Writing a love letter that makes your heart race<3!

There are many reasons that can make you want to write a love letter. For example, to win back your ex-partner, because you want to confess your love to someone, or to show your sweetheart how much you love them.

Love letters are especially nice when there is no special occasion and you just want to surprise your partner.

Love texts are everlasting like love itself and they overcome space and time.

Create a heartbeat moment with your words, in which your loved one’s world stops for a moment and write your romantic love letter today!

How to do that, you will know at the end of the article.

In addition, you also know which mistakes you (absolutely!) and which concrete points you have to pay attention to so that your love lines do what they are supposed to do.

write love letter

Because let’s be honest right at the beginning: Your letter should make a difference!

It should make your sweetheart cry. Or convince that you are the right partner (after all). Or both. Or, yes, what do you actually want to achieve with your love letter??

If you don’t know it yet, you should ask yourself this question now at the latest.

It is completely different if you write a love letter for your sweetheart because you want to confess your love, or if you want to win back your ex-boyfriend. For this reason, we have additional tips for you for the different occasions z.B. Love letter for anniversary, birthday, or written together after a breakup.

Get inspired by the examples and templates for love letters!

Here’s how the article is broken down:

You can click through directly to the respective topic, but you should definitely read through the 7 tips!

  • 7 tips you should definitely keep in mind before writing
  • Love letters for him
  • Love letters for you
  • Love letter templates for all occasions
  • How to add value to your love letter
  • Romantic love letter writing made easy

7 tips that you should keep in mind when writing a love letter

Before you start writing blindly, we have the best tips for you to turn your blank piece of paper into a beautifully written love letter.


Close the door, put in earplugs.

Take time for yourself and your feelings and put away everything that could distract and disturb you (yes, I mean your cell phone)!).

Put yourself in your own personal feel-good atmosphere with your favorite music, candles and a delicious tea.

Think about the person you love and about the moments when your darling makes you smile, beams at you and makes the moment perfect.


Why do you want to write a love letter and what do you want to achieve with it??

Do you want to save your relationship, make a declaration of love to your partner, or tell someone for the first time how you feel about them?? The more you know what you want your love letter to do, the more likely you are to find the right words.

You are aware of your feelings, but still don’t know how to start?

Start with a list and write down what you love and appreciate about the person. Is it the adorable smile, the unwavering support, or the unconditional love your sweetheart shows you every day? Have you fallen in love with the character, the great charisma or the special humor?? If you ask yourself these questions, then the first romantic thoughts will come to you.

What do you love about the person?

"I love it when you grin at me and the world revolves around us for a brief moment."
"I love your craziness and positive outlook on things"
"I love it when you whisper in my ear"."
"I love the way you say my name"
"I love it when my sweater smells like you."

What was the moment when you realized that you were in love??

"The first time I saw you, I never thought you’d mean so much to me!"
"The first time I saw you, I knew you were the one for me"."
"The first time we kissed, I was grinning so hard because I couldn’t believe my happiness"
"When I saw you, my heart clicked on "like""
"We happened before we knew what was happening"

Well, you have digressed in your thoughts?

If so, that’s great. If you’re ever going to write a declaration of love, you want it to be great and to do that you should know your feelings.

You now know better what you love and appreciate in the other person and what it was like when you fell in love with them. This will definitely help you in your writing.

And now get out of the thought world, the next point is really important.


Don’t start your letter with exuberant declarations of love, but rather explain what made you write to your beloved person, how you feel right now or what you are currently doing.

This not only makes it easier for you to get started and for the letter to flow well, but also makes it easier for the recipient to understand your feelings and not be taken by surprise by your declaration of love.

You could start your love letter like this:

"I have been struggling for days to finally write you how I feel about you. Even though I’m afraid of being disappointed, I’m now sitting in front of the blank sheet of paper and trying to express with my words just approximately how important you are to me!"


For some pure romance, for others bad kitsch. Try to avoid trite phrases like "no star in the universe shines as brightly and beautifully as you do", or use them only discreetly.

Such comparisons are not only very cheesy, but also exaggerations quickly become unbelievable.

Therefore, use your own words if possible and do not write too artificial, otherwise your letter will not seem authentic to your sweetheart.

Therefore, it is better to be a little more creative in your love lines, instead of just stringing together several love sayings. After all, your partner should feel personally addressed and not have the feeling that someone else is writing to him or her.


A romantic letter is half the battle, a beautiful and original packaging is the other half. Enhance your letter with a nice stationery and envelope and make it something special. You could also roll and seal your love text, that will give it even more meaning.

Or you send your declaration of love directly in a message in a bottle and provide a very big surprise.

You can also enclose chocolates, flowers and small gifts to make your loved one even happier. Below you will find many great examples and ideas on how you can enhance your love letter.


If you write over several pages, it can quickly happen that you repeat yourself. So concentrate on what you really want to say and try to formulate it as accurately as possible.

Even though you often have quite a lot to say, short love letters usually move us more because they get to the heart of love.


In your love letter, remind your sweetheart of the most beautiful moments you have shared together. To the most absurd things you have laughed about, or the most severe setbacks you have overcome together. Tell your sweetheart what you like about him.

By the way, you are especially happy about compliments of supposed weaknesses.

And finally, the most important thing: have courage! Don’t let your doubts dissuade you and just write away at it.

Don’t worry you can do it!

If you write over several pages, you may quickly find yourself repeating yourself. So concentrate on what you really want to say and try to formulate it as aptly as possible.

