Termination of employment contract – how to write a timely written notice of termination?

Termination of work contract

A job change can have many reasons. Whether you have found a better paying job or family or local changes are behind it, a written notice of termination of the employment contract is irreplaceable. So, if you want to formally submit your resignation to your employer, you need an adequate letter of resignation to do so. However, to be on the safe side and to really terminate the employment contract correctly and effectively, you should pay attention to a few points, such as the right time, the method of transmission and the signature. Many people ask themselves, how do I do all this correctly??

How to write a timely written notice of cancellation and what rules of the game you must follow, you will learn in the next sections.

The form of termination

A letter of termination is not witchcraft. You hardly have to type any text and it is not particularly complicated either. On the contrary, convoluted sentences and fancy phrases are rather undesirable. The shorter and more precise, the better is a letter of notice.

According to paragraph 623 of the BGB (Civil Code), it is stipulated that it is essential to terminate the employment relationship in writing.

Verbally or by SMS, fax or e-mail is not possible. In the written sequence, you must then clearly state that you wish to terminate the employment relationship. "I don’t like the job anymore, I think I might want to quit" does not count towards this.
Clear formulations include, for example, "I hereby terminate my employment contract at the earliest possible date."

The deadlines of a notice of termination

If you are wondering how long your notice period is, a look at the employment contract will suffice. Here is recorded which period results. If there is no exact date, these are the legal deadlines. These state that the employment relationship must be terminated within four weeks before the 15th day of employment. You can give notice in one month or at the end of the month.

Please note that 4 weeks is 28 days and not one month. During the probationary period, the notice period is only 2 weeks.

The reason for termination

You have private reasons for the termination? No problem, because you don’t have to give a reason. It would nevertheless be gratifying if you approach your letter in a respectful and friendly tone so that all parties can part in peace.

At the end, the letter of termination must be signed by you personally with your full name.

It is also important to ensure that you have proof of the notice being sent. If you are not able to deliver the letter in person, at least have it acknowledged or send it by registered mail.

Subject line - Termination of employment contract

The subject line under the addresses should read "Notice of Termination" or "Notice of Termination of My Employment Contract

The structure of a written notice of termination in due time

At the very top of the so-called letterhead, you must include your full name as well as your address. The name and address of your employer should follow directly below. You are probably already familiar with this procedure from business letters. Please proofread everything, because typos or misspellings should not be there.

Since the date is extremely relevant, you must not forget it under any circumstances. The date of the termination letter can be found in the top right-hand corner. In the text itself, you then name another date, namely the date on which your employment contract ends (or choose the words "at the next possible date).

The subject line under the addresses should then read "Notice of termination" or "Notice of termination of my employment contract". When you start the letter, use the name of the person to whom the notice is going in the salutation. It is better to use the name of your boss instead of "Dear Sir or Madam". The personnel department may also be responsible for this. Finally, of course, the handwritten signature must not be missing. This must not be replaced by a typed name or by including a picture of your signature. A notice of termination without an original signature is sometimes considered invalid.

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