Addressing women – tips& examples

Beside online dating is the targeted approach the best way to meet attractive women. Whether on the street, while shopping or in a cafe – everyday life offers many opportunities. But almost all men feel inhibited and are unsure when to approach women. Our tips and examples show how men can get a grip on their fear, which topics are suitable for approaching women and what really counts.

The Basics

Magic sayings?

Many men still believe that it is special pick-up lines that – once memorized – open the door to women with ease. A misconception. Special sayings are not at all necessary to get into conversation with a woman. On the contrary, clumsy approaches and hackneyed phrases are more likely to make the woman of your dreams flee. With one "Hi, you sweet chocolate, may I eat you up??" men make themselves ridiculous at best. The first sentence is only an introduction anyway. The actual conversation develops afterwards. For the introduction a funny comment, a interested question or a quite banal greeting like "Hey!".

How important is one’s own appearance?

Many men struggle with their appearance. Surprise: For women, the attractiveness of a man is not decisive. Height, weight, hair color, six-pack… It doesn’t matter. Far more important are Charisma, Voice, Humor and Intelligence. Men should, however, imperatively a well-groomed appearance (clothing, hairstyle, facial hair, teeth) pay attention. This point is unfortunately very often neglected.

Women also attach importance to pleasant body odor. A not too harsh smelling deodorant and aftershave are a must. However, men should not overdo it with the artificial scent.

Also important are well-groomed hands and fingernails. When a woman becomes interested in a man, she imagines his hands touching her. If you are conspicuous by rough, unkempt hands with dirty fingernails, you may lose a chance.

What to look for in an outfit?

Clothes should be freshly laundered, fit well and match one’s style. Just do not dress up! If a man wants to be successful with women, he needs one thing above all else: a well-groomed appearance Self-confident charisma. He must feel comfortable in his own skin. It can be a casual jeans outfit or a smart suit. The main thing is to be true to type. Absolute fashion muffle can get advice in better clothing stores or take a type consultation. Maybe it’s time for a new style or an updated hairstyle.

The fear of approaching a woman

Fear of addressing women

The fear of addressing women: Chance lost!

Many men do not dare to approach women. The reasons are manifold: Often their own Fear and shyness in the way. If they like a woman, self-confidence and sovereignty are suddenly blown away. You can’t think of anything sensible to attract the attention of the beautiful stranger. There is no chance of casual small talk at all. Instead announce themselves tormenting Self-doubt. In the end you are left with furtive looks.

How does this blockade occur in men? In some cases, they assume that women do not want to be approached. Completely wrong: Women usually even wait for men to make the first move. Especially very attractive women often do not find a suitable partner. It often fails because no man dares to approach them confidently. Behind it is a bad self-image. Men think that they cannot exist in the eyes of such a beautiful woman, that they have nothing to offer her. So they don’t even try it – and possibly miss the chance of a lifetime.

Overcome fear of rejection

Before approaching a woman, men should specifically look at a woman’s positive mood move. Do not forget: Tastes are different. An average-looking man with a sense of humor can win the heart of an attractive woman, regardless of how he looks. She can be a slim catalog beauty, he small, bald and stocky. Does he have charisma? Does he go humorously to her? Then he has a chance. The world is full of couples who do not seem to fit together at first sight. Optics is ultimately secondary. Women like self-confident men, with whom they can talk. Laughing together is an icebreaker. Who additionally with a open, sympathetic manner can score, has already half won. Read more: Boosting self-confidence and overcoming shyness

Nothing to lose

Strictly speaking, men have nothing to lose when approaching women anyway. In the worst case the lady is already taken or not interested in a flirt. Then there is a rejection. That possibly gnaws at the self-esteem. On the other hand, you have at least tried and have not remained idle.

The attempt at conversation was an embarrassment that cannot be surpassed in embarrassment? There helps beside a proper portion Self-irony, Laugh and take the mickey out of yourself: "I’m not usually this out of sorts. I’m just so incredibly excited because I really wanted to approach you but didn’t know how. Then I just did it." In all probability she simply laughs along. Being so honest takes courage.

