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Cricket and coin

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Summary from a comparative paper (class 8, Hamburg, 2002), which was very well done and can therefore be used as a template/example. Template text, table of contents and hints on possible difficulties in writing the table of contents.

  • 01.04.2009 (modified: 02.04.2017 )

Many students have encountered the following difficulties with the submitted text:

  • You described the situation by way of introduction, i.e. the visit of the Indian, instead of what it is about.
  • The sound was not immediately named as the chirping of the cricket, so the students ran the risk of retelling the narrative sequence.
  • Ün the final statement of the Indian, many people did not reach the generalizing statement of the text, so they did not draw an interpretive conclusion.

One work completely fulfilled all criteria. We therefore print them after the text to be reproduced. Wulff

Task: Summary of contents

Text template

The text serves as a template Frederic Hetmann, sound of the cricket – sound of the money. You can find a lot of information about this text on the web. In Google, type the author and the first terms of the text (z.B. hetmann grille eines tages indian reservation), link to a sample search on Bing, sample search on Google.

Summary of content

from S.P., Class 8c

This text is about proving that all people hear equally well.

An Indian visits his friend in town and is confused by the noise around them. The two friends are walking down the street and the red man hears a cricket chirping. However, the man from the city does not hear the cricket. He hears only the noise of the cars and concludes that the Indian was mistaken because it is much too loud to hear a chirp. In front of a house wall the Indian finds the cricket. Now the other one hears the chirping and says that Indian ears are better trained than those of a white man. The one who, in the opinion of the city man, has better hearing, disagrees and, to prove to his friend that this is not true, makes a test by throwing a 50 cent piece on the asphalt. Passers-by, even a few meters away, stop and turn to listen to the jingling, which is no louder than the chirping of a cricket. This proves to the white man that all people hear the same, but everyone hears only what he wants to hear and seems important to him.

This text shows me that most people are only interested in the material, not all the beautiful things of our planet.

Written as a class comparison paper on 8.5.2002


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to the article "Summary of content: template + good example".


To the article "Summary of content: template + good example".

  • #1

Just bad we do that in the 2 nms full many spelling mistakes!
A summary should be short.

wrote Leo on 10.12.2019

This is just bad and elementary school junk. Also, the introductory sentence is still missing title,author…and way too many spelling mistakes. Right noops. My brother does it in the third grades. Simply bad
(Fortnite is the best game in the world)

wrote Lukas on 16.05.2018

I think it’s good that you have your own opinion, but you have a lot of spelling mistakes yourself .

wrote Cassandra on 18.12.2016

In the introduction the place and time of action is missing! (If not stated in the original text, then I take back my statement)!
LG Alex :D

Alexander Strecker wrote on 20.04.2016

Well, I don’t think that this is the perfect synopsis, but a synopsis should be short, so at least this criterion has been met.

wrote MintMuffin on 06.02.2016

but you are right, I am also in the 7th grade of high school, that would be a 4 in my school

wrote ad on 13.12.2014

The point is just NOT that all people hear equally well! The text is meant to show us that everyone perceives sounds differently and pays special attention to what they have memorized as important.

freezybee wrote on 11.10.2014

You forgot a comma after ‘someone’ in the relative clause in the bottom line.

wrote freezybee on 11.10.2014

The revision (would be for elementary school kids only):

1. Introduction and title type, name, author (,time), very briefly what happens
2. Main part:
An Indian visits his friend in town and is confused by the noise around them. The two friends are walking down the street and the Indian hears a cricket chirping, but the friend does not. He hears only the noise of the cars and then decides the Indian is wrong because it is much too loud to hear a chirp. In front of a house wall the Indian finds the cricket, now the other also hears the chirping and thereupon says Indian ears are better trained than those of a city man. The one who, in his friend’s opinion, hears better, disagrees and, to prove to his friend that this is not true, makes a test by throwing a 50 cent piece on the asphalt. Passersby even a few feet away stop and turn around at the chirping, which is no louder than the chirping of a cricket. This proves to the white man that all people hear the same, but everyone hears only what he wants to hear and seems important to him.

wrote schulerpb on 26.02.2014

So this is way too short.With the introduction author is missing and perhaps bissl more write.Everything else much unimportant and not well explained.

wrote Sina on 14.02.2014

Well it is not that good.Introduction is way too short but everything else is not well done either.Short and sweet you have made it.But that is not correct.

wrote sina on 14.02.2014

here is my suggestion for a synopsis:
The text "Sound of the cricket – sound of money" is a short story by Frederic Hetmann, first published in 1971. Topic of the text is the different weighting of values in western societies and primitive peoples.

