The house angle spider: germany’s disgusting animal no. 1 comes back to the houses

  • House angle spider: harmless or dangerous?
  • In Europe there are 62 species the house angle spider
  • In autumn the spiders come into the houses and apartments
  • What to do when House angle spider in the room is?

The incomparable appearance of the House angle spider You probably won’t soon forget if you’ve ever had a particularly large one in your home. Typical for the spider are its long, mostly hairy legs, which make it particularly fast, and its relatively large size. The leg span of the largest species can be 10 centimeters. House angle spiders trigger strong emotions and reactions in some people – then there is a so-called arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. Arachnophobia is the most widespread specific fear in the world.

House angle spider in the apartment: why this also has positive sides

There are several theories as to why some people are so disgusted by house angle spiders. One reason is probably that the animals move quickly and silently MOVING AWAY.

They are found exclusively in the Darkness on the move and they can climb everywhere, for example into our beds or shoes. Just the thought of it makes some people’s hair stand on end.

The change in temperature, air and day length is driving home angle spiders right now in the Late summer and in Fall to our houses. Often encountered quite unexpectedly, such as behind a curtain or in the bathtub – or flitting all over the room. If one has overcome the first fright, one should the house angle spider by means of a glass, under which one simply slides a sheet of paper, and transports them outside.

Is the house angle spider dangerous?

The house angle spider is in contrast to other spiders completely harmless. If one is bitten, the bite is noticeable, but one will not suffer any damage. But a bite will only happen if the spider is irritated or cornered. The house angle spider is a Beneficial insect, because it eats annoying insects, such as mosquitoes. Their presence testifies good indoor climate.

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