Getting a rejection

Getting a rejection? Don’t give up now

Even if the lady reacts angrily or turns and leaves without a word, it doesn’t matter in the end. She is just one woman among many. The probability of meeting her again is infinitesimal. So no reason to throw in the towel. If she has so little humor, she would be the wrong person anyway. After each self-conquest, it becomes easier to engage in conversation with a woman. Flirting is a matter of practice: if you approach women more often, you’ll get used to the excitement over time.

Approaching women: What matters?

Every communication process takes place on three levels:

  • The words you say
  • The voice
  • The body language

Most men only concentrate on the first level when flirting. They think frantically about what they could say to get a woman interested in them. But the content level is the least important point in conversations. According to the Californian social psychologist Albert Mehrabian, what is said with words contributes only 7% to the positive effect. Much more important, like it is said. The voice makes up 38%, the body language 55%. Flirt signals are best used non-verbally. That means in plain language:

  • Men should be on a as warm and firm a voice as possible Pay attention when addressing women. Short pauses give her the opportunity to think and answer for a moment. A firm voice is more attractive than a shaky, breathless one. The volume should also be appropriate.
  • The most important thing: maintain eye contact and smile. The smile should reach the eyes, be warm and sympathetic. This can be practiced in front of the mirror. Under no circumstances should the smile appear artificial or contrived.
  • At the same time self-confident posture Do not miss. Tall men tend to let their shoulders slump forward to appear smaller. Absolutely avoid! Women like protector types. It doesn’t matter that he towers over her like a tower.
  • Quiet, effective gestures are part of a successful conversation. But please no wild waving of hands, no nervous stepping from one leg to the other and no scratching in the hair or beard.

Good topics to address women

Get the conversation going

Do not monologue, but get a conversation going

In principle, almost any topic is suitable to initiate a conversation. What matters is actual exchange gets going. Women do not like men who monologue endlessly. If you talk epically about your job and don’t let the woman get a word in edgewise, don’t be surprised if she runs off at the first opportunity. It does take a bit of communication skill to get a conversation started and on roughly equal footing. Above all, this means: pausing after talking, listening, asking questions and Signal interest through body language. This can be accomplished with an occasional nod, smile, eye contact, and brief interjections like "You got that right!", "right" or "exciting" happen. The tone makes the music.

To create emotional closeness, it is advisable to reveal something personal. This can be a (humorous) experience or a small touching anecdote. Maybe something funny happened on the same day? Little stories liven up any conversation, especially when told in a lively and varied way.

Good topics for conversation:

  • Own experiences
  • Leisure activities and hobbies
  • Sport
  • Music
  • Weather
  • Travel and vacation countries
  • One’s own occupation
  • Pets
  • Future dreams and goals

Basically, the topic should of course also be oriented to the location and situation. In the fitness studio a conversation on the subject of sport is easy to start, in the park the subject of the weather is a good idea and at the vet’s you can talk about your animals.