An Indian visits his white friend in the city. The two friends are walking together along a busy street when the Indian hears a cricket chirp. He asks his friend whether he also hears the chirping but this denies. Thereupon the red man shows the white man the cricket, which has hidden itself in a vine tendril. When the white man sees the cricket, he also hears its chirping. Now he makes the assumption that Indians have better hearing than whites do. The Indian denies this and backs up his claim with a proof. He drops a 50 cent piece to the ground. The noise that is produced is no louder than that of the cricket, and yet even passersby who are standing further away become aware of it. Thus the Indian proves to his friend that all people in the world hear equally well, but that people only perceive what they are used to paying attention to.

The author’s intention is to make the reader aware that every society has its own value system. In western societies, money and material things are given a much higher value than in primitive peoples, whose basic appreciation is directed towards the small peculiarities of nature.

The text appealed to me because it makes you think about different values.

wrote Timbuktu on 21.10.2013

I also agree that the introduction is way too short and the synopsis is not really well done either!

wrote tina on 19.10.2013

We read the story in 3. Class had.
I do not find them demanding. I am also in a high school (7. Class) and more is expected of us

wrote Peter on 17.10.2013

What goes . This is elementary school.
I am in the eighth grade, I think that you never need that in your life, but if you have to…:
1. where is the introduction/title/author/year of publication….
2.Main part 1 is too short
3.Main part 2 Quotations/external structure(meterusw…)
So sry if I say so but who puts please such a thing in the net . (noop]

wrote lol on 14.10.2013

To the comment 41:

This is not a real summary although it is from Wikipedia. There was too much tension built up and it’s more of a retelling than a synopsis. In addition, no dialogues are used in the table of contents. If you have to write dialogues in a summary, use indirect speech.

wrote BD on 05.10.2013

I think the content is too much and there are too many spelling mistakes. I agree with all of you but you have to have your own opinion at the end of the text and I know that I’m in 8th grade and I’m writing a paper about it on Monday . still ask then ask me soooooooooorrrrrrrrryyyy for my opinion but that misste now nommal mar be . :)

wrote muller on 04.10.2013

Och I find it quite Ok, you should have made more information like from blablabla amblablabla!

wrote Geilelic on 19.06.2013

In the story "Sound of the cricket – sound of the money" by Frederik Hetmann it is about the fact that everybody pays attention first of all to what is important and significant to them.
it is about an Indian and his white friend. Hetmann tells this short story about an Indian and his white friend in the he-form.

The Indian and the white man are walking down a street in a big, noisy city. When the Indian hears the chirping of a cricket, his friend does not believe him at first. But the Indian leads the white man without difficulty to the chirping cricket. The white friend then states that Indians would have better hearing. But the Indian teaches him better. He takes a coin and throws it on the street. It does not jingle louder than the cricket chirped before. All the white people nearby hear it.

So the Indian proved to the white man that it is not the volume of the sound that matters, but how much you are used to paying attention to something. Indians do not hear better than whites, but they live in and with nature, whereas whites are very keen on money and can therefore perceive the jingle of a coin even in the greatest noise.
This text shows me that most people in our country are only interested in the material and no longer for the beauty of our planet. I find this very sad. However, many Indians are still very much connected with nature. The white man (= our society) has unfortunately forgotten to treat nature with respect. Unfortunately, money and power play too important a role in our society. I think that is a pity.

wrote eldis on 12.06.2013

I think the story is not so bad. I do not know what your problem is!

wrote bilal on 25.05.2013

the title,the author,text type and the main message is missing…..And too many unnecessary things . the ending is not true at all. I would give it a 4. or worse. Luckily the main part is good, because otherwise it would be a 6 . This is completely bad. There is already better so from it you get but eye cancer.

wrote laura on 09.05.2013

So I find this text summary insufficient as a sample solution.
Therefore I try now simply times mine here to adjust.
I know that this is not perfect, but I would be pleased about improvement suggestions.

