Threshing like the ancestors

blessing of the brand-new portable fire engine, balmy summer evening by the lake, tasty drinks in the bar, culinary delights, gleaming oldtimer bulldogs, fun and games for the kids and historic threshing demonstration – all this is on offer at the summer festival with the seventh oldtimer bulldog meeting of the fierst volunteer fire department on saturday, 13., and on sunday, 14. july, in the small ebern district offered.

for weeks the members of the fierster association have been in the middle of preparations. Posters and flyers were handed out, planning and shopping was done, and the fire station was cleaned up.

Threshing as in the past

On thursday evening, helpers met in a field near the wind turbines to mow down the fresh barley, already ripe thanks to the summer temperatures, with a mower binder and bind it into sheaves. These sheaves will be used for the historic threshing demonstration on sunday, 14. July, required – then the grains are threshed from the ears of corn.

Huge fixed site

In the course of the coming week, there will still be a lot of small things to do before the village is once again transformed into a huge festival site and the festival weekend in Fierst can begin on Saturday.

The summer festival on 13. July will not start at 6 p.m., as initially planned, but already at 4 p.m. Then there will be a festive service in which the new portable fire engine, which the Fierst firefighting group was able to take delivery of at the beginning of may, will be blessed by the pastors Father Rudolf Theiler and Bernd Grosser.

Afterwards, there will be a marquee with the "habberglers and at nightfall, the fierster fire extinguishing pond shines in a very special light. In addition, there will be a bar in the specially converted timber-framed barn at the festival site, where a nice atmosphere, party mood and delicious drinks invite you to linger.

The children can let off steam in the bouncy castle. There will also be plenty of culinary delights on Saturday evening, especially potatoes cooked on site from the historic steaming column.

On Sunday, 14. July, it continues at 9 a.m. Then oldtimer tractors will arrive again from all directions and there will be a breakfast with white sausage. The historic steaming column will also be stoked up again. The tractor drivers can register until 12 noon. After lunch, at around 2 p.m., the tractor drivers will start the engines of their old vehicles and set off for the drive to ebern, before the tractor drivers will start the drive to ebern at around 3 p.m.30 o’clock the historical threshing demonstration will round off the program.

prizes beckon

As in the previous year, there will again be an award for the three groups with the most vehicles. New this year is a station with precision driving. Here, too, there are prizes to be won by the winners. Young and old can look at historic tractors and equipment all day long. It is possible to arrive on Saturday evening with a tractor and trailer.

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