safety, so that the embers do not fall out of the paper and cause burns or an unrelaxed smoking, where the adrenaline can suppress all the flash.

In order for the cannabis to burn optimally, you can either create an even mix or wrap the ganja in tobacco. For the latter variant, a little tobacco thread is filled into the leaf at the beginning, after which comes a layer of weed and then another layer of tobacco thread again. If the dope is not evenly distributed, it can cause a side burner and unpleasant smoking experience.

Step 4: Getting the hang of rolling a joint

Getting the hang of building a joint Getting the hang of rolling a joint

Hold both sides of the paper between your thumb and forefinger and roll the mixture into shape, pressing the distance more and more towards the folded edge of the joint. Meanwhile, move your hand up and down along the joint. To make sure nothing falls out, it may be a good idea to start from the opposite end of the tip and slowly work your way to the other side.

For safety, it may be better for beginners to use a construction pad such as a magazine or tobacco pouch so that nothing falls off and you can start over if necessary. After you have twisted the mixture into an appropriate shape, fold the end of the sheet closest to you into the mixture, stroking from the tip to the other end. While doing this, roll the paper into the mixture with the cannabis so that the paper can’t come loose anymore.

Step 5: Correct sealing of the joint without nasty surprises

Correct sealing of a joint without nasty surprises

Now you have to close the joint by moistening the adhesive strip with your tongue. You should be careful to get all the spots thoroughly. Then turn the protruding side of the paper until the paper is completely turned around the mixture with the weed. Try to glue the end with the glue strip elegantly and in a straight line to the paper.

Step 6: Avoid annoying sideways burns and burn marks by tamping the joint

Plugging a joint

Finally, you should stuff your bag to ensure an even burn. To do this, you can twist the top section of the joint closed and then tap the bag on the end with the tip a few times. Whereby you can turn the end of the paper even further closed. Alternatively, you can also use a pencil to press the mixture down with. Be careful not to squeeze the cannabis mixture too tightly, as this can interfere with the airflow. However, if it is too loose, a sideways burn can occur. However, this is a waste, as even burning is not possible and precious embers are left unsmoked.

Step 7: Finally arrive relaxed as a winner at the finish line

Reach your goal relaxed with a joint

Now you have finally managed to make your own joint and can finally start smoking. To light the joint, you can now tear off the protruding paper or burn it off carefully. The joint tastes best if you smoke it all at once instead of lighting it up later.

Ready made sticks for the desperate ones

If you still don’t succeed the first few times, don’t despair. Otherwise you can use ready made joints from the nearest head store, which only need to be filled by you. In the long run, however, this is also expensive and should therefore be done better by friends. Ideally, you should just try again, because eventually you will be able to learn how to do it. Practice makes perfect!

Now successfully build a joint with two papers

Two-leaf joint from extra-thin cigarette leaves

Two-leaf joint made of extra-thin cigarette papers

In the past, there were no longpapes, so you had to help yourself to your cannabis with two cigarette papers. Compared to papers for bags, these are usually thicker, which is why they also burn faster. Try to use the thinnest possible ones for a joint made of small leaves, or moisten the bag several times so that the paste doesn’t burn so quickly and you don’t waste anything.

To connect the two papers as handy and easy as possible, you put them together to an L-shape. Make sure that the sticky strip of the right paper is in contact with the rightmost edge of the left sheet. When rolling, you can even make the stick much wider at the top than a normal joint by a clever twist. But also in length it is in no way inferior to a bag from a longpape while smoking. Alternatively you can lay them slightly on top of each other in an I-shape, but this often leads to instability.

If necessary, use a lathe to make the perfect joint

If you don’t have the hang of it yet, you can also use a lathe as a tool. In this case, you clamp a leaf into the device and then sprinkle the prepared mixture into the appropriate compartment. After that you just have to turn it and lick the adhesive strip at the same time. It is a quick and easy method for beginners.

Optimal joint build even with more difficult to burn hashish

Since hash is more massive than cannabis due to its consistency, it burns a little more sluggishly. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the smallest possible size in the preparation. For the preparation of the hash there are some methods, which you will learn briefly below.

In the first variant, you heat the hashish with a lighter and then rub it while it is hot on z. B. the left index finger. A very thin layer will stick to your finger, which will be the perfect size to scrape into your bag like fine dust.

For the second method we need a mixing bowl or a grinder, in which already small made knaster is located. The goal is now to stick as hot as possible resin with the tobacco. For heating the hashish you can either put it on a needle or knife tip or you can wrap it in aluminum foil. This will give you a very fine and homogeneous smoke mixture, which burns ideally. To be on the safe side, you can add some longer tobacco strings for the necessary hold, so that you save yourself burn marks and a waste of material.

The emergency solution is a rolled sausage of hashish, which you try to place in the middle of the joint. However, this technique is not possible with every bobel, at least if it has not been heated beforehand and then you can immediately resort to the other ways. If you are going to roll the sausage, it is better to use more potent material and keep it quite thin. Otherwise you might find a glowing piece of hash sticking out of the top of the joint. This is again a waste and also looks very inelegant.


If you still can’t manage to roll your weed into a stick after several attempts, you can try the healthier alternatives of a bong and especially a modern vaporizer. Maybe you buy ready-made joints without content in the next head store or ask good friends.

If this article helped you or if you have any questions, please let us know in the comments. Please also let us know what gave you the most difficulties in making a joint and what trick helped you the most. Follow us on social media so that you don’t miss any more tips and tricks for a life with cannabis. We are here for you!