The short story "Sound of a Cricket – Sound of Money" by Frederic Hetmann is about the differences between the importance of an Indian and a white man.
An Indian man visits his white friend in town. While they are taking a walk, the stranger, contrary to his friend, claims to hear a cricket chirping. As proof, the Indian goes to a house wall and shows the cricket to the astonished white man. After a while he says that the hearing of the red man is better trained and that this is the reason for the hearing of the indian man. This one, however, proves his white friend wrong by throwing a 50 ct piece on the street. By the ringing of the coin on the ground immediately several persons become attentive to it. They bend down and look for the coin. On this the red one thinks that his hearing is not better than the white man’s, but that everyone hears well what he is accustomed to pay attention to.

I wrote this the way we did it in 8th grade. Class Gymnasium in Germany/Bavaria have learned. Our teacher does not want us to write a conclusion.

Suggestions for improvement would be nice.

wrote NL on 04.04.2013

So dear/love S.P. what you wrote is completely wrong this is not a short version. In a short story there must be an introduction, a main part and maybe a conclusion, but it is not necessary.
Introduction: In the (text type) of the (name of the author) of the on 23.3.2013 of the time was published it goes around that (content core)
Main part: write important sentences and in present tense.

This text according to the Austrian grading system I would give 4,5 because you have to keep the content on one track but someone dared to write and publish it

And spelling reform your grammar is bad and these are comments and not texts or reports.

I am also 7. I’m in the 2nd grade and I’m writing an assignment on friday and I think this is the summary of the content

wrote yolo on 10.03.2013

Well, the summary was really not good . Please scx better examples !

thank you dear website ;D

Julian wrote.ev. on 02.02.2013

Hi guys first time here and have a summary of the text "sound of the cricket – sound of money". It would be nice if you could grade it. :)

The story "Sound of the cricket – Sound of the money" by Frederic Hetmann is about an Indian who shows his white friend that all people hear equally well.

An Indian leaves the reservation to visit his white friend in town. There they walk through the streets until the Indian hears a noise and asks his friend if he hears the noise. His friend says he only hears the many cars honking and the many people. The Indian says he hears a chirp and uncovers a cricket hiding in a plant. His friend is surprised and answers after a while that indians have a better hearing. But the Indian retorts that all people have an equally good hearing by proving it. He throws a coin on the asphalt and people notice the jingle and says that the jingle is not louder than the chirp, but people still notice it. The reason is not that Indians have better hearing, but that everyone hears well what he pays attention to.

Please write out the mistakes and give suggestions for improvement!

wrote Schwertwal on 26.12.2012

1.The author is MISSING
2.Text type.
3.Title is even not there :((
4.About the release date I say nothing now (not known)
5.Content level is missing in the introduction
6.Meaning level is there but I don’t think it’s correct.
Main part:
I find the main part really a bit too long.
It also sounds a bit like a retelling.
It’s already right to give your own opinion (position statement. )
Nevertheless, I do not think that is the message of the text.
I also have the topic of content at the moment and find this example deficient.Please don’t be angry with me but this really has to be said.
This is really not a good example :(

wrote Timiiiii on 20.12.2012

Hey can you tell me what is a text reference thank you

wrote BABA2012 on 19.12.2012

omg.teachers hate it, when in the introduction<it’s about> or something like that.besides it is NOT a summary.which should be written, but a statement of all.soryy but i’m going to puke when i think about handing this in.i would give the text a grade 6.missing the point and too many mistakes.ciao,nina.

wrote #2012Nina on 16.12.2012

I am in the 7. but we always write first sense paragraphs and the author and stuff like that.But at the end you must not have your own opinion so this text is not soo good to learn :)

wrote Persephone on 23.11.2012

I agree with everyone, because I’m in 7th grade. Class high school and we write them differently.
This should be improved:

-Sentence links
-not so many details(less verbs)
-own formulation

I would redo the synopsis and first ;)

wrote ROFLboy on 21.11.2012

This is really funny. We got the same text from our teacher in school and then we had to improve the text summary! :)
Is perhaps yes really been put in for it?

wrote Karla on 15.10.2012

Heey I have also written a content statement would be nice if you tell me what I should improve !!