Important tips

  • Seek out communication situations: Approaching a woman and entering into a conversation can be practiced countless times every day. While waiting for the bus or train, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, at the hairdresser’s, before the movie starts in the theater, in line at the supermarket. If you consciously use these situations as training opportunities every day, you will soon be able to approach women much more confidently. At the end of the day, women are only human, and flirting is nothing more than small talk – with a twist.
  • Don’t think about it for too long: When you discover an interesting woman, you should always react immediately and approach her. The longer you think about whether and how you should approach this woman, the more difficult it will be. With every passing second you become more insecure. In addition, especially when meeting on the street, there is only a short moment to get into contact.
  • Smile: "The shortest distance between two people is a smile."There is a lot of wisdom in this Chinese aphorism. If you want to win a woman over, you should smile at her. An open smile has a much more sympathetic effect on the woman being addressed than an emotionally cold look. Depending on the situation, it can be a warm, open or a mischievous smile. This makes it highly likely that she will smile back. This is the fastest way to break the ice.
  • Maintain eye contact: Women like men who look them in the eye. It’s okay to let your eyes wander for a moment. But he should always find his way back to her eyes.
  • Speak clearly and distinctly: If you mumble unconfidently or barely understandably, you will not be attractive to women. The voice should not be too loud, but also not too quiet. This comes across as self-confident and emphasizes masculinity.
  • Speaking in complete sentences: If you answer in monosyllables and have every word pulled out of your nose, you will hardly be able to keep a conversation going in the long run. Apart from that, women appreciate intelligent men with whom they can have a good conversation. This includes communicative competence. A grown man should not use too many youthful expressions like "cool", "awesome" or "mega" use. This comes across as infantile.
  • Humor: Few things go down better with women than the same sense of humor. It is never wrong to make a woman laugh. Boredom dissolves into thin air and time flies by.
  • Listening: Most people like to talk. Hardly anyone can or wants to listen. Most women are happy to talk about themselves and their lives. It is important to listen attentively and actively. That is, the entire attention should be on the woman. No digression of thoughts, no secret typing on the cell phone. This form of appreciation will not fail to have its effect. If you listen consciously, you make the woman the center of your world.
  • Caution buddy track: Laughing, having a good time, listening – all these are door openers. Whether the door opens in the direction of friendship or in the direction of relationship, the intermediate tones decide. Small touches on the hand or arm, long deep looks and playful comments reveal the actual sexual interest. Flirting must not be neglected at all in the contact between men and women!
  • Asking for the number: The approach worked and a few sentences were exchanged? Before parting ways and leaving nothing but a beautiful moment: Be sure to ask nicely for their number.

Approaching women: Examples

There are opportunities to meet and talk to women everywhere. This doesn’t necessarily have to happen in a typical night out location like a club. Maybe she’s standing at the bus stop, sitting with her dog at the vet’s, or having a cappuccino at a sidewalk cafe. No matter where it comes to an encounter: The key is not to wait too long, but to start a conversation as soon as possible.

When addressing her, the question arises whether "you" or "you" is more appropriate. If it is about people of the same age under 35, a "you" may seem forced and overly polite. Those who are already a little older may find it difficult to address the person in a confidential manner. A "she" may feel more natural in that case. This is something best decided by age and situation.

Approach women on the street

Approach woman on the street

Approach woman on the street and ask for directions

When meeting on the street, an obvious option is to ask for directions: "Hello, can you possibly help me further? I am not from here and I am looking for the Bohlweg. There is supposed to be a recommendable Italian restaurant called Mamma Mia there. Do you happen to know this?" Or ask for a recommendation: " Excuse me, I’m looking for a nice cafe where you can have a good breakfast. Do you have a tip for me?"

If the person you are talking to knows the area, she will certainly be happy to help you. Then it’s easy to connect directly and ask her if she herself has ever eaten in said restaurant or had breakfast in said cafe. Maybe she happens to be walking in the same direction? Ideal to walk part of the way together and talk some more. If she has nothing to do at the moment, she may even join you for a cup of coffee.

Is the lady already sitting in a cafe? "Sorry, is here still free?" Even if there are plenty of other free places, this opening is good for an exchange of words. "May I sit down?? I am out alone and would just like to have a little chat. You come across as open and likeable. So I thought I’d just introduce myself." Such a compliment can be easily accepted by a woman. It’s not too heavy-handed, but still personal.

If the chance encounter with an exciting woman takes place at a prominent point such as a church, city fountain or statue? Then you can ask her to take some photos with her cell phone. Do not forget a bright smile! The woman will focus on taking successful snapshots and look closely. A conversation starter comes naturally: The picture is meant for the parents, the brother or the best friend. Definitely look at the results together and choose the one that works best. Maybe she knows more about the building?

