Y | council cellar

FINE COOKED. This credo is a promise and unites two kitchen concepts under one roof with the commonality of high pleasure in very different interpretations and personal views. You always choose the good taste and that is for us the best choice and the only thing that counts.

Adelshof obliges. As an inn with a history going back to 12. Jhdt. At the Ratskeller restaurant, we feel bound to tradition and ennoble regional classics with traditional recipes and high-quality preparation. Without dust, history also means understanding the present in order to shape the future. Keeping up with the times is not enough for us – we want to set our own standards.

With Y | ( pronounced "why" ), we present a kitchen concept that is meatless, but not less tasty. At the Ratskeller restaurant, enjoyment is defined not as renunciation but as enrichment .

Y | radicalized not in the drawers of meatless diets, rather we want to seduce with new flavors and unfamiliar compositions to new favorite dishes.

At Ratskeller to dine means high pleasure with or without meat, completely without conventions, without condemnation, without comment, without politics. We cook for the surprising enrichment on a meatless day but do not break with traditional dishes. You order according to desire, mood, conviction, or simply according to appetite.

TIP: The calling card of our cuisine is the Romantic Menu, a journey of taste experience seasonally determined, gladly with wine accompaniment. Corresponding to this we offer our Y | tasting menu, meatless but tasty.

Finely cooked and a lot of pleasure, whether in a menu or a la carte.

Opening Hours:

Gladly we open for reservations starting from 10 persons on request also at noon.

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Y | council cellar

Y | council cellar

Y | council cellar

Y | council cellar



You may know the saying "eat breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a pauper". We don’t quite agree with the outcome of this folk tale, but we promise you a breakfast like an emperor as the best way to start your day.

Of course, this includes a Kaiserschmarrn in proper style, but also hearty from the sausage kettle. Egg dishes on the go, sweets from our pop-up bakery like our favorite waffles. Or hearty dishes like our meat salad and deli shrimp salad. Vital are the cereals that absolutely want in the apple/pomegranate yogurt. We like to top our house bread with a regional ham specialty from the Schwabisch Hall farmer’s producer association.

All this and much more imperial awaits you at the breakfast in the Adelshof. And of course we serve you freshly prepared coffee specialties.

We serve our imperial breakfast:
Monday – Friday 6.30 – 10.00 o’clock
Saturday and Sunday 7.00 – 10.30 o’clock



Whether as a late lunch by the fireplace in the Living Lobby, as a bedtime snack for late arrivals from room service or as a relaxed snack on the sun terrace. Our Deli offers continuous warm kitchen with the classics of the World-Hotel-Foods. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be fine dining, just quick and casual. The curry sausage red and white is a red and white sausage from our house recipe and the Wiener Schnitzel is sometimes a bit bigger. Because tastes are different, we offer vegetarian carrot spaghetti as well as a delicately dressed tartar. According to our philosophy, French fries belong on every good bistro menu. But have you ever eaten the gold sticks with Parmesan and truffle or with blueberries and pomegranate?

Cold season (1.10. – 30.4.)
Monday – Saturday 12.00 – 14.00 a.m

Terrace season (1.5. – 30.9.)
Monday – Saturday 12.00 – 18.00 o’clock




By fine dining, we mean that you can expect a tasteful, fine evening – all without a tuxedo or bow tie.

Neo-fusion cuisine translates to "new connections" in the kitchen. Combining the unexpected for once and reinterpreting dishes – according to this motto, we sprinkle unusual dishes into our menu and surprise between the classics of Swabian cuisine. But also spatially there is in the Adelshof a restaurant in the restaurant. Because in the middle of the Ratskeller, a room awaits you in which historic stucco and the contrast of modern designer furniture bring the pub of yesteryear into the present. Dare the unusual, create the extraordinary.

You will find our TOWNHALL dishes on the menu as specialties. Since in the Adelshof the guest is of course king, you can order from both cuisines at will and taste mixed up and of course choose for yourself in which part of the restaurant you would like to sit.

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday 18.00 – 22.00 o’clock, Sunday day of rest.
Gladly we open for reservations from 10 persons on request also at noon or on Sunday.

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