6 Tips to plan and prepare for your birthday celebration

The own birthday party should always be something special. Especially if it is a round birthday, it means to start early with planning and preparation. Because questions about the scope of the celebration, the location, the entertainment and the catering must be clarified in advance.

To relieve you of the stress, we reveal 6 tips on how to best plan and prepare your birthday party. With our practical checklist you always keep the overview.

Comprehensive checklist for party planning:

Tip 1: Book the right location early

You should start looking for a suitable party location as early as possible. Depending on the setting and size of the celebration, it is recommended to start 2-3 months in advance. Pay attention to special holidays when booking. Often many locations are booked up well in advance at these times. If you want to celebrate your birthday in a small circle, a restaurant or cafe is a good choice. There, depending on the number of guests, individual tables or small function rooms can be reserved. Many hotels also offer this option. If the budget and the guest list are not quite so large, the birthday can also be celebrated in your own four walls or in the garden.

For a round birthday it may be with pleasure a somewhat more unusual location. Very popular are special places, such as z. B. a castle or a ship with a show under the open sky. But always keep an eye on your budget and read the fine print in detail. Often hidden costs, z.B. for the final cleaning or a flat rate for drinks, not included in the offer.

Tip 2: Send custom invitation cards

Once the date, the location and the guest list are fixed, you can start inviting your guests. The most personal way to do this is with a self-designed and individual invitation card. Let your creativity run free and use one of our many templates and design options. The best way to do this is with our greeting cards in a set of 10, like z. B. the "greeting cards folded, classic. If you need only a few invitations, because you want to celebrate only in the narrowest circle, the "single greeting card, folded" offers itself. Simply design them according to your wishes and order them in the required number of pieces. When designing the cards, make sure you don’t forget the occasion, date and location of the party. Ask your guests in the invitation also for a response. For this, it’s best to set a date by which your guests should give you feedback. This will make planning easier for you – especially when it comes to calculating the food and drinks.

Discover also the modern greeting cards in square format. The fancy 14.5 x 14.5 cm folded cards are available in a practical set of 10 and with precious mother-of-pearl envelopes. You can design all greeting cards on the website or in the ifolor Designer.

Design your own invitation card

Tip 3: Keep your guests up to date

Not always all details of the birthday party can be summarized in an invitation card. This is especially important for guests who travel from far away and need directions and accommodation. So provide all this information to your guests on a website, Facebook or chat group. This has the advantage that important information is not lost and all guests can get the information they need quickly and easily.

Tip 4: Set a theme

Make your birthday party an unforgettable event and come up with an exciting theme. No matter which stage of life you will soon enter – the variety of themes is almost endless for every birthday child: From a "Pirates of the Caribbean" party with a treasure hunt to a cocktail party with an upscale dress code to a medieval party with rustic delicacies. A celebration thought out down to the last detail with a fun slogan and great decorations always provides a reason to come and stay.

Tips for planning and preparing a birthday party

Tip 5: Food keeps body and soul together

no party without the right food. Whether it’s a menu, a la carte or buffet – make sure there’s something for everyone when choosing food and drinks. Thinking also of allergies or preferences, such as vegetarian food. To be on the safe side, you can check with your guests about any intolerances or preferences before choosing the meal.

When it comes to calculating the amount of food, first create a menu plan and then see how many guests have confirmed their attendance. If you celebrate your birthday party in a restaurant or order a catering service, you only have to indicate the number of adults and children to be catered for here. The amount of food needed is then planned by the venue or caterer. If you want to provide your guests with homemade food, the planning is a bit more difficult. For the food, there is a very simplified rule of thumb: for an average adult eater, calculate 800 grams per person. For children up to 8 years with 200 grams per head. Of course, the quantity also depends on how extensive the food offering is to be. This can vary depending on the type of birthday party. A party that doesn’t start until 7pm usually requires less food than one that spans half the day.

Create your own menu and drink cards for your birthday party. Design the cards for this to match the theme or style of your birthday party. This way your guests not only have the culinary offer at a glance, but you also have a nice detail for the table decoration.

Tip 6: Plan a social program

Depending on the size of the party and the ambience, you can plan a few entertainment points for your guests. So that this does not end up in a tight schedule full of stress, of course "less is more" applies here. If and which program points you choose for your birthday depends mainly on the framework of the celebration. You should book the appropriate service providers and rental objects in good time, or. book, so that your party program is secured.

Especially at a big party with lots of guests who don’t all know each other, a little program can lighten the mood and break the ice. This also applies to birthday parties that start in the afternoon. A small show interlude, funny games to the motto of the party or a cool photo corner with funny accessories do not let boredom arise. Of course, don’t forget a DJ, who will provide danceable music and a good atmosphere in the evening.

If there are many children among the guests, you can z. B. rent a bouncy castle, organize a scavenger hunt or simply set up a play and craft corner. For this you can also book a child care, which takes care of the little guests on site and provides them with great games. Some locations also have playgrounds or a small petting zoo for children. So pay attention to such details already when looking for a location for your party.

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