Even if you often have a lot to say, short love letters usually move us more, because they bring love to the point.

Writing a love letter that makes your heart race<3!

You want to convey your love message in a very special way?

You can even write your love message directly online and have it sent to your sweetheart.

Love letters for you

You want to write a love letter to your girlfriend? First things first: there is not much that can go wrong!

Why? Generally, women are more romantically inclined and love lines are very flattering to them. The most important thing is to be honest and authentic in your words.

Men often find it harder to find the right words for their feelings. The fact that you dare to write at all will surprise and delight your girlfriend!

If you have a hard time finding the right words to write a love letter to your girlfriend, go straight to the last point. You will like him!

Love letters for him

In your love letter to him, you should especially make sure that it is not too long and too cheesy. Men usually don’t handle gushy expressions of love very well, too many compliments can quickly make them uncomfortable.

So, how can you write a love letter to your boyfriend that will make him happy, touch him and go to his heart??

  • Don’t let your letter become too long, rather write short sweet love messages
  • Do not use corny phrases about love
  • Surprise him with an additional small gift

Even if most men often have difficulties to show their feelings, they are also happy to receive loving words from their loved ones. Just tell your boyfriend how much he means to you, what you are grateful for and how much you love him<3.

Your boyfriend or husband will be happy.

write a love letter

Write your love lines and send them directly to the person in your heart in this message in a bottle.

Love Letter Templates

We often find it hard to find the right words for our love for another person. Therefore, let our love letter templates inspire you, or rewrite them to suit you.

Love letter newly in love

You are head over heels in love and want to tell your new partner in writing how important he has become to you in a short time?

A letter is a very good way to express your feelings, because it is better than a conversation. In the initial phase of a new relationship, you should avoid pages and pages of love letters. Instead, write little love messages and surprise your new partner with sweet compliments.

Love letter template newly in love

"We’ve only known each other a few weeks, but I feel like I’ve known you forever. I know what makes you tick and you know what makes me tick. You’re everything I’ve always been looking for: If I take off, you bring me back to the ground, if I’m down, you pull me up. Your attitude and the way you look at things have changed me. To the positive. You are my better half, my laughter and happiness. I love you."

Love letter for the anniversary

It’s not just any date. It is your day. The day you met the most wonderful person in your life.

The anniversary is a good time to tell your loved one how happy you are with him/her and how much you love him/her.

For the anniversary you can also present your romantic love letter well together with flowers, chocolates, or other small gifts.

Love letter template anniversary

"812 days in which I enjoyed every single second with you. Whenever you look at me my heart beats like crazy. I couldn’t imagine my life without you anymore. Every day by your side is wonderful. I want to grow old together with you, wake up every morning and look into your bright eyes. I want to comfort you when you are feeling bad and help you achieve any goal you set for yourself. With you I’ll go to the end of the world."

"3 years ago today we kissed for the first time. Even then I knew you were the man of my dreams. You are my first thought when I wake up in the morning and the last before I go to sleep. My feelings are still so strong for you. For the anniversary I want you to know: I love you!"

love messages

For the anniversary, small vouchers for your partner are also a good idea. Get this and more love coupons right here.

Love letter for birthday

Happy Birthday my darling<3

A love letter for a birthday is basically no different from a classic love letter.

The only difference: you should not forget one thing in front of all the expressions of love, love texts and love sayings: The congratulations on the birthday.

Otherwise: Write what you feel like and make a special birthday surprise for your partner.

love letter for birthday

Send with this message in a bottle very special birthday greetings to your sweetheart / your loved one.

▶️ Check out the birthday bottle post here&&&

Love letter after breakup

You still believe in the great love and think that you should try it again with each other? With an honestly written love letter, you can explain yourself to your ex-partner and let him know how important he still is to you.

However, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Be open and honest in your letter!
  • Do not gloss over and glorify your past relationship
  • Don’t blame your ex partner. You won’t win him back with accusations and recriminations.

Rather, make it clear that you have reflected on your relationship and now have a different perspective on things. Tell your ex what you regret and will do better next time!

Make it clear to your ex-partner that he is still very dear to you and very important to you!

Love Letter Template Breakup

"You were my greatest happiness and all I needed. It hurts me immensely when I think about how our relationship fell apart. We had a different plan for our life after all. You and me. Together. Forever. Our relationship has been up and down, back and forth. And yet I’ve never been as happy in my life as I am with you. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you in those moments when you needed me. My thoughts are only about you. I want you to know how much you still mean to me: I love you more than anything!"

writing a love letter

Enhance your love letter

You make a lot of effort with your written love lines and that should also be seen.

Enhance your love letter with special details and make it extra special.

  • Spray your perfume on the letter to make it smell like you
  • Seal your letter with candle wax and a stamp
  • Choose a nice stationery and a great envelope on which you write down your words
  • Include a romantic picture of the two of you in your letter
  • Some find it tacky, others romantic: put a kissing mouth on your love letter with your lipstick
  • Add to your love letter other small gifts, such as chocolates, chocolate or jewelry.
  • Classic: Give your love letter with a bouquet of red roses
  • OR: Send your love lines directly by message in a bottle, on a paper ship or heart balloon

Romantic love letter writing made easy

You don’t have to write many pages to prove your love. Few, but honest words will rather touch your partner.

You can also write your love letter directly online and send it to your partner, for example, by bottle post or other loving favorite letters. And it’s as simple as that:

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