Basics& rules for a healthy diet

Organic, wholefood, gourmet and wellness; never has food tried harder to convey health and wellness with labels. In times of analogue cheese and factory farming, consumers desire and long for high-quality foods. They want to eat healthy and do something good for themselves. What does healthy nutrition mean and what do consumers have to watch out for??

Forbidden food

Eating a burger meal once or twice a month doesn’t make anyone sick. (Photo by: augustino /

No food is forbidden!

It is generally known that fast food and convenience food are not considered healthy. If you want to eat healthily, you should generally avoid foods that are Food renounce.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that no food should be completely excluded or banned from the menu. Eating a burger meal in a fast food restaurant once or twice a month does not make anyone ill who otherwise eats a healthy diet A balanced and healthy diet.

Everything is allowed, it’s the dose that counts. In general, it is less advisable to eat outside too often, since many restaurants and catering establishments do not rely on fresh food and are happy to serve it Flavor enhancer and use canned ingredients.

Those who indulge themselves in eating out should pay attention to quality and choose restaurants that emphasize fresh ingredients and preparation.

What is healthy nutrition?

If you want to eat healthy, you should know some basic things about nutrition:

  • Basically, it can be said that all Vegetables may be eaten in all forms, as long as they taste good to the consumer.
  • Also fruit is healthy, but can be a hindrance to losing weight, because it contains a lot of fructose.
  • White meat, such as fish or poultry tends to be better for the body than Red meat, like beef or pork. Of course, this can also be eaten, but rather in moderation.
  • Carbohydrates are healthy and provide energy, but care should be taken to eat carbohydrates that saturate for a long time to avoid the unpleasant cravings.
  • Potatoes, pasta and rice are healthier than refined fried chips or croquettes. Keeps you full longer than white bread and promotes digestion.
  • You should make sure that you eat more Vegetable food (vegetables, fruits, …) than animal foods (meat, sausage, …).
  • Animal products like milk and dairy products, which provide important minerals, but belong on the menu every day.
  • Preference should be unprocessed or gently prepared (cooked at low temperatures) food.
  • Vegetable fats and oils should be preferred. trans fats should be avoided – these are found especially in many convenience and fried foods.
  • So little sugar as possible.
  • The Food one should enjoy and take time for it without stress.

It could be said that foods that are processed as little as possible are healthier than those that have undergone many processing steps before they are marketed.

Who then still pays attention to the fact that as few as possible additives were added to the food or pays attention immediately to bio quality, is on the safe side.

drink mineral water

Mineral water is a benefit for the body. (Photo by: © Jurgen Falchle /

The right drink

Even with drinks, basically everything is allowed in the right dose.

  • Mineral water and unsweetened teas are a benefit for the body.
  • Diluted fruit juices are also healthy.
  • Sweetened soft drinks should not be consumed too frequently.
  • Also Alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation, red wines still have a good reputation and are said to prevent cardiovascular disease when enjoyed in small amounts.


Eating right and healthy is not difficult. Eating consciously can be learned. In addition, consumers should always take to heart:"You are and feel what you eat".

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