The story " The sound of the cricket " by Federic Hetmann is about an Indian who teaches his friend the white one that all people hear equally well.

When the Indian is with his friend the white man, he is totally confused by all the noise.
Docher hears a cricket chirping but the white one hears nothing
when the indian shows his friend the cricket he hears it too.
The reason the white guy gives is that the indians hear better, but the indian shows him something and drops a 50 cent coin.
Suddenly all white turn around and one picks up the money.The smoke was no louder than the cricket chirping.
The Indian shows his friend that everyone hears equally well, but everyone listens to what they are used to.


wrote lili on 26.09.2012

So I have no idea about such a content statement but I know even that one mentions the author in the title with us who this content statement best a 4- worth there one could be glad that such a thing is evaluated

wrote mehmet on 12.06.2012

I don’t want to say anything, but the author is written on it?
At the top is Frederic Hetmann.

wrote Realschule. on 19.05.2012

I find that half was missing.( We have this text also in my German book.)And in the text was always repeated hear
I mean still going.

wrote Kuschellbar 1 on 11.03.2012

I am just in the 8. I was in the third grade of a secondary school and had this short story as well. I myself find the story simple, but it also has a few difficulties with it. I think that the introduction, as I said before, is too short. (But I think everyone knows that now!) The main part is actually not so wrong, because it is not about how well a person can hear, but that nowadays one hears only what one wants to hear. You can definitely put your own opinion in the closing part, but you shouldn’t overdo it. (What hasn’t been done!)
so please do not exaggerate with your comments, the author is also only a man. And actually it’s also quite good that it’s not PERFECT, because otherwise everyone would probably copy it :-D

wrote selinaaaaaa on 16.11.2011

On an everyday trip, a 24-year-old is surprised that the train stays in a tunnel for an unusually long time, which he usually never notices very much. His restlessness grows, but the fellow passengers are not worried. The conductor also assures him that everything is fine.

The 24-year-old asks his way to the train driver. He can not explain the long tunnel. Together they fight their way to the locomotive. The driver’s cab is empty, the engineer jumped off after only five minutes. But the train driver stayed on board, out of a sense of responsibility for the passengers and because, as he says, "he has always lived without hope". The locomotive no longer obeys, the emergency brake does not work, and the train races faster and faster into the dark abyss.

"What are we going to do?" asks the train driver in despair. "Nothing," the 24-year-old replies to him, "without turning his face away from the deadly spectacle." "God let us fall, and so we rush towards him."

There you have now a table of contents . .

wrote Hans :D on 10.06.2011

I must say:
The TATT (theme,author,text type,title)is missing.
One does not break one’s own opinion.

I go to the 7. at a Gymnasium… there we would have got at least a 4- for the summary :down:

wrote JanausBerlin on 10.04.2011

i don’t like it because the author and the introduction are too short

wrote moin on 31.03.2011

I think it is unfair of the people who want to bash this writer. In any case, he dared to put something like this on the net . I personally would not dare .

I go from gymnasium 7 grade and we learned the table of contents almost the same ;-)

wrote Herself97 on 29.03.2011

i find this funny but also good .

wrote janine on 29.03.2011

Oh my god , that’s not a synopsis . Where is the introduction ? The author etc . ? :-S
In the text is superfluous – that must go out .
Revise the text again and put it out of the net ;-)

You have no real beginning the author is missing the year so only if you had one available
the end all superfluous!
and your own opinion nobody needs
but otherwise the rest is quite good
Luisa Sch. :P

wrote Luisa on 23.03.2011

I think it’s good only the author is missing otherwise it’s perfect we have this stupid topic and I never got to grips with the conclusion thank you for writing it tomorrow we’ll write it now I have a little help you can write some more love greetings misci w.

wrote mischi w. on 08.03.2011

you are not satisfied?
so i find the text good.

