Travel to the usa when under 21

Your dream destination is the USA? And you are still under 21? Then you should follow some rules that will not only make your stay in the States easier, but will make it an unforgettable experience.

The United States of America has so many wonderful places to visit, so many great natural sights to see and so many exciting cities to visit that you can’t really go far wrong in your planning. Or?

Vacationing in the USA under 21 years of age?

In Germany and numerous other European countries, your at 18 already of age and can travel as an adult almost without restrictions and book both rental cars and accommodations. Things look a little different in the USA.

Rent a car in the USA when you are under 21?

In the U.S., the age of majority also begins at 18, and American teenagers can get their driver’s licenses at age 16. One Rent a car young Americans are not allowed to take beta-carotene until they are 21 or older. Book and ride for 25 years. The age regulation is handled differently in the states.

Even as a tourist you can only from the age of 21 book a rental car – and even then only for an extra charge (between 21 and 25 years). Two states make an exception here: in New York and in Michigan it is possible to rent a car even if you are under 21. You buy this luxury with an even higher surcharge.

The Alternative to the rental car? Long-distance bus or train are definitely attractive mobility options in the USA. With a dense network and high frequency. You should bring a little time with you on the long-distance bus lines – in return, the chances of meeting fellow travelers are good, and you experience the country firsthand.

Hotels with under 21 years in the USA book?

Monument Valley in Arizona

At Hotel reservations the magic age limit of 21 applies in many hotels in the USA. Under it often goes nothing. The main reason for this strict limit is the problematic behavior of many young Americans on vacation. As a result, many hotel chains that dominate the American market raised the minimum age for hotel bookings to 21 – because the costs for renovations and cleaning far exceeded the usual level.

But there is also an increase in hotel bookings Exceptions, especially in the most sought-after cities like New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami or Orlando. Since the booking conditions can change at any time, you should clarify just the question of the minimum age before booking clearly.

Alternatives to the hotel

If you are not yet 21, there are various others Accommodation alternatives. So you can switch to youth hostels, where 18 is sufficient as the check-in age. Youth hostels are especially common in major cities on the East and West coasts. Hostels are run by non-profit organizations. Your advantage: low prices. Their disadvantage: hardly any comfort, usually only beds in dormitories (bunk beds). A U.S. hostel is in no way comparable to a European hostel!

If you like it fancy, you look for an accommodation in a Monastery or also in a Guest house of a university or college, which are also open to travelers who do not have a relationship with one of the institutions.

Of course you can also play one of the countless Campgrounds in the USA and set up your tent or camper there. Anyone who has ever camped in a national park knows that our European understanding of nature and wilderness does not hold water in the U.S. Because there you share the nature under circumstances with bears, wolves, snakes or buffalos. Adventures guaranteed.

Alcohol at under 21 in the U.S

Also with the topic Alcohol you should inform yourselves in advance, the consumption is subject nevertheless to much stricter rules than with us. So, in principle, it is not allowed to drink alcohol in public. Alcohol consumption is generally prohibited for young people under the age of 21 – this also applies to private parties. But the purchase of alcoholic beverages is much more strictly regulated than in Germany – the protection of minors is taken very seriously at the cash registers.

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