Breastfeeding during pregnancy: what you have to bear in mind

You are pregnant and still breastfeeding your older child? Don’t panic, it doesn’t mean you necessarily have to wean! These are the facts: The pressure from outside may often be great But it’s up to you to make an informed decision about what’s best for you and your children. Because in principle, breastfeeding during pregnancy is possible. We have compiled the most important points about breastfeeding during pregnancy for you.


Whether you decide to breastfeed during pregnancy or to wean- very important: don’t let yourself be pressured! Some people feel that it is unnatural for a mother to continue breastfeeding her older child during pregnancy and may want to convince you to stop breastfeeding for a variety of reasons. But every breastfeeding relationship is individual. Here’s why you should rely on your own gut feeling and what’s good for you and your baby when making this decision. Of course, in some cases there are medical reasons that can speak against it, but in principle breastfeeding during pregnancy is absolutely possible.

Pregnant breastfeeding or rather weaning? These are the options:

Option 1: Continue breastfeeding despite pregnancy

There’s a lot to be said for breastfeeding during pregnancy: many women enjoy the deep emotional connection with their child while breastfeeding. Everyday life with a pregnant child can be hectic and stressful, so breastfeeding can be a "quiet" time in the best sense of the word Can be time in which both the mother and the child can recharge their batteries. In addition, your child continues to benefit from the numerous advantages of valuable breast milk, the composition of which is always adapted to your child’s individual needs.

You should consider or try the following things if you decide to breastfeed during pregnancy:

The right breastfeeding position

The growing belly may present you and your baby with new breastfeeding challenges. It’s best to experiment with different breastfeeding positions now. Most pregnant mothers find the side position most comfortable. The hormonal changes during pregnancy can make your nipples sensitive to touch. In this case, it can help if you stimulate the flow of milk by hand before you latch your baby on.

Balanced diet

It is important that you eat a balanced and sufficient diet, so that your body provides the energy for a healthy pregnancy and the nutrients for the healthy development of your unborn child. Breastfeeding burns a few hundred calories a day, depending on the amount of breast milk you produce. Adequate weight gain and sufficient rest periods in everyday life are therefore absolutely necessary. Your gynecologist, the midwife or if necessary. a nutritionist can help you with advice on this.

Enough breast milk for both children

Ün fact, the amount of milk changes during your pregnancy: the supply of breast milk is naturally reduced by the action of various pregnancy hormones, and the originally mature breast milk becomes colostrum, which is already available from the 16th week of pregnancy. Is available during the first week of pregnancy. But don’t worry- no matter how much breastfeeding is done before birth, there will always be enough colostrum available for the newborn.

Tandem breastfeeding

And after the birth? Can you tandem breastfeed! This is what it is called when you breastfeed two children at different ages. This can be very gratifying, but also exhausting. The advantages of this are that the older child contributes to an adequate milk supply, as the supply of breast milk is always based on demand. When tandem breastfeeding, sufficient sleep, a healthy diet and support in everyday life are a must. It is also advisable to let the newborn drink at the breast first, so that he or she can benefit from the advantages of colostrum.

Option 2: You decide to stop breastfeeding

If you have decided to stop breastfeeding of your own free will, this decision is of course also the right one. Your older child will certainly enjoy it if you incorporate moments into your daily routine when your child has you exclusively to himself for cuddling, cuddling or reading a book to him. Children who tolerate and accept complementary foods well usually want to continue breastfeeding because breastfeeding is an oasis of calm for them, where they have their mom all to themselves. Satisfy this need and weaning can succeed very gently.

Option 3: Your child will breastfeed itself

Some children automatically self-wean during their mother’s pregnancy, usually between the 5th week of pregnancy. 6 months and 6 months. One reason could be the change in the taste of breast milk during pregnancy. But if and when this happens also depends on the age of your child.

Option 4: Your doctor advises you to stop breastfeeding

In most cases, the decision to stop or continue breastfeeding during pregnancy is at the mother’s own discretion. If you have had a miscarriage or premature birth in the past, your doctor may advise you to stop breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is based on the interaction of certain hormones, some of which may be responsible for uterine contractions. You should also discuss the use of a breast pump with your doctor in advance.

No matter what your decision is regarding breastfeeding during pregnancy, the breastfeeding relationship between you and your child or your baby will remain intact. Your children must be suitable for you and your joint life model. There is therefore no right or wrong, except for medical reasons.

10. SSW – the tenth week of pregnancy

11. SSW – the 11. Week of pregnancy

12. SSW – the 12. Week of pregnancy

13. SSW – the 13. Pregnancy week

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