Approaching women on the street: from “hi” to date in 5 steps

Approaching women on the street: From 'Hi' to Date in 5 Steps

This blog post describes the wonderful journey you’re probably already on.

The journey of a man who hasn’t a clue how to approach a woman in the street during the day and can’t bring himself to do it even in his wildest dreams…

… to a man who can approach women on the street easily and charmingly, as if he were just in his own living room.

Can anyone walk this path? – FUCK YEAH!

Is it free from challenges and pain? – HELL NO.

I hate to quote Xavier Naidoo (he’s a good singer, but his songs are too cheesy), but he’s right…

"This road will be rocky and hard."

To be honest, it’s so challenging that most men either don’t even dare to do it, or throw in the towel halay through.

But you have something these men don’t have… That’s right, a Klaus Schu who lights your way with two pink bendy lights. &

Today you get a comprehensive manual. You learn:

  • How to charm women on the street
  • How your mindset is related to your charisma
  • How to get the mobile numbers of women on the street
  • How to get a woman excited about a spontaneous date during the day

Why it’s easier than you might think

Pretty women are approached in clubs and bars like on an assembly line.

In some cases, so often that they eventually get totally annoyed and a rejection is their automated response to every pick-up attempt.

For reasons I can’t explain, many guys think women are easier to have in clubs than on the street during the day.

The result is that hundreds of would-be Casanovas besiege the clubs. Add to that a lowered inhibition threshold, which they drink away with alcohol and poof the woman already becomes 22. Mal addressed.

On the other hand, how often is a woman approached charmingly on the street??

The answer: As good as never.

I’ve even met models who later confessed to me that they’d never been approached on the street before.

Phrases like: "I get guys coming up to me in clubs all the time, but it’s really never happened to me during the day…", I have heard more than once.

They tell me this with a look that, if it could speak, would be out loud "Respect!" would say.

I wondered every time: "How can such a woman not be approached constantly?"

I had this experience so many times until the truth finally burned itself into my brain: Not many men dare to approach a woman during the day.

For this reason, it is surprisingly easy to make a strong impression on women during the day.

Whether they find you attractive or not, they will in most cases have a great respect for your courage.

Of course, every now and then you are rejected a little colder, but the most common baskets look more like this on the street:

"I have a boyfriend, but it’s cool that you approached me. Definitely keep that up."

If you compare that to the baskets you get in clubs sometimes, you can only laugh at it.

Our first video on Youtube

I will never forget this feeling…

I had just uploaded our first Youtube video to my best bro and he clicked "publish".

Filming and editing it took us a total of 30 hours, so it was a great relief to finally upload it.

I made my way home and got on the suburban train. Suddenly, my buddy wrote to me on WhatsApp:

"Yo, Klaus. Something is wrong. Under the video it says that we already have 20.Have 000 views on the video. That can’t be, can it??"

"Wait, I’ll take a look too", I replied.

Then when I clicked on our YouTube channel, my eyes almost fell out of my head…

I called him and when he answered, I said: "Ehm… it is even 40.000 Views, Bro."

And so it went on all day, until in the evening, at 150.000 calls.

It eventually reached 220.000 views… and that with our first video on Youtube.

Approaching women on the street: from "hi" to date in 5 steps

I would love to show you, but unfortunately I had to take it down because my buddy is in the video too.

He approached a woman on the street two weeks after we posted this video, and he is happily married to her today.

For this reason he doesn’t want to show his face on the internet in this way anymore, which of course I can well understand.

Side note: Yes, you can meet your dream woman on the street, and if you don’t stop thinking it’s weird to approach women during the day soon, you might just miss her…

But back to the video: Why it was shared so often?

Because our flirting techniques were extremely impressive and women gave us blowjobs in broad daylight and in the middle of the street? Hardly..

We felt that many men have the misconception that it’s weird to approach women on the street.

