Wellbeing how can i get my partner to do more sport??

Sport in the relationship

You want to enjoy more "quality time" completely without a smartphone with your partner? Give your relationship more momentum and variety and give a natural boost to libido? In this article you will learn how to get your partner to do more sports in the relationship.

In order to better understand motivation, it is useful to take a look at intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Heard once in school, most of us have probably almost forgotten it: These two terms describe why a person acts, or rather, why they behave in certain ways.

Do you know the feeling that you enjoy your work or a certain task?? Being motivated from "within, out of yourself" is exactly what it is called Intrinsic motivation .

No external influence is needed, such as a reward of money. In the long run, your goal is to get your partner or other person to enjoy going to the gym themselves. We can achieve this first of all by extrinsic motivation, from the outside, by means of rewards.

Now, before we get to the tips and tricks for doing more sports in your relationship, one thing is of high importance: don’t criticize, judge and complain! This does neither you nor your counterpart any good, no matter how justified, logical or sensible your criticism may seem.

About praise and recognition – through this you will succeed in getting your partner moving and standing by him lovingly! That’s what a relationship is always about: being happy with each other!

To lead the partner to more health, to want to do him good, is a dear and nice idea. However, keep in mind that it is someone else’s body and not everyone likes to be motivated from the outside.

Instead of doing something good for your partner, you can often upset him or her or even cause a heated argument.

The question "Would you like to do sports with me??" often comes like this: "Do you want to do sports with me?? Because you have become too fat for me".

This is never our goal! Be a sly one, use the tips and tricks that follow now, be respectful and loving.

How to support your partner

We always try to create a pull instead of pressure. Hand on heart: You can be motivated much better if you are attracted by something you like. Because we don’t want to be constantly told what negative things can happen if we don’t do this or that.

Tip 1: Reward

It sounds banal, but it is simple, easy to implement and it works. If your partner has been doing sports, has been especially active, reward him with a massage, a delicious meal or (especially effective for women) a new pair of sneakers.

Yes, the rewarded person might see through your ruse, but it still works and the probability that your partner will do sports again is incredibly high.

Tip 2: Sincere, honest recognition

Say all the positive things you have to acknowledge. You think your partner jogged especially fast, got up in the morning to do sports or signed up for a certain sports course? Tell him that!

Praise your boyfriend or girlfriend. Praise costs nothing, is quickly given and, if sincere, is incredibly effective. Everyone likes to be praised and no matter how small the praise is: it motivates to continue and stick with it.

Tip 3: Use a catcher!

But how do I get my partner to do sports in the first place?? Listen carefully to what your partner is saying to you. Sayings like "My back is killing me" or "I feel so tired and weak right now" can be used to get him or her to exercise.

You can use the statement "My back is killing me" to get him a voucher for a massage.

The therapist will tell your partner that exercising will help him manage his back pain. The statement of an "expert" always works better than that of the ignorant partner.

At the same time you are the super partner who got a massage. The important thing is to keep at it. Your partner will tell you about the massage and rave about how great it was.

Ask what the therapist said, where the pain comes from and react to it again. Tell your partner about a particular exercise you saw and try it out together!

"I feel so tired and flabby right now": You can always respond to statements like this with a counter-question. Ask your partner how to get a grip on this and how you can help him or her with this.

Quite often people know exactly what the problem is, for example eating too little, a bad diet and so on.

As soon as your counterpart responds to your question with "I know I should exercise more in the relationship or eat healthier," you can jump in and help your partner get more exercise.

Suggest that you help him with it, give him a hand and do some gymnastics or go jogging the very next day.

Tip 4: Pre-gymnastics

What you wish for your partner, you should live yourself in some way or practice for some time. What motivates your partner may not be right for you, but you can try to use it as a hook.

You know that your partner would like to go jogging, but you don’t like jogging at all?

My recommendation: go jogging alone a few times and then ask your partner if he wants to come along. Tell him about your jogging tips you read on the Internet, which are also suitable for beginners.

Invite your partner for a casual 15 to 20 minutes and you activate your partner already. Relationship always means compromising and also doing things you don’t like so much.

Find out what kind of sport in the relationship your partner might like and show him that you are willing to support him in it. Important: Be active! A gift certificate for a Zumba class is not enough on its own.

Tip 5: Time together

A partner is someone you enjoy spending time with. Try to bring the beautiful moments and moments together to the foreground.

Don’t focus on the sport, the sweaty exercises or the pain in your legs after 100 squats, but focus on the great time together when you go hiking for example.

The view, the great conversations you can have in the quiet nature, the delicious food at the picnic… And already you distract your partner from the actual ten kilometer hike with an incline.

If you already have a partner who occasionally exercises in the relationship or has actively said "I want to exercise more," then there are countless apps you can use to do partner workouts.

Tip 6: Atmosphere on the spot

For non-athletes the atmosphere is incredibly important. What people are there? You could make a fool of yourself? How strenuous it will be?

No matter how you want to get your partner to do more sports in the relationship: Make sure he feels comfortable. The first session does not have to be strenuous. It doesn’t have to be particularly effective either, it has to be fun and inspire you to do more!

Choose a place that your partner likes, where the music is good, where there are people and where the sports program is pleasant.


Everybody is motivated differently and has different reasons to do or not to do something. Sport in a relationship is something that should be fun: both alone and with a partner!

Wanting to help other people is a great thing. But don’t waste your time when your partner just doesn’t want to. Respect when your partner is happy and stand by him or her when he or she needs you.

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