Wedding invitations: how to pack your do’s and don’ts

What to write in the invitation card to the wedding?

Surely wedding invitations are a big topic in your wedding planning process. Their visual design is clearly a matter of taste and the possibilities are probably as varied as ever before. There are many cornerstones, which you should define for yourselves. This starts with the choice of the right paper, format, colors and, if necessary, other materials used (again, keep in mind your color concept as well as your motto!). A basic question that you should ask yourselves in terms of appearance and design: Do we want the Design your own wedding invitation or choose a professional design and have it printed? Here is also an enormous range possible and you will certainly find many ideas and trends around wedding cards on the Internet.

But I would rather wait for the Contents of your wedding invitations enter. There are many things to note here, and above all:

There are also some things you can do wrong. Either because you don’t consider certain aspects worth mentioning or because you don’t even think about making one or two points clear to your guests in advance. I would like to offer you a little help. You should tackle the invitations early, by the way.

Because only if you send your wedding cards in time, you can also give your guests the opportunity to imagine the day or the weekend. to keep the weekend free for your festivity. Vacations, for example, are often booked half a year or more in advance.

In order for you to be able to do this in time, you should have already clarified all the important key data for it. Not until the date is fixed, you have the location and the registry office or. you have booked the church, you can really go ‘outside’ with them.

There is an alternative, even if concrete dates, such as the sequence of events, are not yet clear: Send save-the-date cards to your guests in advance, So that they can note the date in the calendar. Only the date, place and occasion are noted here. Also, you should mention in it that the ‘real invitation’ will still follow.

Wedding invitations: What all goes into it?

First, of course, you need all the data of your big day for the invitation card to the wedding – all the obvious info that is relevant for the guests: Your names, the wedding date, the place of the wedding ceremony, the place of the celebration, rough cornerstones to the course of the day resp. of the weekend. In some cases, it is not the bride and groom themselves who invite the guests, but their respective parents. Typically, the main page of the invitation card will have an introductory sentence, something like this:

We are getting married and invite you to our wedding party.

Saturday, XX. Month 2019


Wedding service in the church St. Georg
followed by a reception at the Prinzregententheater


Dinner and wedding reception at the Prinzregententheater

We would be very happy if you all come to our wedding celebration

and spend an unforgettable day with us.

We ask for feedback until XX. Month 2019.

It is important that your guests can see the structure of the day or weekend at a glance. Say: When does it start? Are there breaks? When does the marriage begin? When does the celebration begin? Many bridal couples supplement the ‘hard facts’ with an emotional poem or a quote, but this is a matter of taste and not mandatory.

By the way: If the invitation says ‘Start at 3 p.m.’, then guests should be there about half an hour before, so that they can start relaxed and without rushing. Unfortunately, I see time and again that the guests arrive together with the bride for the wedding ceremony. This is just unsightly and actually the guests should wait for the bride. So my tip to all brides: Arrive five minutes later and do the. The point is not to make a statement, but to simply avoid exactly such situations. To all late guests: better wait until the procession into the church has been completed and the wedding ceremony has begun.

Most couples would say, "That’s enough, isn’t it?!". Well, the guests know with it, when and where they should find themselves. BUT: Today one informs beyond that still so some things. I call this part simply: ‘Good to know’. For example, the addresses of the church and the location for the wedding celebration are mentioned. Furthermore, especially for guests who have traveled far: information on possible hotels or. Pensions in the vicinity, if necessary including a contingent reservation.

Text for the wedding invitation: gifts and money

On the subject of ‘Mention of gifts or. Many couples are unsure about the ‘gift of money’ on the wedding invitation. I think this is part of it, because every guest who comes to your wedding wants to give you a present. And he would not like to be wrong with it. Therefore, rather be open and resolve the question marks in the heads of your guests, they will be grateful to you. However, please don’t write: ‘Gifts in kind should be avoided.’ Such a thing goes also nicer.