Good topics for further conversation:

  • What is the food, service or coffee like in the location in question?
  • What other places are there for great photos?
  • What are some interesting places in the city that you should have seen? Which restaurants, bars, parks, swimming pools, cinemas and theaters are particularly recommended? Is a particular museum worth visiting? How to spend a few nice days in the city?
  • Calmly ask her directly if she would like a little tour of the city; if she has another appointment on the same day, it might work out the next day or the weekend. A good opportunity to exchange phone numbers and connect via WhatsApp or Facebook.
  • What is she up to today? Does she live and work in the city?
  • If she took a really outstanding picture, praise is in order. Women like sincere compliments. You just must not be clumsy. How does she have such a good eye for perspective and composition?? Does she possibly like to take pictures herself?
  • What does she think of photo editing apps? Which one does she use?

Approaching women in the supermarket

Approach woman in supermarket

The supermarket is perfect to approach women

Great women are encountered everywhere every day: in the bookstore, at the drugstore or at the farmer’s market. But above all the supermarket is an often underestimated flirting area. While shopping, it is possible to start a conversation about the products. First of all helps a Looking into her shopping basket. With a little practice, the content often allows you to draw conclusions about their marital status. If there are special care products for men, a six-pack of beer and a large order from the meat counter in the shopping cart, the woman is most likely already spoken for. If it contains diapers, baby products and cereal, she’s probably a mother. But this does not automatically mean that she is taken. If she does not wear a wedding ring, the chances of flirting are good: "Oh, you also buy this kind of diaper? My sisters does not take anything else and is very satisfied … I am single and unfortunately do not have my own children yet." Thus the woman immediately learns several things: The man is not taken, but fond of children. Apparently he has a close relationship with his sister and her child. That makes him instantly likeable. If you have children, you usually put them first. A man who doesn’t accept that is out of the question anyway.

Under no circumstances should you get the impression that you’re specifically looking for women in the supermarket. Therefore necessarily with inconspicuous looks the aisles check. Once you have discovered an interesting woman, you should approach her as if by chance.

Good examples to address a woman in the supermarket:

  • The woman is just taking a product off the shelf: "Excuse me, have you bought these chips before?? Are they good?" or also "I would rather recommend this wine here!"
  • In the hallway: "Hey, do you know your way around here?? I’ve been looking in vain for the milk for minutes…"
  • In the drugstore department (with two deodorants in hand): " Hi! May I ask you a quick question? Which deodorant do you find better? I am not quite sure.."
  • At the fruit/vegetable: "Hey, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed here, do you have to weigh these … yourself or is it done at the register?"
  • In a large supermarket: "Sorry, you seem a little rushed right now, but can you tell me where the cash registers are?? That would be really nice!"

Maybe a little mean, but incredibly effective: "You really want to buy this water?" The woman becomes immediately bright and attention is guaranteed. She wants to know what’s wrong with the water, and you should have a plausible answer ready for her, e.g., what’s wrong with the water?. B. "Unfortunately, I have not had a good experience with it." This example of course works with all other products, whether spaghetti, yogurt or wine.

Generally, you can also ask women in the supermarket to help with cooking. "I’m visiting my parents today and want to surprise them with a vegetarian dish. However, I am not exactly a professional at the stove. Do you have a tip for me?" Most women watch their figure and prefer light cuisine with vegetables and salad. A man who tries his hand at cooking also comes across as likeable. Maybe she will already imagine that soon also cooked for her sometimes.

It’s also easy to strike up a conversation with the cashier: "Today is really pure stress here or? It is admirable that you remain so calm and do not lose your good humor." Then it depends on their signals. Is she interested? Smiles she? Does she answer nicely or does she concentrate exclusively on pulling the product quickly over the belt?? Do not wait too long with the introduction. "I am Stefan. May I ask when you have a break? I would like to invite you for a coffee. After the stress, you can definitely use a little time out."

Good topics for conversation starters:

  • How long has she been working in the supermarket??
  • What are her plans for the future (she may be working there to pay for her studies or she may be doing her apprenticeship at the supermarket). Maybe she wants to become a branch manager.)
  • What are the funniest and worst incidents at the checkout counter?
  • What bizarre things has she experienced with customers??
  • Does she shop in the same supermarket where she works, or does she deliberately go somewhere else?

