17 St. Nicholas gifts for kids: the best gift ideas& ideas

You search Santa gifts for kids? Every year is the St. Nicholas Day at 6. December and therefore also the time of gift giving. Every child is happy to receive gifts, especially for Santa Claus! What to put in the boot? And which St. Nicholas gift ideas are there for children? We have 17 great ideas for you!

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The classics for St. Nicholas for children

  • St. Nicholas gifts made of chocolate
  • Nuts to snack on
  • Tangerines

In any case, mandarins and nuts may not be missing. St. Nicholas is a popular figure not only in Germany, but all over the world. On 6. December he puts great gifts in the boot of children and sometimes parents.

What goes in children's Santa boots? Tangerines and nuts! - please.buy

What goes into children’s St. Nicholas boots?? Tangerines and nuts!

Kids look forward to the great Santa gifts every year. To avoid stress, it is advisable, to have the presents together early. The best time to calmly pack the little things for Santa Claus gifts is a few days beforehand. Sometimes I get the little things a few months in advance.

A special feature are the Santa gifts for girls and boys. In this article we present you 17 great Santa gifts listed, which are enthusiastically received by children. And honest? Of course, our three children are very happy about special sweets, but if there is something else to unwrap, they are even happier! It does not have to be a big Christmas present.

When to buy Santa gifts?

With some ideas you can already plan now, so that you have the great gifts for St. Nicholas already checked off.

Just a bag of candy? Find out what your child would like to receive for Santa Claus. Sure, chocolate is great and some families also give "just" chocolate.

For St. Nicholas, children usually receive only small gifts. With us, these are often books, small special pens, a Toniebox figure or new books, in addition to sweets, tangerines and nuts.

For St. Nicholas we give away useful things. Children are not only happy about sweets, such as chocolates (without alcohol, of course) or chocolate.

Looking for ideas for Santa gifts for your child? - please.buy

Are you looking for ideas for Santa gifts for your child?

school supplies& Give kindergarten accessories as a gift for Santa Claus

What about school supplies or toys? With our Ideas for Santa Claus gifts we will not leave you out in the cold. Therefore, it does not matter whether boys or girls – with us you will find the right Santa gift idea for kids.

How about a new set Crayons or something that your child can buy anyway for the School needs? I know from experience that something always gets lost at school: pencils, erasers, or even the new fountain pen. Although the school year has just started!

So you could take the occasion of St. Nicholas and buy small things for school. For daycare kids, it might be cool mud pants or rubber boots that glow in the dark!

17 Santa Claus gifts for children - tips in the guide for parents - bitte.kaufen

17 Santa gifts for kids – tips in the guide for parents

Give a gift voucher for Santa Claus

Or better yet, choose a gift certificate for the next amusement park visit? Most children are happy about this: A trip to an amusement park or to the fun swimming pool! A gift certificate can spark anticipation here, plus it’s a great way to spend time with family.

Here it depends on the age. If the child is small, grandma and grandpa might give a drugstore voucher. Older children may be happy to receive a gift certificate for St. Nicholas related to perfume, gaming or books.

  • Vouchers for children

Create your own Santa wish list

If we haven’t found anything suitable for your child, you can always fall back on one of the great Santa Claus gifts from the please.Buy wish list of your children and be sure that the child will like it.

If your child doesn’t have their own wish list yet, why not create a free one together? Wish list for Santa Claus. On it may then small gift ideas, the long desired ball or a set of Pokemon cards.

  • Pokemon cards (kiosk, toy store)

Santa gifts for babies and toddlers

If your child is still younger, you might have ideas that should definitely be on the list. Babies get z. B. new sock holders (these are insane! Socks no longer slip!) and toddlers a Raschel book, a small instrument (if your parents ears can handle it) or an aquadoodle game. With this you can paint with water – without making a mess!

For older children, you can also reach for toys that can be used outdoors, according to the motto "what moves, makes you curious". Our winters are rather tender. & A skateboard or inline skates let your child become active and perhaps also discover the love of speed.

  • Inline skates * *

Do it with love: homemade Santa gifts

The best gifts are still those that the Children either wish for themselves or the from the heart come.

How about homemade things? A knitted scarf from grandma, a baked cookie house to snack on, or colorful beaded bracelets to make with the child?

  • Cookies / cookie house
  • Knitted

What are children happy about for Santa Claus? Basically, about a lot of things that you give them. Sometimes it’s that simple.

Especially if it is something personal and the child has to share not only with his parents, as well as a nice memory of the special time for a long time remains!

Create wish lists for yourself& Children (free of charge!)

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  • 17 Ideas for classic and modern Santa gifts for children

  • 17 Santa gifts for children - ideas on bitte.kaufen

    17 Santa gifts for kids – ideas

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