25.01.2022 | Germany plans for compulsory vaccination from 18 take shape

To whom exactly should a vaccination obligation apply? What sanctions are planned? And with how many vaccinations the duty is fulfilled? These questions still need to be clarified in the Bundestag. Members of the traffic light parliamentary group give first insights into their plans for a Corona vaccination obligation.

25.01.2022 | Germany plans for compulsory vaccination from 18 take shape

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The Bundestag wants to vote on Wednesday, 26. January 2022, debate for the first time about a general corona vaccination obligation. The advocates’ plans are taking shape: A Vaccination obligation starting from 18 years should come into force in the summer and be limited to one to two years temporaryt his. Now politicians from ranks of the traffic light coalition have first details to the draft called, which is worked out at the moment. The German Bundestag discusses the topic already this week for the first time. Since the members of parliament are supposed to vote freely according to their conscience, there will be no instructions from the respective parliamentary group when they vote.

Vaccination obligation is to be limited in time
  • Thus the obligation should be limited to one to two years limited Be.
  • For no more than three Vaccinations apply.
  • And be enforced via fines, according to the interior and legal politician.

Dirk Wiese, deputy chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, had mentioned that. Also the health policy spokesman of the Green parliamentary group and co-initiator of the motion for a general vaccination obligation, Janosch Dahmen, expressed itself for the first time comprehensively to the possible organization of a vaccination obligation. He is in favor of compulsory vaccination from the age of 18, said Dahmen of the "Bild am Sonntag". By End of March one could decide the law and then the vaccination obligation should apply starting from summer.

According to the Green politician.

Duty is to contain only three inoculations

If then at a later time a further booster vaccination should appear meaningful, this would be voluntary its. When it comes to the length of the deadline, the deputies want to rely on the advice of experts.

Who would not inoculate itself despite inoculation obligation, must with Fine calculate, according to Dahmen. This pleads for a middle three digit sum,

According to the Green politician.

Whom the case should occur that a citizen refuses again and again, fines would be imposed again and again. According to the Administrative Enforcement Act, the upper limit for a mandatory vaccination fine is 25.000 euros.

Concept of the competition

The concept of the coalition deputies is not without competition. The FDP politician Andrew Ullmann is preparing a Request for compulsory vaccination from 50 before. Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) has already presented a proposal against compulsory vaccination. On Monday Union delegates want to speak out.

Central vaccination register controversial

Whether compulsory vaccination is enforced could be checked by recording vaccinations in a central register. However, such a setup is not at all easy and data protection there are also concerns.

Compulsory vaccination is intended to get through next fall and winter, he said. The Structure of a vaccination register would take too long for this.

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