FAQ – All questions about building a joint

How to roll a joint?

First, a leaf is placed on a good base and the weed is evenly mixed with a tobacco mixture. In addition, a tip made of cardboard or paper is used as a mouthpiece to filter out pieces and other particles. The mixture is now rolled up between the two halves of the paper into the folded edge of the paper. Then fix the front half of the paper to the cannabis mixture, roll it up and moisten the adhesive strip. Finally, only the rest of the twist is done so that the sticky side sticks to the outside of the paper.

You can stuff a joint?

Especially for beginners it can be a relief to pre-twist the joint without filling. This allows them to shape it perfectly and then fill it easily via a paper shaped into a funnel. However, this method usually takes much more time for experienced joint builders and tends to achieve thinner stickies.

How to make a joint without paper?

Fortunately, there are many ways you can smoke the cannabis after all, we present the best alternatives all in descending order. Among the most recommended variants are first small leaves for cigarettes, a bong and especially a healthier vaporizer. However, some also use a shisha, although a few more things should be considered in this context.

But you can still achieve acceptable results by making your own bong, pipe or device for bucket smoking from household materials and foodstuffs. You build the head for the smoking device z. B. from the toxic aluminum foil and as a sieve is suitable as a substitute a steel wool, which can be heated and brought into shape. You can use chewing gum, duct tape or melted plastic as a sealant, although all methods can be extremely harmful to health and are therefore not recommended. Ideally, try to make it so that no air is drawn and in a pinch, it can be smoked that way and can even partially increase the effect, as you inhale longer and the active ingredient can develop better after 15 seconds.

Another option is to use traditional cigarettes, which you can enhance with a cannabis blend and a tip for a joint by substituting both of them. A similar process is to unwrap a cigar and then refill it with cannabis and regular tobacco.

Another option is to use thin paper like from a phone book or the yellow pages, as it also holds together a bit better when moistened with spit or glued with honey.

But equally can be used for this purpose, the best choice being cannabis or tobacco. Alternatively, you can smoke with the corn leaves sacred to the Indians, which were traditionally used for this purpose. However, rose petals can also be converted into blunt papers by using an appropriate process.

The worst solution is probably foil smoking, where you heat the cannabis over an aluminum foil and then inhale it with a straw. Similar variations heat a knife on the stovetop, for example, or put a piece of hash on a needle, which is put through a cork and slowly releases smoke into an upside-down glass.

A blunt in and of itself does not automatically make a joint stronger, as it is the amount and potency of the cannabis that determines how strong the effect is. However, it is often common to smoke a blunt pure or with very little tobacco. This can avoid that the effect of the tobacco increases the adrenaline level, which reduces the effect of the cannabis. Thus, with a normal blunt you can already assume that it is more potent.

What else do you say to a joint?

The terms used to describe a joint have developed a wide vocabulary with influences from a variety of subjects and regions. The most common forms include joint, bag, johnny, stick(y), club, jibbit, sport cigarette, dowel, fuse, hay bomb, rake, tulip, magic flute, doobie, and flare.

What to take instead of tobacco in joint?

Should you ever find yourself in need and unable to purchase tobacco, you have a variety of options to choose from. Occasionally used alternatives are z. B. Damiana and knaster, but there can also be many others such as hops, chamomile, real leaff, mint, eucalyptus leaves, yerba mate, marshmallow leaves, cannabis leaves, canna, African lion’s ear, broom, incense blends, paper shavings, or simple pure smoking.

Is it legal to smoke a joint?

The legalization of cannabis in Germany is not yet as progressive as in more and more countries in this world. Nevertheless, again, merely smoking pot is legal, though buying, selling, and possessing it are punishable by law, though they are all ultimately necessary for this purpose. Thus, the government has indirectly chosen to make the substance illegal.

How far can you smell a joint outside?

Since marijuana has essential oils, they are very strong smelling and can be identifiable over a long distance. Especially in strong winds, it can easily be perceived up to 50 meters away. For example, if you smoke in an apartment with an open window on the fifth floor, you can smell it all the way down to the first floor. Especially if you want to remain inconspicuous for personal reasons, you should therefore consider ways to get the smell under control.

How much gram is enough for a joint?

The amount of cannabis for a joint depends on the personal consumption habits, the intentions of smoking and the amount of THC and CBD in the marijuana. For beginners, amounts of 0.05 to 0.2 grams will be more than enough for a good effect, although for bad strains of intensive smokers, amounts of 0.5 to 1 grams are sometimes used. In most cases, it will probably be more like 0.1 to 0.2 g for a Haze strain.

How long does a joint work the first time?

Depending on the variety, the effect starts either immediately or after a few minutes after smoking the cannabis. The peak is felt within the first 15 minutes. Usually, however, the effect lasts for an hour or two, with some noticeable after that as well. However, this is also highly dependent on the amount smoked and the strain. With cannabis sativa, the effect is usually much more intense and longer lasting. If you are not used to the substance, then the effect can last up to six hours with a potent cannabis strain.

What neutralizes cannabis odor?

To neutralize the strong smell of cannabis when smoking, you should first of all try to just ventilate well or smoke at the window. If it should be a more comfortable and warmer alternative, you can try incense sticks, room sprays, spray deodorants and perfume. You can neutralize the smell of cannabis in your mouth by eating a meal, drinking soft drinks, chewing gum or using mouthwash.

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