I find only also that there the title& the author is missing

I wrote on 02.03.2011

I also had to write a text summary last week.

As far as the preparations were concerned it also worked out quite well. Now it was very noisy in the class and I did a lot of things wrong. There was talking, noises were falling and even the teacher did not bring in silence…

I made a few mistakes in the content and also included some details that are too much for a summary.

What do you think?
Is this totally messed up now?

Thanks already and greetings

wrote student on 15.12.2010

So this story is something for 5.Graders and for 8th graders.Class much too simple!
Besides, this is not a real synopsis, because there is neither a proper introduction nor a conclusion. It is more like a retelling, because the main part is much too detailed!
Here is my tip for writing a summary:
-Always summarize texts SACHLICH.
-Divide the text into introduction, main part and conclusion.
-Formally, you make your outline clear by setting up sections
-In the introduction must be: Author, title, type of text, place and time of the action!
-In the main part you give the content factually and in your own words
-Always use the present tense.
-To express something premature, use the perfect tense!
-To reproduce verbatim quotes use indirect speech!
-At the end formulate your personal opinion!
-Write something about the possible intention of the author and don’t forget the "linguistic means"!

Next time it will be better!
Kind regards!

wrote C.B. on 14.12.2010

As many others have already said, the content is a bit too long and the author is missing. But it gives the most important information and also an own opinion, so this summary is not a complete mistake.

wrote Sebastian on 11.12.2010

WHAT SHOULD THIS? I mean this is so NOT ENOUGH. My teacher would ask me if I am mentally disturbed. The specification is short and your content specification is almost as long.
you have to learn a lot

wrote Unknown on 02.12.2010

I agree with the writer..
always the same thing is criticized.
all in all it is ok except that the beginning is not so good and the end is too much like your own opinion.

I wrote my own outline without reading yours first and it was pretty similar..

wrote student 9th grade on 25.11.2010

Many here wrote this summary is too short. I deny that, even though I don’t know it very well myself. I find this table of contents doesn’t really aim at the author’s intention (which was also my mistake), but more of a short retelling. I am not the student who learned a lot in his secondary school time but what some ”super-gymnastics” write here is big crap. A synopsis of almost two pages and that on a high school is just bad. I know that there are different lengths (depending on the text).
Length of a summary: In the FRONT is the SUMMARY of the essentials.

wrote Berufsschueler on 23.11.2010

i am a student at a gymnasium and i honestly say that if i were to write such a summary i would get at most an 8.

wrote ahmet on 20.11.2010

Please learn the german grammar first. It’s no wonder that you all hang out on this site, because if you don’t know capitalization, punctuation and spelling, you really need help. So first learn the basics and then you can bitch about other people’s summaries.
Greetings from someone who paid attention in elementary school

wrote Spelling Reform 2010 on 05.11.2010

don’t exaggerate, at least he was brave enough to write it, so pssst

wrote lola on 26.10.2010

I think the example is not very good 1. author 2 is missing.introduction is hardly present

wrote Kes Wendel on 19.10.2010

is this supposed to be the whole content statement ? i needed 1 1/2 pages for my synopsis .
so i come from a gymnasium in austria and we have learned the contents differently again that the author is missing is obvious but we have learned that in the final paragraph an own opinion is required as well as the reference of the text to the present day .

wrote mary on 13.10.2010

so unfortunately this is not the same as what we are going through right now .
it has a resemblance but not exactly the same because at the beginning we give the author and the name of the story .
I am now in the 8th grade of a secondary school .
but as a sample this is not a bad example !
I think the story is very short and the content is very long.
& I think a summary should be short, especially in such a short story ! ;-)

wrote a.g on 03.10.2010

hey girls, don’t you have any hobbies?? (to comments 1- at least 10 further I have not read because everything was always the same)
1. author is missing
2. too short
it is true but you don’t need to write ten thousand times that it is wrong. i think once is enough..
you are sooo primitive.

i come from a ninth class in hannover and we are taught quite differently..

Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, but I’m not sure about the universe yet. (Albert Einstein)

wrote ShadowStejo on 27.08.2010

I agree with your comments but most people here say "no one cares about your opinion" that’s not quite true on the contrary you can write your own opinion about the text in the conclusion so you can’t judge it as wrong

wrote bunyamin on 14.06.2010

Hello, this summary is very good.

wrote Gertrut Mala on 17.05.2010

This table of contents is almost a retelling . A very bad example !

wrote GHULL on 23.03.2010

completely off topic… this is a retelling and not a summary..
there must be much more "in a direct introduction the author describes…" or something like that there..

wrote Simon on 18.03.2010

so we have also written the summary, and I am currently attending the vocational school and we are doing a summary.. So the da steht I find not so appropriate, can someone send me a finished? Or something similar?
I would appreciate an answer!

wrote KruemlescHe* on 14.03.2010

Be careful not to use tapeworm sentences. You have four or five commas in one sentence and that’s too much. But that’s how you got the punctuation right. Also just stick to the facts. So the summary is okay. Just one more thing about the length: I would, if you leave out the unimportant stuff, make the whole synopsis a bit longer. You can write your own opinion, but you don’t have to. Rather the intention of the author.

wrote Lena on 17.01.2010

the story is summarized far too accurately and there is no conclusion

wrote pascal on 12.01.2010

yes so today we wrote about this text school assignment (in the 7. I think the text is perfectly fine but this summary is much too short!!
I completely agree with those below me. The introduction is much too short and the author, title is completely missing.And in the main part there are too many embellishments.

wrote Stern on 03.12.2009

Regarding comment #6
If you make three mistakes in a five-word sentence, you’d better stay out of it.
However, the introduction is really too vague.

wrote Meisterlehrer85 on 30.11.2009

i agree with the comments before me because the introduction was much too short and too inaccurate because the author is missing and much of the text was taken over.

conclusion: there is always a second time

write the content again and this time pay attention to the comments
I also visit a high school

wrote hamlet on 22.11.2009

i can only agree with the contributions
the story is quite nice but the author is missing and the introduction is too short.

wrote kingofpop on 05.11.2009

I am a student at a secondary school.
We’re practicing synopses right now.
I also got this text (in the 8 )
I must say that our summaries were better.

Where is the author.?
Too much of the text is taken over.
The conclusion is superfluous.
Nobody cares about his own opinion.
IMPORTANT is what the author means.

wrote Selina on 05.11.2009

I think the introduction is not soo well done, because the author and other details about the text ( z.B year of publication) are missing. However, the main part is good.

@ mustafa : You can make a short personal statement at the end part.

wrote frechengymi on 02.11.2009

1 artor is missing 2 Einlatung too short

wrote cagla on 28.10.2009

I completely agree with you, 1. author is missing
2.Introduction too short and naya too many unimportant things

wrote ayse on 18.10.2009

I find the introduction deficient because the author is missing in the text. The main part is good, but no one wants to know your own opinion.

wrote mustafa on 13.09.2009

I completely agree with the comments before me. First of all, the topic of the text is certainly not the hearing of a person, but rather the different views and differences of cultures or even the excessive appreciation of money.
Second, the introduction doesn’t even mention the title and author. The synopsis is far too detailed and this text is really not a challenging read for 8th graders.

I am also a student of a high school

wrote Krissu on 28.06.2009

So nothing against this text summary, but I am in the 7. This is a text for the 3rd grade of a Gymnasium in Bavaria and this text would be used in elementary school. The text is quite short and the text summary is too long in proportion ! Besides, the plot is very very simple to understand and also easy to summarize ! So please don’t be angry with me but if this synopsis is published on the internet because it meets all requirements, then almost all synopses of us in Bavaria should be published .

wrote schulerbayern on 05.05.2009

Be careful with the example. In my opinion it is much too bad to be published at all.
First of all a complete introduction is missing. The theme of the story is also not the hearing ability of the people. The synopsis is also way too detailed, it must remain factual, must not build tension.
The end is probably written by a nature lover and is completely inappropriate.

wrote cvdrei on 29.04.2009

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