Appealing to women – the best tips for men

Man flirts at woman in a bar

Approaching women ends for many men with sweating, racing heart and wild stammering. Or right in front of them she stands, the woman of their dreams, and they get partout the mouth open. When it comes to flirting, insecurity and shyness is definitely a common phenomenon among men. The fear of saying the wrong thing and getting rejected runs deep. How you can overcome yourself as a man and approach women with success, reveals this flirting tip.

If you can’t bring yourself to make the first step on the street, nowadays you have the possibility to prove your skills in writing to women anonymously on the internet. As with almost everything in life, when it comes to flirting, practice makes perfect. The anonymity that the Internet offers you when you approach women on a singles exchange gives you the best conditions. If the first attempt fails, don’t stand there with your head held high and perhaps not dare to try a second time. On a dating platform you have many opportunities to try different strategies without losing face.


Address women on the Internet

Couple flirting on the street

"Hello, how are you?" – Imagine that you’re an attractive brunette with dream dimensions and you have a profile on a dating portal. Your profile picture shows you in a red dress that shows off your curves perfectly, and your description includes such exciting hobbies as surfing in the Atlantic, nude hiking and free climbing. What do you think, how often will you get to read the above sentence here? Right, at least 100 times. As a man, take your chance and be the number 101 among the numerous contenders who does it better!

Creativity always goes down well. Ask rather: "When do we go hiking?" Show the lady that you are an attentive person who is concerned with his counterpart. A blind application is not only in the professional life far more ineffective, also with the women to address an individual request is clearly more promising. Use the information on the profile of your potential flirt partner and go specifically to it. You will certainly be one of the very few men who do this when approaching women, and in this way alone you will attract the attention of the woman you are approaching.

Putting your foot in your mouth with compliments

Sure, every woman (men for sure too) likes compliments. But the same principle applies here for attractive women: She will have heard it a thousand times before or. have read. Stand out from the crowd and rather write to a pretty woman that you find her hobbies exciting and would like to learn more about them.

If you try a compliment, be sure to remain honest and believable. Avoid standard phrases like "You have the most beautiful eyes in the world"!"Write that you like the dimple that forms on her cheek when she smiles.

The first sentence decides

Especially in online dating, the first sentence can decide whether the contact is made at all. Therefore, be brief and do not tell your whole life in the first mail. Arouse the curiosity of your potential flirt partner by presenting yourself in a fresh and unique way with a short cover letter tailored to your chosen one.

Man flirts at woman

It is understandable to be disappointed if there is no response. But do not let this discourage you. Just keep trying your luck. Optimize your own profile if necessary. Post nice photos of yourself and write something about yourself. Here, too, it is important not to reel off your whole life straight away. A few pieces of information are enough. By the way, lies have short legs even on the Internet. At the latest on the first date it is clear that you are not a bodybuilder after all and that you will not reach 180 cm in height in this lifetime. How far you can get with a lie about your professional and private life depends more on the intention of your acquaintance. If it’s only about one night, you might have good chances that your flirt doesn’t find out that you are not a successful businessman but a retail salesman in reality. Basically, a first date is more likely to be a disappointment if too much has been lied about in the profile.

Once you have entered into conversation with your flirt partner, there are a few points to consider so that the communication comes / remains in momentum:

Don’t give monosyllabic answers. Otherwise, a conversation partner quickly loses the desire to talk to you. The whole thing should be worth a few sentences to you.

Stay relaxed and humorous. Worries and problems have no place in flirting.

Ask questions. This is how you show genuine interest, which gives you a big plus point.

Flirt in the wild

Of course, there is also the classic flirting situation when approaching women in everyday life. For example, imagine that you are sitting in a bar in the evening and want to approach women. There is an attractive lady leaning at the bar who has caught your attention, and you are eager to meet her. Your pulse beats up to the neck and you do not know how to do it.

Flirting experts advise you to act before nervousness can even set in. Everything is decided in the first 3 seconds. Don’t just ask if you find a woman appealing. If you haven’t acted within moments of your encounter, you’ve probably already begun to build diffuse anxiety. What if she is not interested? What if I embarrass myself? Instead of trying to be brave, it’s best to get to the point as quickly as possible – before certain thought patterns get the better of you.

The easiest way to get started is to take an action appropriate to the situation. Ask for a light for a cigarette, for change for the shopping cart in the supermarket or for directions to the nearest cash machine. Just tell a little more than necessary right away to build a conversation. "Actually, I quit smoking yesterday. " or "It’s stupid that you never have the right change when you need it." Anything, as long as you open your mouth.

Be sure to always approach from the front when addressing women. Don’t ambush the chosen one from behind or from the side. The woman must have the opportunity to pattern you in order to assess whether or not you pose a threat. Smile and make as relaxed an impression as possible.

Couple flirting at the bar

Positive charisma

Remember to keep a friendly face while you talk. You probably won’t have much success with a sullen expression. Be polite and nice and make the person you are talking to feel good about the conversation. This will determine whether she sticks around or quickly takes off.

Do not think up a complicated strategy and do not make up sentences if you are a rather shy person. This only increases your nervousness unnecessarily, because this way you have to be afraid of messing up the program. If you appear natural in a situation, the person you are talking to will certainly forgive you for your insecurity.

Addressing women for the self-confident

If you are fully committed to yourself and have no problem approaching people, you can allow yourself a few flirting strategies when approaching women. This way you increase your chances of meeting a great woman and impressing her immediately.

Be different. Most men are simply too insecure to approach an attractive woman. Bring some variety into the dull everyday life of a woman, for example by asking her an unusual question while shopping. "Hey, can you maybe help me? I can’t decide between these two shirts. Which one do you like better?"You kill several birds with one stone: you create an unusual situation, which makes you interesting for the addressed. At the same time, ask them for their opinion, which expresses your appreciation. Your conversation partner will feel flattered and will surely be happy to give you a tip.

According to this scheme, questions are generally excellent for addressing women. No matter what the situation, asking for advice always gives you a good basis for conversation.

Become active

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