We wanted to show the world that this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

We wanted to prove this by simply demonstrating it. We approached women on the streets of Munich, got their cell phone numbers and finally resolved that we had just filmed for Youtube with a hidden camera.

We then asked them how they basically felt about being approached by strange men on the street.

The answers we got then were amazing for many guys:

  • "I find it quite charming."
  • "I think that’s very brave."
  • "Thank you! That was nice to hear!"
  • "Keep this!"
  • "That’s what I look for in men."
  • "This has not happened to me very often."
  • "You definitely made me smile."

Apparently we hit a "sore spot" with the video and the comments showed that our message resonated with many men:

Well spotted, Stefan! Not all women are cold-hearted monsters who will cut your head off if you approach them RIGHT on the street. &

Find out how to do it and what mindset helps you have an attractive charisma… NOW!

Step 1: The right mindset to approach women

This step precedes all other steps.

At first this may sound a little vague and mumbo jumbo, but the approaching starts BEFORE you even approach her.

Approaching women on the street: from "hi" to date in 5 steps

Let me explain it to you this way: In physics, some energy transfer can be measured even BEFORE a bullet hits a disk.

It’s the same with women. They notice when you have funny intentions. You have a seventh sense for it. Something in the back of their head then tells them: "There’s something fishy going on here!"

If you don’t have the following mindset, women will get the feeling that you have a shady ulterior motive and quickly find you creepy or at least not trustworthy enough.

What this mindset is?

It’s not about you, it’s not about getting her cell phone number, and it’s certainly not about expecting a positive reaction from her.

When you approach a woman on the language, your focus should be on that alone, to make their day.

THIS is the mindset of an attractive man.

Remember, no matter what pick-up line you use to open the conversation…

.. your underlying intention will always seep through.

I once had a coaching participant who was actually very good looking and personable. But when he approached women, he remained SUCCESSFUL like the coyote from the Looney Tunes…

Both his body language and what came out of his mouth was exemplary.

Only an experienced dating coach will be able to tell what it is here fundamentally wrong made:

He focused on what he said and did.

I took him aside and gave him the thoughts he should think from now on EXACTLY.

"Watch out, you now walk up to this woman, stop her with a smile, stand firmly in the ground, take one deep breath while thinking: ‘I’m so going to make her day now‘, and only then start talking."

And lo and behold… Suddenly the eyes of the women he then approached lit up.

They literally beamed and even a blind man with a blindfold could have seen that he now had a magnetic effect on women.

Approaching women on the street: from "hi" to date in 5 steps

THIS is the minimum you should have.

Step 2: How to stop women properly

People rarely loiter in the street. Most of the time they have a goal.

That’s why you’ll often encounter women who are just walking with a quick stride.

Now you have two options, one of which is better than the other:

  1. You walk next to her.
  2. You get her to stop.

Basically, I would try (with exceptions) to get the woman to stop first.

Well, when you walk up next to her, you seem more like a needy, annoying guy who chases women like a dachshund.

It’s much more manly when you confidently get them to take a few minutes for you, stop and listen curiously to what you have to say.

If she doesn’t stop and tell you with a welcoming smile, "Sorry, I have to go," you can still decide to take a few steps with her.

Make it a rule in the beginning to ALWAYS stop women first. Later, when you are more experienced, feel free to break rules. &

Attention: There is so much you can easily do wrong when stopping that you’ve already screwed up the approach before it’s even started.

If you approach them too aggressively, their natural reaction is to keep their distance or to run away immediately.

If you startle her because she didn’t expect you one bit, it’s not that you can’t save the situation again, but you’re making it unnecessarily harder for yourself for now.

To avoid all of this ABC Stop developed.

