Upper franconia: man gets basket and completely freaks out – hits head of woman against wall

in the early morning of Good Friday, a 35-year-old man from neustadt bei coburg went completely berserk. According to police, a spurned approach is behind it. As a result, there were several physical injuries.

Head smashed against the wall of a house

according to the police, the man, who is known to the police, made a pass at a 48-year-old woman – but after she did not respond to his advances any further, the 35-year-old grabbed her and smashed her head against the wall of a house.

The woman suffered a severely bleeding head wound and had to be treated as an outpatient in a hospital. Two friends of the victim wanted to help her and were therefore attacked themselves. The 35-year-old kicked one of the women in the stomach.

child in distress: pensioner slows down ambulance near coburg several times

He threw a beer bottle at the other woman, which fortunately missed its target, according to the police. Several police patrols called in eventually took the heavily intoxicated offender into custody. He now faces charges for several physical injury offenses.

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