What can i use the live dialogs for??

… and bring all of your questions, concerns, problems, challenges, intentions, ideas, thoughts!

You can either lead a dialogue on your current topic yourself or participate and apply all the philosophical research to your current question, which sometimes works even better for many participants.

Insights are guaranteed in every case!


A connection that I have never felt in the form before!

The dialogues in the seminars and also online are touching and create a bond that I have never felt in this form before. They don’t just give you an answer – rather Patrizia and Stefan accompany you on a journey of discovery to yourself. You always stay in focus as a person!


The trainings and online coaching sessions were a journey to my core for me.

The trainings and online coaching sessions have been a journey to my core for me. It was totally crazy to get involved in it – the absolute madness – a real adventure and x-times better than a parachute jump, bungee jumping or any other extreme sport. I was given access to the virtual world within myself, with insane emotions, which then led to an enormous liberation of my self with the result of better managing my emotions and regaining clarity for myself and my life.


Really cool!

Both in the Stabilize program and as part of my Grow training, I got to enjoy numerous live ONLINE dialogues with Patrizia and Stefan. And I am always impressed by the quality of the dialogs I am allowed to experience. The same familiar intensity, ease, empathy and opportunities for breakthroughs and insights. Really cool!


On the Greenfield the knot has now been broken by the dialogues!

For years I did not get the financial results I wanted. I had a lot of insights, but didn’t get into action. On the Greenfield the knot has now been broken by the dialogues. I have finally found my "why" and am pursuing my goals with much greater ease and tenacity. I can recommend Greenfield without reservation. It also offers online and on-site first-class coaching for all those who still have something in mind.


"It is fascinating and enlightening to experience how Patrizia and Stefan
from an everyday question to a basic question
To show connections and thereby give you new options for action
enable. (Ingeniously) it also works wonderfully digitally!"


Through the dialogues I have learned to show other people their keys

No matter what questions I have about my private or professional life: At Greenfield I have learned to answer them. I am happy, successful and have the key for it in my hand. Through the dialogues I have learned to show other people their keys. I don’t know a more effective coaching method for further development and I wish for every person that they have the courage to meet themselves and others here.


Having tried therapy, I could not have imagined that one could achieve sustainable problem solving with a half-hour online conversation with two coaches. But this is so. I have experienced it myself.

Patrizia and Stefan, through their listening at different levels and few, surgically precise questions, very quickly got to the heart of the matter. And her images and explanations triggered so much in me, both intellectually and emotionally, that I was able to move on on my own afterwards and am still benefiting from the conversation months later. It was one of the best and most effective investments I have made in myself in recent years!

Date: Date follows
Time: 19:00 – 22:00
Where: Zoom Meeting online

Price: 49,00 €


Our coaching approach is based on philosophical research. By means of questions and dialogical exchange you gain profound, self-effective insights that open up new options for action and design for you. Simply put: We don’t chew your cud or reel off prefabricated content, but allow you to illuminate and think through your topic individually and personally. By asking unusual questions you recognize which identifications and beliefs determine and possibly limit your feelings and actions. Recognizing them enables you to lift the limitations to create new experiences for yourself and others.


A part of our method is also the emotional release and liberation. Often a reconciliation with others or with oneself is the missing piece of the puzzle to create new experiences in life. In the Lives there are also exercises and meditations that work on a spiritual level and support such processes quite easily.


Yes, our approach is philosophical. Which does not mean that you are "stuck" on theories. every insight leads to new projects. Which, by the way, does not mean that there is much to be done for sustainable change. Sometimes it is even exactly the opposite ;-)

Experience as a coach, trainer and educator

in the area of life coaching and business coaching

with participants


What can i use the live dialogs for??

Patrizia Voigtlander


Life is not a static state. I think it is an overpromise as a coach something like success, bliss or peace as a "finished" Promising results. I offer really good questions, exercises, interventions and images through which my participants can self-effectively create the state that is attractive to them. For some it is to relax more, for others to activate more and dare new things. Some want to get out of stress, some want to get into life. Some want to be less upset, others want to show up more.
The prerequisites for shaping your life in the desired direction are: CLARITY about where you want to go. CONSCIOUSNESS about what is still standing in your way to achieve this. REALIZATIONS for effective implementation. This is what I have in my coachings.

What can i use the live dialogs for??

Stefan Grosalski


For 30 years, personal development and discovering and opening up new spaces for possibilities have been important to me. As an economist, I have always attached importance to how a desired result can be achieved with the least possible input or input of resources. in the shortest possible time. I like to pass on the knowledge, insights and experience I gained during this time to other people. What is particularly important to me is the trusting encounter between people – no matter what area of life they are in.

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