You can get women to stop in other ways, but behind the ABC stop is the safest method for this.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make a wide circle around them while trying to get their attention with a smile and a slow motion movement of your hand.
    Approaching women on the street: from "hi" to date in 5 steps
  2. Slow her down by taking another two steps (no more!) in her walking direction, "very briefly" and make a "slow-down" gesture with your hand.
    Approaching women on the street: from "hi" to date in 5 steps
  3. Root your feet firmly into the ground in front of her and give the woman a chance to realize what’s happening by taking a deep breath and only then starting to talk.
    Approaching women on the street: from "hi" to date in 5 steps

Make sure you take your time.

We have deliberately broken the ABC stop into individual steps. Most men mix these up and in the end it just gets so messy that it becomes too much for the woman…

Break down the steps and be relaxed moving in slow motion.

This is how you signal clearly and distinctly, that you NO DANGER represent. The woman can then also relax and listen curiously to what you have to say.

You’re probably thinking: "Makes sense, Sensei Klaus. But how to open the conversation?"

If you follow certain rules, you can basically let your creativity run wild. But let me give you some inspiration.

Step 3: Introductory phrases for approaching women during the day

So you have seen a woman you like, walked up to her and conjured up the perfect ABC stop, which is why she is now standing in front of you smiling..

Now the question remains: "What to say?"

A few self-proclaimed "pickup artists" now think it’s a good idea to be as insincere as possible.

You advertise routines or tricks that are supposed to work like magic on women.

A famous conversation opener that circulates on forums all the time is the question: "Who lies more, men or women??"

But this is nonsense.

This says: "I don’t dare to approach you openly and honestly and that’s why I’m trying to make my way into your panties by asking an innocent question."

In my experience (and that of hundreds of men I’ve coached), it’s best to be simply HONEST.

Why don’t you just tell her why you’re approaching her?.

  • "You have an insane charisma."
  • "You have a really cool style."
  • "I thought you were really cute just now."
  • "I noticed you and thought I’d say a quick ‘hi’."

These are excellent conversation starters and I see no reason why you should withhold the truth from her.

After all, you are a confident man and everyone likes to get a sincere compliment, don’t they?

Important: Give her a compliment that you REALLY mean it too. Then you unleash an authentic charisma that is highly attractive.

To make sure your compliment doesn’t come too much out of nowhere and lose its impact, I would always INTRODUCE it.

Say something beforehand like: "A little unusual… maybe a little random… But I just saw you and [compliment]."

This prepares her a bit for the compliment and it’s less like putting a board over her head.

And to be honest, it’s the truth. It is "unusual" and "random". Fact.

The fact that you recognize this and still approach her shows her that you’re not a crazy person and you’re well aware of the situation you’re putting her in right now.

This is the ultimate proof that you are not an empathy-less pig. &

You can find the best introductory phrases here:

Step 4: How to continue?

It’s not like you do a smooth ABC stop, present your opener, and then she immediately leans forward and asks you to do naughty things to her.

Every once in a while something like this will happen on your way to becoming a sexually attractive man, but as a rule it’s rather unrealistic.

You haven’t even delivered half the battle yet.

You want to know how to become this attractive man who drives women totally crazy? I have recorded the most important techniques for this in this free PDF.

Now you could already say that you don’t have much time right now, but would like to get to know her and then exchange cell phone numbers.

There’s even a good chance you’d get it, but whether it turns into a date is doubtful.

If you want to learn how to make a deep connection or get an instant date, then read on.

How can you continue the conversation from here?

"How about asking her what she does for work?"

Start by introducing yourself.

Hold out your hand to her and say confidently: "Hi, [your name]"

Never underestimate that first touch. Only beginners see it as a little thing. Experienced seducers know that it is already the first step towards intimate touching.

After that it’s time, To find out about them.

There is a right and a wrong here.

You: "So, where are you from?"

You: "Oh, I’m from Dusseldorf, but I live in Berlin now."

You: "Oh, ok. Cool. Did you also go to school in Dusseldorf?"

You: "Ehh… Yeah, sure."

You: "And now? Do you study?"

You: "Yes, BWL."