Addressing women in the park

Is the woman with a dog on the way? This is an ideal way to engage her in conversation directly about her four-legged friend. It’s best to put the focus on the dog, address the animal and focus fully on it: "You are a friendly little guy!" Should the dog wag its tail and seem friendly, it is safe to let it sniff your hand. " May I pet him?" In all probability this question will be answered in the affirmative. Already you are in the middle of the conversation. Is the dog even a male? What is his name, how old is he? Does it come from the animal shelter or from a breed?

If the man himself is a dog owner, it’s time to bring your own companion into the conversation. Maybe she has good tips for quiet ways? The man might suggest going for a walk together with the four-legged friends. The can openers can talk and the dogs probably have more fun running in pairs.

Not a dog owner? Also no problem: Maybe the landlord does not allow it or the time to take care of an animal is missing. Nevertheless, the man can reveal himself as a dog lover. Then the conversation is more about the fact that he unfortunately can not keep one himself, but misses this experience.

Good topics for further conversation:

  • Everything about the dog
  • Which parks and paths in the city are good for walking??
  • Which sport and leisure possibilities with dog does she perceive?
  • Can she recommend a competent vet?
  • Where does she go on vacation with the dog? (Or does she have a dog sitter in the time?)
  • Does she have any more pets?

Talking to women in the club

Talking to women in the club

Flirting is much easier in a club

The club is the classic flirt location par excellence. The other flirting opportunities mentioned here are chance encounters. Women are not primarily focused on getting to know someone. They are busy with sports, shopping or other activities. On the one hand, women go to a club to have fun. On the other hand they want to present themselves and meet men. Accordingly they make an effort with their outfit. You are made up, styled and open for flirting. In addition rousing music penetrates the location. The alcohol loosens the mood and reduces inhibitions. Still, most women wait to be approached by men.

Men who go to a club should switch to a communication mode right from the start. Flirting begins with the approach. To get in the mood, it is useful to exchange a few innocuous words with people waiting in line at the door, the bouncer and the lady at the checkroom. This can be a very simple comment like: "It’s really crowded here today!" Or the question: "There’s a lot going on tonight?" – Already you are in the middle of a small talk.

Usually there are already people in the club. Again, address! If you hold on to your drink at the bar or hide at a table in the far corner, you are unlikely to leave your observation post for the entire evening. It is better to address selected attendees right away when they arrive. It doesn’t matter if they are attractive or attracting. Communication is the first priority. A simple one: "Hello, are you from here?" is enough. If she’s from the city, more questions present themselves. "Is the club worth it??", "What’s the atmosphere like here??", "Do you come here often?"

If this is her first visit, the conversation can continue in much the same way: "I am also here for the first time today. Hopefully there will be a lot of action tonight. I hope for a bomb atmosphere. At the moment it is still a bit quiet. Do you like to dance?" If you don’t want to get that close, you can introduce yourself briefly and then move on first. "I’m Max by the way. I wish you a lot of fun today!" The first conversation does not have to last longer than three to five minutes. If the store fills up later, you can always come back to the person you’re talking to and pick up the conversation again: "Hey, it’s great here! You were actually right." Then you are already acquainted with each other and the further conversation develops as if by itself.

Don’t be afraid when women show up in a group at the club. Most women are out with at least one girlfriend. Many men are then even more reluctant to approach women. There is no reason to do so. Just walk up, say hello in a friendly manner and start a casual conversation. First of all, it doesn’t matter if it turns into something more. "Hello, I’m here for the first time. Do you know your way around here??" If so, you can ask the girls about prices, atmosphere or the music selection. If not, report how many times you’ve been to the club yourself.

Other women will observe these interactions. A communicative, open-minded man seems more interesting, accessible and harmless than someone who checks out the ladies’ offer from a distance.

Good topics for further conversation:

  • Does she know of other interesting clubs in the city that are worthwhile?
  • In which locations you can still have real fun?
  • What is your favorite music? Which dance styles does she prefer?
  • What hobbies and pastimes does she pursue?

