Beekeepers and bee fans get their money’s worth here

New store in Echterdingen Here beekeepers and bee fans get their money’s worth

More and more people are discovering the fascination of bees. Photo: M. Skiba

Celestine Koch opens on 9. February in Echterdingen a store for beekeeping supplies. There are more and more potential customers, because honey bee keeping is booming.

Echterdingen – Celestine Koch buzzes through her store like a busy little bee. There is still a lot to do. Shop windows need to be decorated, shelves are still empty. Some things have not been delivered yet. The technical literature for instance is still missing completely. "I have ordered 50 different books," she says. In the former premises of a driving school on Plieninger Strabe in Echterdingen, Celestine Koch will open her store Imbeko these days. The entrance to the store is on Dierbachstrasse. The complete equipment, which one needs for the bee attitude, from the protective clothing over Smoker up to fodder will be available here. "I specialized in the urban beekeeper," says the 42-year-old founder.

Equipment for experts and beginners

With her assortment, Celestine Koch wants to address experts and beginners, but also "end customers who have nothing to do with bees". Beside classical beekeeping supplies there are therefore a lot of cosmetics, sweets, spirits and much more with beeswax or honey. In addition insect hotels and decoration articles are offered. Honey from the company’s own production is not to be missed. "We are a fan store for the bee," says Celestine Koch.

These days is about to open. "On 9. The flight hole will be opened in February," she says, "after that it will always be open from Wednesday to Saturday. Potential customers are plentiful – and growing in number. Honey bee keeping is booming. "After a decade-long low, the number of beekeeping shops in Germany has been steadily increasing since 2007. Beekeeping has become a trend," says a recent report from the German Beekeepers’ Association.

There is talk of around 170,000 beekeepers nationwide. In 18 of 19 regional associations the number of members had risen recently. The increase is stated at 2.34 percent. Just under 22 percent of comrades-in-arms are female, he says. How does it come to the hype? "Not so much because of the delicious honey, but more because of the fascination with the insect and the conservation contribution," the association shares.

For seven years she has her own bees in the garden

Celestine cook holds bees in the own garden for seven years. Seven peoples today. She copied her hobby from her sister, a herbalist and experienced beekeeper. "The fascination has grown. When it infects you, it won’t let you go," she says as a member of the local Filder District Beekeepers’ Association. The chairman, Stephan Freier, reports from up-to-date approximately 430 members, tendency rising. "We train 60 new beekeepers every year," he says, and the clientele is getting younger. The people would come above all from nature connection to the hobby and around something against the advancing Artensterben to do. "Environmental awareness as such is on the rise," says Stephan Freier. It should be added that not all bees are the same: according to Hohenheim experts, wild bees are less robust than honey bees kept by humans.

The trained office clerk, who set up the whole thing with her husband Thomas Koch, is convinced of her store concept: "I researched the Internet and found no comparable store."Although there are some contact points in the region, they are in her eyes rather fixed on the handicraft aspect of beekeeping. "I thought it didn’t have to be so masculine," says Celestine Koch. At Imbeko, she also wants to inspire newcomers, such as with gift baskets. For the future, she can also imagine workshops for children. She says, "What I like to do is talk about bees."

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