Turn the car around please – how does it actually work?

Turn around by car: You can only perform this maneuver if the traffic situation allows it

Turn around with the car: You can only perform this maneuver if the traffic situation allows it.

Who once Driveway into the right street missed has, must sometimes the Turn the car around, to be able to achieve this again. A maneuver that wants to be learned, so that you and other Do not endanger road users unnecessarily.

That’s why turning with the car is also part of the Basic training in driving school, that every driver’s license candidate must master. In the driving lessons this process can practiced intensively and the Technology improved become.

Because: Even in the practical driving test with the car such a maneuver is often to be carried out. The inspector will then give you appropriate instructions. So that this does not become a reason to fail the test, we will explain to you in the following guidebook about the correct turning with the car on.

FAQ: Turning

Yes, in § 9 StVO is determined what must always be observed when turning.

Yes, if drivers endanger the vehicle when turning or cause an accident, this can result in a fine and a point.

That drivers should be attentive, is especially true when turning and turning. Here you can read which points are always important.

Thus the turning maneuver with the car succeeds

Turning from the car can be done on different ways be carried out. The most important thing is always to traffic in view to have. Only if it is Traffic situation allows, can be Turning maneuver started Are.

The easiest way for the driver to do this is to use a turning circle is available. This is usually so great that it is do not reverse at all and must be able to carry out the entire process driving forward.

If such a possibility is not given, the so-called Three-point turn to use. There proceed as follows:

  • Drive as far as possible to the right edge of the lane. Have reached this, ROLL you slowly to the front and turn the steering wheel to the left a.
  • Now, when turning, the car moves in an arc across the road. Before the car to the Curb on the opposite side of the road comes, brake you off and turn the steering wheel to the right a.
  • Drive now backwards, until the vehicle is in the correct position is located.
  • Is this reaches, the Turning with the car as completed be considered. Put the car in forward gear and continue straight ahead.
  • Important: During the entire turning maneuver you must always watch the traffic!

What does the StVO say about turning?

In the StVO it is described what to pay attention to when turning with the car

The StVO describes what to pay attention to when turning with the car.

In the Road traffic regulations (StVO) you will find all Rules for correct behavior while participating in road traffic. Turning by car is also mentioned in the text of the law.

There it says § 9 paragraph 5:

Anyone driving a vehicle must behave in such a way when turning into a property, when turning around and when reversing in addition to this, that there is no danger to other road users; if necessary, you must be instructed to do so.

Here is therefore once again explicitly states, that during the entire turning process a high attention and circumspection is required so that others are not endangered by it. This is also supported by the catalog of fines for turning bill.

There exists namely the Misdemeanor "When turning into a property, turning or reversing endangers another road user". This violation is punished with a Fine from 80 euros and a point in Flensburg sanctions.

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