Our recommendations!

Approaching women at work

According to a Forsa study, one in five singles falls in love at work. Every seventh finds the great love in the circle of colleagues. No wonder: most people spend about a third of their day at work. Working closely together as a team. The field of work and the experience coincide. This provides optimal conditions for relationships. Colleagues usually have no trouble talking to each other. To spend time together in private, it’s often enough to go to lunch together or suggest an after-work drink.

If you don’t work directly with the targeted lady, you can approach her in the company cafeteria, for example: "Hello, I’ve noticed you several times already. You have a tremendously positive charisma. Which department are you in??" That is already enough for a little small talk. Thereby you can approach the food together. Choosing a table together almost comes naturally when you’re in the middle of a conversation anyway.

Although work provides a very good environment for flirting, later meetings should take place after hours and on weekends if possible. Otherwise, the good reputation could suffer or even the job could be jeopardized.

Good topics for further conversation:

  • How long has she worked for the company??
  • What are her career plans? (If she already has a partner, he will certainly appear in the answer.)
  • In which part of town does she live? Does she come to work by bus, car, or streetcar??
  • With which hobbies she can relax best?
  • Does she have pets or children?

Approaching women in the gym

Approaching a woman in the gym

In the fitness studio one comes fast into the conversation

The gym is a perfect location to meet attractive, athletic women. As a rule, on weekends and in the evenings, this is where those who take the sport seriously train. Who wants to meet single mothers, has the best chances in the morning. In the morning hours, kids are in kindergarten or school. This gives single parents the necessary freedom to do something for themselves. Some women are occasional visitors who try to conquer the famous inner pig dog. Depending on the target group, there are a variety of ways to approach them.

Athletic women like to talk about their workout schedule during short breaks. Maybe she can also help with questions if she has been training in the fitness center for a long time already. (Where can I get something to drink?? What to look for in the machine on which she has just exercised? Which device brings the most for a good leg muscles?) If she is taking a break because she has to wait until her equipment is free, this is also a suitable starting point for a conversation. One of the most important questions is whether (and when) she works out regularly at her chosen gym. Knowing this, it is easy to see her again unobtrusively.

Under no circumstances should you approach a woman who is working out in the middle of a workout. Someone who gives everything sweaty with tangled hair does not necessarily feel attractive and sexy. Maybe she does not have enough air for a conversation or loud music on her ears. That’s why it’s better to wait for a break. Men behave very clumsily when they offer unasked for help in handling the equipment. The so-called mansplaining, in which men explain the world to women, is extremely unpopular. It is different when a woman visibly needs help. In that case, the offer of help is absolutely fine. By the way: standing close behind the woman during an exercise is a particularly erotic moment only in movies. In reality, women do not appreciate so much closeness from strangers at all.

Single mothers are often on the road with utensils of their children. Men with a sense of family can use this for a little chat. "The water bottle must belong to your son or? The little cars have betrayed you."

Men who have to get themselves to exercise know the pig problem inside and out. Connecting common ground. Maybe it’s easier for both of them if they encourage and push each other? It is best to arrange the next training date right away!

Good topics for further conversation:

  • How long has she been exercising?
  • Which workouts she likes most, which less? Does she do any other sports?
  • What does her training schedule look like??
  • What does she do for a living?? Does she work for the police or the armed forces, because that’s how she keeps fit? (This is a hidden compliment.)
  • How many children does she have? Is she a single parent? If the children already go to school?
  • What are the training goals?

Appealing to women in the course

It is not easy to motivate oneself to exercise again and again. A certain peer pressure can be advantageous in this case. Women love yoga, Zumba and dancing. If you sign up for such courses as a man, you have a good chance of meeting mostly female participants. Due to the endorphins released during exercise and the relaxed atmosphere, the conditions are good to start a harmless conversation with each other. When greeting and saying goodbye, one usually automatically exchanges a few nice words. That’s one of the great advantages of regular appointments: people quickly become familiar with each other. Because of the sweating, the fun and the music, the inhibition threshold is lower. Questions to start the conversation could be how long she has been doing yoga. Do the exercises serve primarily for relaxation? How strongly does she live the philosophy behind it? What does she think of meditation? Is she interested in Indian culture, country and food?

