3. Ssw: everything about pregnancy week three

In the third week of pregnancy, the fertilized egg has a chance to implant in your uterus. Some women feel when this happens. We’ll tell you what early pregnancy signs point to SSW 3, what’s happening in your body, and what it means for your baby.

Week 3: Woman holding pregnancy test in her hand

3. Week of pregnancy: your egg is fertilized and nests

In the third week of pregnancy, the mature egg makes its way through the fallopian tube into the uterus. If sexual intercourse occurs during the time of ovulation, the mature egg can be fertilized. The sperm penetrates into the membrane of the egg cell. Then the resulting fertilized cell tries to settle down in the uterine mucosa. So from this point on, unlike in the 1. SSW or the 2. SSW, really pregnant!

What signs tell you that you are 3 months pregnant?. Week pregnant?

  • Abdominal pain: In SSW 3, the mother typically has cramps that closely resemble menstrual cramps.
  • Spotting& Discharge: Another possible sign in pregnancy week 3 is mucus bleeding and increased discharge, as small blood vessels can be damaged during implantation. At this point, many women initially mistakenly think they’ve gotten their period.
  • Slightly elevated temperature: You can also notice a change in your body after a successful insemination by your temperature: Your body temperature rises by 0.5 degrees.

Is the pregnancy already measurable in SSW 3?

It is quite possible that women in the 3. SSW do not feel any symptoms. However, in the third week of pregnancy you can already take an early pregnancy test, as the hormone hCG is released when pregnancy begins, which means that an increased hCG level in the urine can be detected. Tests can detect this hormone fluctuation as early as six to nine days after fertilization.

How far along is the baby in 3. SSW already developed?

After successful fertilization, cell division begins in week three of pregnancy. The fertilized egg consists of four parts on the next day and eight on the following day. In the 3. During the first week of pregnancy, the germ cell is called a "mulberry" because of its shape denotes. From day four, the germinal vesicle, i.e. the cavity between the cells, is formed. The placenta later forms the intermediate piece between you and your baby. This connection provides the baby with oxygen and essential nutrients.

What can you do in 3. SSW do for your child?

As in the weeks before, pregnant women in the 3. Week pregnant recommended to take folic acid and other supplements at the discretion of your doctor to prevent nutrient deficiencies. Folic acid, also called vitamin B9, supports the proper development of the nervous system as well as the baby’s brain.

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