Tsv neudrossenfeld dreams of the bayernliga

TSV Neudrossenfeld dreams of the Bayernliga

The relegation for a place in the Bayernliga North will take place on 21. April instead of. With the TSV Neutraubling an opponent is already certain. The third opponent is only on the 9. March solid. In question are TV 1860 Furth, SVE Strabbessenbach and TSV Ansbach.

TSV is weakened by replacements

The Neudrossenfeld women had to compete on the last match day in their home hall weakened by replacements. Besides the injured Sophie Meyer and Leonie Stocker, the middle blockers Julia Debski (privately prevented) and Katja Amstatter (ill) were also absent. Maresa Schleicher therefore had to step in at the middle position.
Nevertheless, TSV Neudrossenfeld got off to a good start against third-placed TB Weiden and won the first set 25-21.
The second set was also relatively even. Here Maresa Schleicher showed a good performance despite the unfamiliar position and could score in the block and attack. However, the Neudrossenfeld girls lost the decisive rallies at the end and had to admit defeat with 24:26.
In the further sets the TSV women made life difficult for themselves with many unnecessary mistakes. The Weiden girls were in the lead throughout the match. In addition, hardly any direct points were made on serve, which is usually one of the team’s strengths. The sets 3 and 4 therefore went with 25:22 resp. 25:20 to Weiden.

9:0 thanks to service series

Now they had to win against the last team VC Schwandorf to secure the 2nd place. Right at the start, the Neudrossenfeld girls were able to pull away with a 9:0 lead thanks to a service series by server Meike Schirmer. The Schwandorf girls, who were also short of replacements, did not have much to offer in the further course of the match either and gave up set 1 with 10:25.
The second movement was similarly clear. Theresa and Sophia Horeth in particular frequently scored with their attacking strokes. In the end, the score was 25:12, and TSV was only one set short of the runner-up spot.
However, the Neudrossenfeld women made it exciting once again, as Schwandorf was able to gain a five-point lead. The time-out by coach Milan Dornhofer at the score of 4:9 came at the right time. TSV managed to turn things around and regained the lead with Nicole Steeger on serve, which it never relinquished.
TSV Neudrossenfeld: Kristina Bohm, Meike Schirmer, Sophia Horeth, Theresa Horeth, Nicole Steeger, Nina Steeger, Maresa Schleicher, Leonie Stocker. N.S.

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