Zumba was developed by dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez in Colombia. Ultimately, it is a mixture of aerobics and Latin American dances. Perfect synchronicity is not necessarily the goal of the movement mix in the group. It’s mostly about fun and good humor. Men who can dance – and do it voluntarily – are highly rated by women. Here immediately arises the possibility of a common leisure activity. Zumba is a group dance without touching.

In most standard dances like Viennese Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Slowfox and Quickstep, body contact is a given. Dance partners form a unit. They move in the same beat. The man leads, the woman has to trust him to send the right signals. Otherwise, she may not be able to dance the corresponding characters properly. If two people harmonize on the dance floor, more can possibly come of it.

Good topics for further conversation:

  • Since when does she dance?
  • Does she otherwise have a steady dance partner?
  • Does she pursue other hobbies with the same enthusiasm and ease as she does dancing?
  • What are her favorite dances and why??
  • What music she loves most?
  • What are her countries of longing for vacation trips? (Pay attention when answering: There may be a connection between dance preference, music taste and favorite country)

Approach women on public transport

If an attractive woman is sitting alone in a train compartment or on a bus, making contact is easy. "Is this seat still free?" A charming smile and direct eye contact should be part of the conversation. If she really travels alone, it can go on immediately with the conversation. "Thank you, I just came from Mannheim and had to stand for quite a while. Fortunately it is not quite so crowded here. Do you also go to Stuttgart? – I am Tim by the way." If she is not headed to Stuttgart, she will name her destination. Then you can ask further what she is up to there. Is it a professional trip? Visits her family? Is she on her way to vacation? Then it’s time to inquire about their singles status. Not that she’s on her way to meet her boyfriend with whom she’s in a long distance relationship…

Good topics for conversation starter:

  • What are the current travel destinations?
  • Which vacation countries would she explore by train or bus trip?
  • If she is reading a book: What kind of literature she particularly likes?
  • If she has headphones on: What music?

Addressing women you know

Conversation topics often arise by themselves with women you already know. You know each other from sports, from work, through acquaintances or friends. This offers more than enough opportunities to connect. When approaching, another difficulty is more noticeable: How do you convey to your best buddy’s sister, acquaintance or colleague that you can imagine more with her? First, just get a conversation going. The hook can be the weather, a shared experience, or anything that connects you. If a nice conversation develops, it’s best to go straight on the offensive:

"I can really talk for hours with you. It’s a pity that we usually only see each other between doorsteps." – Then wait and see what she says. Does she feel the same way? – "I’d love to go out for ice cream with you and then really talk and spend time with you. Do you feel like it?" Or: "We both like Greek, don’t we?. What do you think about going out to dinner with me? A real date, just the two of us?" Or: "May I invite you to dinner? I would really like to get to know you better. I just can’t get you out of my head."

Addressing women you don’t know

Maintain eye contact

Eye contact and body language are particularly important

Many men watch a woman for a while at first. If they then look up, they feel caught and look away. It is much better to consciously hold their gaze for a few seconds and smile while doing so. Smile back at her? This is the invitation for a little conversation. It doesn’t have to be a particularly polished, special, or otherwise noteworthy approach. "Hello, you caught my eye because you have such an incredibly open charisma." Or: "You caught me. I have actually observed you. You were so engrossed in your book. You don’t see that often." Or: "Hello, after you have smiled so warmly, I dare yet and simply speak to you." If the conversation develops well, you can be more explicit: "I would incredibly like to see you again!" Another way is to ask directly for the number or the Facebook contact.

It may happen that women react cautiously in the first instance. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with whether they want to meet a man or not. It is solely due to the situation. You may feel caught off guard. Then it can still be useful to let the conversation go on for a bit.

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