Sudden weather turnaround: expert gives hope after extreme forecast

Horror forecasts for the "warmest winter ever" worried fans of the white Christmas so far. But now there are signs of a turnaround.

As every year in December, one question arises: How will the weather at Christmas?An expert gives a hopeful forecastThe stratospheric winds around the equator play a role here

Munich – Every year, millions of Germans hope and fear for the weather at Christmas. Does the fate give us snow or even powder snow to the celebration of the love? A good three weeks before the holidays Meteorologist Jan Schenk A forecast that gives us all hope: White Christmas 2019 is well within the realm of possibility.

Weather turnaround in Germany: Expert suddenly gives hope for a white Christmas

Although most would Weather services predict a much too warm December. Shortly after the middle of the month, about a week before Christmas, see the European climate model but a "clear cooling" for Central Europe Before that Christmas Day could even intensify. Responsible for this would be cold air from the east.

However, in order for the winds from the east to prevail, their counterparts, the West winds, weaken. These blow for about 13 months around the Equator. But in the course of Quasi-two-year swing they could soon turn in the opposite direction. The first signs of the incipient turnaround are already visible, the expert tells Focus.

Weather turnaround in Germany: onset of winter actually possible

Reverse the Stratospheric winds at theEquator around, then this apparently also affects the so-called Polar vortex which binds cold air around the polar region, the. This weakening then in turn increases the probability of Winter sets in in Asia, America and Europe.

Many young, but also older Germans hope for a white Christmas (symbol photo)

„But if you now ask how the weather will really be, you have to say seriously that nothing has been decided yet", limits expert Give it to a. It is only a matter of Probabilities – and they say at the moment: To 60 percent comes the onset of winter, to 40 percent he does not come.

A likely onset of winter – that still doesn’t mean the flakes will fall on Christmas Eve. But at least it would speak against the fact that we are heading for the warmest winter ever, as recently predicted by experts.

The weather of the next days: First sun, then colder

After the winter on first Advent weekend after an "average autumn" has brought the first snow, it will be sunny in the middle of the week, before a cold front should reach us again (all current developments in our weather ticker). That reports Weather expert Jorg Kachelmann on Twitter.

Invites the January 2020 to skiing? Whether we can expect snow or rain in the new year, you can read in the current weather ticker. After clear days, the weather in Germany is now about to turn around.

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