Termination of training: sample and examples for trainees

Termination of apprenticeship: Sample and examples for trainees

You made a big mistake when selecting your training occupation? You simply do not enjoy the job, and you are not very talented either? Or do you have to deal with a choleric boss or bullying colleagues?? There are a number of reasons for trainees to terminate their training contract. But not all terminations are the same! Do you know in which case an ordinary termination is required? When you should better schedule a termination agreement, and under what circumstances termination without notice is possible? Here you can find all the information, including a sample, about termination during training!

You’re still thinking about whether you should terminate your apprenticeship? If you are undecided, here are a few tips on the subject: Should I really terminate the training? get!

Five ways to terminate your apprenticeship

As an apprentice, you have five options for terminating your apprenticeship contract! Each of these options is intended for very specific situations or stages of your training. If you are thinking about terminating your training, then find out which type of termination is right for you!

A termination before the start of the training relationship

When looking for a training position, you quickly write dozens of applications. If you want to be on the safe side, you should sign a training contract the first time you accept a position. But what if, just a few weeks later, you receive another offer from a company where you would much rather do your training?? This is not a problem, because you can also terminate a training relationship before it has even begun! However, it is important that this is done in writing! You can’t simply call a company and say that you have decided to take another apprenticeship after all! It is also important that you give as much notice as possible so that the company can quickly find a suitable replacement for you!

Sample: How to write a notice of termination before the start of the training relationship:

Dear Sir or Madam,

herewith I would like to terminate my contract with you on xx.xx.xxxx terminate the training contract with immediate effect. Because my professional interests have changed/ I have received another offer that suits me better/ I have decided to take up a course of studies/ etc. I do not want to accept the training position. I would like to thank you for the nice interview and the time and effort you have invested in me.

A notice of termination during the probationary period

The probationary period is for the training company and the trainee to get to know each other better and to find out whether everything fits. In the event that this should not be the case, trainees, as well as trainers, have the option of terminating the training relationship during the probationary period. The special thing about a termination during the probationary period is that you can terminate without notice without giving any reason.

Sample: Termination during the probationary period:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby terminate my employment contract with you on xx.xx.xxxx training relationship concluded during the probationary period, in accordance with §22 Abs. 1 Vocational Training Act, at xx.xx.xxxx.

Termination without notice or extraordinary termination

Sometimes training companies commit breaches of duty. These can be quite different. If, for example, the Youth Employment Protection Act or the Labor Act are violated. Also taboo during training: You are only given non-training activities, so that you do not learn your training occupation. Unpaid overtime, for which you have not received any time off in lieu, as well as the constant absence of your trainer entitle you to terminate your training contract without notice. Termination without notice means that the day on which you hand in your notice in writing is also your last day of work.

Sample termination without notice or extraordinary termination during training:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby terminate my training relationship without notice as of xx.xx.xxxx.

According to the Vocational Training Act§17, para. 3 Overtime must either be remunerated or compensated in free time. Since the beginning of my training, I have worked an average of x.xx hours per week. Until today I have never received any compensation, although I have pointed this out to you several times, most recently in a conversation on xx.xx.xxxx. Since the beginning of my training, I have already accumulated xx.xx hours of overtime. I am not willing to continue working unpaid overtime.

I do not want to accept this breach of duty on your part any longer and therefore give notice of termination without notice.

A proper or timely notice of termination

As soon as the probationary period has expired and there is no extraordinary reason for your wish to terminate your contract, you only have the option of writing a notice of termination in due form or with due notice. In this case, a legally prescribed period of notice must be observed. How long this is, you can read in your training contract, usually it is four weeks. You cannot use this form of termination if you want to stay in the same training occupation and continue your training in another company. In this case, your current training company can sue you for damages!

Sample: ordinary termination based on the trainee:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby terminate my training contract which I signed on xx.xx.xxxx concluded with you, in compliance with the contractually agreed notice period of x weeks as of xx.xx.xxxx.

I have decided to take a different career path / to start training in a different profession / etc.

I hope for your understanding and thank you for everything I was able to learn during my training with you.

A termination or dissolution agreement

This form of termination is only possible if your trainer or your training company also agrees to your termination! A termination agreement is decided jointly, and the trainer and trainee are free to negotiate whether or not a deadline must be met. This option for terminating a training relationship is particularly suitable in the event that you simply don’t get along with your colleagues or your boss, and would like to continue your training in another company. In this case the "separation" takes place namely mostly amicable and in the interest of both parties. You should only sign a cancellation or termination agreement if you already have a commitment from another company. Because it is on your part a "voluntary" termination termination, it could happen that you would not get unemployment benefits at first, only after a certain blocking period. We’ll show you a sample for writing such a contract right now. But because this is a legally complicated matter, we recommend that you write this contract together with your trainer!

Sample: This is how you set up a cancellation or termination agreement:

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