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Create mind map online – this is how it is done correctly!

A Create a mind map online brings a lot of advantages, because we can access our files at any time – no matter if with our own computer or a foreign PC.

The Mind-Map describes a kind of memory map, which serves to creatively record your thoughts and ideas graphically.

The corresponding technique is called Mind-Mapping.

Originally developed as a pen and paper method, today you’ll find a variety of programs and online solutions to support the Mind-Mappings.

Therefore the question arises, how you can create a Mind-Map and which applications are particularly recommendable.

What is mind mapping? Overview and general

At Mind mapping it concerns Method of graphical representation of the connection between different terms and processes.

For the first time the British psychologist Tony Buzan the mind-mapping described.

The field of application of the Mind-Mappings is extensive.

It ranges from private to-do lists to use in process management.

Often the method is also used as a protocol in meetings.

In project management Mind-Map-Tools usually a fixed part of the repertoire.

In the 1970s the Buzan developed concept quickly further professionalized.

Today you can find numerous mind map tools, Mind-Map programs as well as Mind-map apps and online solutions, with which it is very easy to create a mind map online or to have it created.

These have different structures and functionalities.

What they have in common is that Capture the ideas help and support you in Keep the scope of the project in mind.

Thanks to Mind map templates also succeed in visually appealing representations.

No matter if it is about a conference, a business plan or a presentation, you will find a suitable tool for almost all fields of application.

Reasons for mind mapping: advantages and areas of application

Mind-Maps are clear representations and thus serve the Concretization of your ideas and thoughts.

Thanks to the structure, you can keep an eye on the development of ideas and expand them at any time.

Another positive effect is the stimulation of creativity.

At Mind-Mapping brain areas are stimulated, which release new creative power.

In the process of the production you develop new ideas or you notice new connections.

A cleverly structured Mind-Map online furthermore has the advantage to present even complex and elaborate contexts in a structured way.

Related approaches can be connected at any time to make connections visible.

Information can be easily supplemented by additional branches.

In addition to the creativity-promoting effect Mind maps another psychological effect: the graphical representation ensures that the information recorded in this way is perfectly memorized.

finds use Mind mapping in various fields of application.

Project and goal planning is a typical field of application.

Also the planning of conferences, meetings or discussions can be done by the mind map Mind mapping benefit.

The creation of presentations or the structure of lectures is also well supported with Mind maps.

The methods also prove to be helpful when organizing events.

seminars or courses can also be planned.

Last but not least Mind maps also used in time management or for structuring your personal notes.

Create a mind map online – structure

Basically, the structure of a mind map is similar to the Mind map the way the human brain works.

If you follow a few simple rules, the mind map can be a very useful tool Mind-Map unfold their full potential.

Generally, the overriding theme is presented in the middle of the Map placed.

Since the branches point in all directions, the landscape format is the best choice.

Starting from the term or topic in the middle, you now write down everything important from the outside to the inside.

Use multiple shapes, connecting lines, arrows and other features.

In individual branches the topic can be continued in more and more detail.

Especially efficient are Mind maps, if they can be quickly guided and expanded.

Therefore you should use keywords instead of complete sentences.

Due to the Structure of the mind map keywords are also sufficient for the understanding of the whole.

The human brain completes the complete thoughts of its own accord.

Furthermore, it is advisable to use pictorial language or symbols in the design.

Small icons (for example a light bulb for new ideas) enhance the structure.

Meaningful symbols support the brain to memorize the contents better.

Visual representations make it easier for the brain to work than purely textual content.

For structuring, it is also useful to work with several colors.

Different topics or priorities should be highlighted in different colors.

Goals, paths or problems can be immediately identified by color coding.

Special requirements apply with common mind maps.

If you collaborate with colleagues, the terms and components used should be discussed in detail.

Make an impact on outsiders mind maps mostly not comprehensible.

This is due to the fact that different people may associate different things with the same key terms.

Therefore it is important to involve all members at the beginning of the collaboration.

Advantages of being able to create a mind map online

Since then mind mapping became popular in the 1970s, computer programs quickly contributed to its wider use.

Software solutions and online applications for visualization of ideas and approaches offer versatile tools.

