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The planning around the wedding invitations is a lot of work. Besides the fact that you spend weeks looking for the perfect design, there is the question: what info goes on the invitations in the first place?? When do I need to order the wedding cards? And when to send it? There’s also a certain etiquette that applies when designing and sending out. In this article you will find all the do’s and don’ts around the wedding invitations.


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What to write in the wedding invitations?

The text for the wedding invitations may seem quite clear at first glance, but it is easy to forget an important piece of information. What should and must necessarily be on the invitation cards? We have summarized the most important points that should be on every wedding invitation for you:

The wedding date and the full names of you, the bride, and the groom must be on the invitations. The name of the woman is written first and the name of the man below it. In addition, all the information that the guests need for the wedding should be on the invitation card. For the day guests, if there is more than one wedding location, you can mention the wedding and party location with address and possible directions. For the evening guest, only the address of the party location should be on the card.

Also include a rough timeline so guests know when the reception, ceremony and celebration will begin, when the wedding cake will be cut, etc. Also, when the celebration ends approximately, should be indicated on the wedding invitation. This way your guests can take care of a transfer early in case this is not arranged by you.

Do you want to know exactly who is coming to the wedding and who is not?? Then send along an RSVP or indicate that guests need to RSVP to you or to the master of ceremonies. Give the contact details of your master of ceremonies for this as well. Also the dress code and possible gift wishes can be communicated via the wedding invitations.

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How to ask for gifts of money?

For the wedding gifts you can create a wish list, so that it is easier for your guests to choose a gift. For a more expensive gift, such as part of your honeymoon, money wishes are of course possible. Or you need the money to pay for the wedding itself. Even then you can wish for money instead of other gifts. Your guests will understand and want to comply with your wishes.

In any case, you should already communicate in the wedding invitations that you want money as a wedding gift. But how to formulate this request correctly? Find the right tone with our tips:

Give the reason

What do you need the money for? Gifts of money are less personal than other gifts. That’s why it’s nice for your guests to know what they are helping you achieve. Are you saving for a big trip or for upcoming offspring??

Properly formulate

Money is one thing, it is important to find the right words. Your guests should feel like they’re not invited to your wedding just for the money. Therefore, try to formulate your request for gifts of money, politely. If it suits you, you can also use a short poem or a witty saying for it. This loosens the whole thing up a bit.

Text examples:

You want to give us a gift? We are most happy about a financial contribution for our start into married life.

Most of all we would appreciate a financial gift
Contribution for the start of married life look forward.

Our budget is complete, but our piggy bank would like to be fat. Therefore let the gift giving be – except money, that would be quite fine!

Think about gifts? The travel fund is still idle.

Who thinks he has to give something,
need about "how and what not thinking.
Instead of the gift take a letter small
and puts a thaler in it.

Wedding invitation and jewelry

When should you send the wedding invitations??

Consider ordering and sending invitation cards when preparing for the wedding. Do you want your guests to mark your wedding day on their calendars months in advance?? Then send a save-the-date card first! This is especially recommended if you are getting married abroad. Be aware, however, that the wedding date must already be set when you create the save-the-date cards.

The invitations should be at least 6 months before the wedding be sent. If you have sent save-the-date cards, you can also use the invitation cards up to 3 months before the wedding. If there is a church wedding, it is customary to also send a wedding invitation to the minister who will marry you.

Order wedding invitations

When ordering the wedding invitations, keep an eye on the delivery time. You will also receive a test print beforehand. Always order a few extra cards, you never know. Maybe you forgot someone after all or something went wrong with the delivery.

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Address wedding invitations correctly

According to old tradition, kids don’t get invited until they’re 18. Age a separate invitation to the wedding, but this is no longer common today. Maybe you don’t want children at your wedding, but don’t know how to tell your guests this? You simply address the invitation to the person who is invited to the wedding:

  • Mrs. Schmitz / Julia Schmitz (only Mrs. Schmitz is invited). Eventual partner or children not)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Schmitz (only the adults are invited)
  • Family or Fam. Schmitz (the whole family is welcome)

Additionally, you can also write a kindly worded sentence like: Although we love children, our wedding will be a childless day. Of course, you can also think of another nice sentence that makes it clear that children are not welcome in the evening (or throughout the day).

The address of the invitation comes according to etiquette handwritten on the envelope. But nowadays there are also address labels in elegant design or preprinted envelopes.

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