Ideas for a friendly sentence on the subject of gifts:

‘If you would like to give us a gift, we would be happy to receive a contribution for our honeymoon’or ‘So that the gift search does not become the agony, money is the very best choice.’

In the Internet you find each quantity further sayings to the topic money gifts, you become surely fast fundig.

Wedding invitations: how to pack your do's and don'ts

Caution: wedding invitation on the subject of children

A delicate thing are ‘children’ at the wedding reception. Again and again I am asked how to handle this topic. Basically, most bridal couples do not have children of their own and are a bit strict for their celebration. But it is also a fact that some guests surely already have children and can’t just leave them at home or don’t have a childcare option.

If you still do not want children, then I recommend mentioning this in the invitation right away. But not easy:‘No children write. This formulation is quite natural in other countries on the wedding invitation, but it also goes more elegant. Better that way: ‘Please understand that our wedding location unfortunately does not offer the possibility for childcare. Therefore, we kindly ask you not to bring your children.’ Keep in mind, however, that the consequence of this request could be that guests with children cancel.

Would you like to have the guests’ children at your wedding party, or z.B. only for the wedding ceremony and the reception, you should also explicitly note this on the invitation. If there are more than five children, I recommend a Professional child care with children’s program. Children are known to get bored quickly. In order to keep the "gang" well in check, I think it should be supervised. So the parents can also celebrate stress-free. An example sentence for this:

A wedding is a family celebration and therefore your children are welcome to attend the ceremony
and welcome to the reception. We have organized a child care in the time from X to X clock. Please let us know with the answer, how many children in which age come along, so that we can plan the care accordingly.’

Or here’s an example of that, when the kids get to party all day until the end:

‘A wedding is a family celebration and therefore your children are welcome too’. In order for the adults to celebrate, we have hired a caring and professional childcare team that will supervise your children in a separate part of the venue. Please let us know with the answer, how many children in which age come along, so that we can plan the supervised animation program and the sleep supervision accordingly.’

Wedding invitations: how to pack your do's and don'ts

Text invitations: And what else is important to you

Very crucial I find the topic dress code, you should mention this in any case. There are so many different ways and styles to dress for a wedding today, so you’re only helping your guests by writing something like ‘dress code: festive’ or ‘summer festive’. You are giving us some help, but of course it is not compulsory. It is important that you do not simply write ‘Dress the way you feel comfortable.’ This leaves too much room for interpretation. Like the word ‘dress code’ itself, English terms have become established for wardrobe, such as: ‘black tie’ in the evening or ‘cocktail’ in the afternoon. Smart casual’ is also common, for example at Sunday brunch or on the eve of the wedding. In Bavaria and Austria, it is also helpful if the desired ‘traditional costume’ is mentioned separately.

It is also recommended to Contact person including contact details for organizational issues to name. It coordinates, for example, speeches or contributions. Should you have no games o.a. If you do not want to have any games on the invitation cards, either mention it directly in the invitation or inform the groomsmen and family members about it. Because I think at a wedding should always respect the wishes of the bride and groom. Basically about speeches: a good speech should never last longer than five to ten minutes. From experience I can only say: brevity is the spice of life.

If there is a nightly shuttle service, please mention it on your invitation cards as well.

On the subject of acceptances and rejections: The Feedback should be available about eight weeks before your wedding. Only then can you continue with the detailed planning, such as the seating plan. Common abbreviations for this today are ‘RSVP’ (repondez s’il vous plaît) or u.A.w.g (a reply is requested).

If you use a reply postcard, experience shows that you should pre-frank it. A suggestion for the content of a reply postcard:

R SV P. until xx

Name hotel / pension

Yes! I come/we come very gladly.

Pity! I can/we unfortunately can not come.

If you want to have vegetarian food, please fill in the number: _____

Child(ren) name(s)& Age

So, now I wish you a lot of fun in formulating your wedding invitation. If you have any questions or if you are not sure if and how you should mention certain topics on the invitation card If you have any questions, I will be happy to help you. Also in all further questions of the wedding planning I am naturally gladly there for you!

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