You: "Oh, cool. Do you like it?"

You: "Yes, it’s quite ok."

This conversation has as much value as a handkerchief full of vomit. And if you’ve had conversations like this yourself, you know how awkward they are.

You usually know yourself that you are only delaying the end with your questions.

In the end, though, it won’t stop the train from hitting a wall…

A better alternative is to simply Assumption about her to make.

Example: "I like your style. You look like you’re from London or something."

What this does is that you show interest in her and at the same time take any pressure off her shoulders.

When you ask her questions, all the pressure is on her like a weight vest.

Besides, there’s nothing to lose in statements:

  • When you’re wrong, she laughs and corrects you.
  • If you’re right, she’s amazed at how you guessed it.

In any case it’s more exciting than a question.

You: "Hey, very briefly. I just saw you from over there and wanted to tell you that you’re damn attractive."

You: "Haha, ok thanks."

(You introduce each other.)

You: "I noticed your style. You look like you’re coming from London or something."

You: "Haha thanks, but what makes you think that?? I’m actually from Dusseldorf."

You: "I have never been there. I imagine it’s kind of cute compared to Berlin, but maybe I’m completely wrong."

You: "Yes, you should really go there. Is definitely quite nice. So, where are you from?"

As you realize, you don’t need a single question to find out things about them and keep a conversation lively.

This makes conversation seem more natural and almost as if you’ve known each other for a while.

Step 5: Exchange cell phone numbers and instant dates

The conversation goes like clockwork and you find yourselves liking each other more and more?

There’s no need to stay on the spot and chat for 30 minutes now, though.

How memorable would your flirtation be then?

Right, not so much.

Ask sooner rather than later what she’s up to today.

You know me, I can be a real nerd sometimes when it comes to the art of seduction. (And if you don’t know me yet, you will now realize this unmistakably.)

Here is a flipchart about where we go from here.

Approaching women on the street: from "hi" to date in 5 steps

How you get a number

That’s actually pretty easy to do as casual as possible Holds. You should now Absolutely not add some extra pressure.

Make it as easy as possible for her to trust you with her number.

Say something like: "Hey, you seem pretty cool. Let’s just exchange cell phone numbers. Maybe we’ll get a drink sometime, maybe not. Worst Case Scenario: We become best friends."

Then hand her your cell phone, where you’ve already prepared everything so that all she has to do is type in the sequence of digits on her communication device.

Approaching women on the street: from "hi" to date in 5 steps

How to get an instant date

Basically the same principle applies here: don’t make a big deal out of it.

Just say: "Hey, I’m finding the conversation really interesting right now, and I’ve just got some time to. Let’s [date idea]"

Then you can suggest a date that doesn’t require much investment.


  • Eat ice cream
  • Drinking coffee
  • Drinks
  • Buy canned beer and chill by the river
  • Going for a walk
  • Hanging out in the park

Approaching women on the street: from "hi" to date in 5 steps

Seducing women on the street has never been easier with these 5 steps. &

As always, it has been an honor to accompany you on your journey to becoming the most attractive version of yourself.

Keep me posted under all circumstances and let me know if you have problems with any of these steps.

Klaus Sensei always has an open ear or two.

Approaching women on the street: from "hi" to date in 5 steps

Be water, my friend.

Want 23 copy-paste phrases to never have boring conversations again?

23 phrases and 3 techniques that will make you so irresistible that she will go completely crazy about you?

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I have already read a book on this topic and successfully approached several women. I realized what I was doing wrong because of this article and I will have even greater success in the future.

Thank you Klaus Sensei
Stefan Fast

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23 copy-paste phrases

Don’t you ever want to have boring conversations again?

23 phrases and 3 techniques that will make you so irresistible that she will go completely crazy about you.

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If you never want to have boring conversations again?

23 phrases and 3 techniques that will make you so irresistible that she will go completely crazy about you.

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