Play your special advantage Online mind mapping tools with the cooperation from.

Collaborative work is in demand in companies.

With web-based tools, several employees can work together on a common mindmap with a good overview Mind mapping project participatory.

Create mind map online: Online programs


With the tool Mindmeister you can easily create mind maps online

One of the most used tools in the German-speaking area Online tools for mind maps is MindMeister.

The versatile program is characterized by simple and intuitive operation from.

Likewise it leads without large expenditure to responding results.

No in-depth knowledge is required, so you can use MindMeister suitable for beginners.

After a registration with this wiki Online tool you can start right away.

MindMeister is also available in a free version available.

Here the number of possible designs is however small.

You will receive all templates after taking out a subscription.

The features in MindMeister will be extended continuously.

A newer tool is for example the History View.

Herewith all changes of the mind map represent.

With a click you can open a timeline for this purpose.

Likewise, it is possible to Mind-Map reset to any point in time.

Another new option are the WikiMaps.

Like other wikis, they can be modified or filled by all participants.

Thus they offer a special advantage with the common treatment.

Another advantage is the high flexibility MindMeisters.

This refers on the one hand to the supported formats.

With this application you can create your projects for example in the formats MindMeister (.mind), FreeMind (.mm), but also Word (.docx) or PowerPoint (.pptx) export.

Furthermore you have the possibility, MindMeister can also be used mobile.

The producers offer a mobile version for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Having a mind map created online or even creating one yourself thus becomes a breeze with MindMeister.

Also for the online application all you need is a flash-enabled browser.

Here it is also possible without registration to create simple Mind maps to create.

Intuitive operation here as well.

At the beginning there is a button in the middle.

This corresponds to the starting point.

As soon as you move the mouse over it, many formatting and editing options open up to you.

with one click you can set the color and enter a text.

Also a variation of the size as well as the color is possible.

Also an online instruction manual belongs to

This explains the main features and makes clear how simple the concept is. largely does without complex special functions and is therefore especially aimed at users who want to get started as quickly and easily as possible Mind map creation want to enter.

If you want to save the created mind-map, however, an account registration is required.

This is also available for free and without any restrictions.

In spite of the simple structure, the online application offers powerful features Mind mapping tools.

This includes, for example, embedding the mind-map into your own website.

You can also create links to your Mind-Map and share them with others.

Also offers Possibilities for collaborative work on a shared map.

This online software also allows you to export the map in different formats.

These can also be imported again.

While the basic features for up to three Mind maps are available free of charge, you can upgrade for further projects for a fee.

Other programs and online applications

Also the application Mindjet offers you with its MindManager options for brainstorming and project management.

To this come thought-out Mind-mapping software as well as different tools and templates for the use.

Mindjet offers beside mind mapping programs for Windows and Mac also offers apps for the mobile operating systems iOS and Android.

As Mindjet mobile, the tool is also suitable for smartphones and tablets.

You can use it to capture your thoughts, develop a business plan, or plan presentations on the go.

The app can be used free of charge. Mind-Maps, that you have developed on a mobile device, you can also continue working on the PC.

The storage takes place either on Mindjet’s own cloud or at Dropbox.

With this you can Maps also share and develop them with co-workers.

formats are compatible with both the desktop version and mobile apps.

working on the touchscreen you benefit from Mindjet equally from the swipe functions of the mobile device.

A longer tap on one of the arrows or branches in the Mind-Map opens a series of arrows in different directions.

For example, to create a new node in the Mind-Map to create a mind map, you simply drag one of the arrows in one of the directions.

Because it’s quick and easy, this form of editing is especially useful for conference and meeting recordings.

A Java-based and thus platform-independent Mind mapping software is XMind.

The program is available in a proprietary and a free version.

You can download the simplest version for free.

For the simple creation of first Mind maps this version is sufficient.

The operating concept is similar to that of other popular programs such as Mindjet.

The Mind mapping starts in the middle at a first node.

From it you can create and link several branches.

In addition to regular mind maps offers XMind also the possibility to create fishbone diagrams or org charts.

One particularly useful option is the ability to transfer files from other programs (for example MindManager) to import.

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