Social media marketing: how you can make money with instagram


Instagram is now one of the most popular social media platforms of all. The app was released in October 2010 and today boasts about one billion users. With this enormous reach, it makes sense to use Instagram as a marketing tool and to find ways to make money with Instagram Money earn can. At the same time, this opens up a new career opportunity.

stories of Influencers, who make their money with sponsored posts earn, there are many. But how exactly do you have to go about building a good profile on Instagram to boost your income?? Which legal aspects do you have to consider and how do you manage to make posting your main job??

Instagram’s recipe for success

Where many active users cavort, products can be marketed successfully. The popularity of Instagram and the associated reach of the platform, thus ensure that you can earn good money with Instagram.

Instagram’s immense popularity is largely due to its ease of use to thank. Whether young or old – new users usually understand the principle quickly. This is what the Clarity of the feed, in which the latest posts are displayed, as well as numerous easy-to-use functions that make the use of further apps, for example for image editing, almost superfluous. Photos can be transformed into stunning works with just a few clicks of the mouse, and your own profile on Instagram becomes a special photo album with images of your own design.

What is Instagram?

Instagram offers everyone the opportunity to connect with others and share their lives with people from all over the world. Private users can share impressions from their lives. Celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Lena Gercke use their Instagram profiles to update their fans quickly and easily.

Instagram for businesses

How you can make money with Instagram

Those who incorporate Instagram into their social media strategy have several ways to make money with it. Of course you need a certain Reach out. However, there are no actual figures that prove from how many followers an Instagram profile is financially worthwhile: you can start with 10.000 Instagram followers make money but also already with 1.000. In fact, there are now even many companies that tend to prefer smaller accounts to advertise there.

Instagram as an advertising channel

On Instagram there are several options to earn money with advertising. On the one hand, there is the possibility of Affiliate Marketing. In this method, you promote a company’s product by linking to it in a post on your Instagram profile. If users click on this link or even buy the product in the best case, you collect a commission.

Whether you’re a fashion blogger helping to sell a pair of boots or a travel blogger pointing your followers to hotels, there’s no limit to what you can do with affiliate marketing.

Another way to make money with Instagram, is this Product placement. Regardless of whether a product is clicked on or whether a sale is made, you will receive money for simply presenting a product on your account.

Whether affiliate marketing or product placement: It is important that the product to be marketed suits you and your account and that your post is therefore perceived by the user as a product credible is perceived.

Sell your own products

You can also sell your own products on Instagram through your posts and stories using the store feature. If you perhaps already run an online store, Instagram is the perfect complement. You simply upload your picture into a post or a Story high and can mark the corresponding products there and publish them without much effort. Posts tagged with a product show up in the user’s feed with a shopping bag icon in the corner. However, for this you need a Business profile. Private users cannot use these features. In addition, your merchandise must also comply with the merchant agreements and trade policies of Facebook, to which Instagram belongs.

Earn money with your photos

Photographers offers Instagram the perfect opportunity to share your work with the world. The market is highly competitive, but with high-quality images, the right strategy to attract users to you, and a little patience, you’re sure to make it via Instagram through the Sell your photos can earn some extra money.

In addition to classic posters, you can also offer them for printing on phone cases, pillows, greeting cards and many other physical products. For this we recommend the site, through which you can also have products delivered to Germany.



  • Business account and 4 sub accounts ? German IBAN and up to 4 additional sub-accounts for more efficient financial management.
  • 5 VISA cards and 5 users incl. ? Get additional banking logins and company cards for your co-founder(s), accountant(s) and/or employees.
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  • Complete DATEV integration and other accounting tools ? Synchronize your transactions and uploaded receipts with DATEV Unternehmen online, so that your tax advisor has direct access to your income and expenses.

How many followers do you need to make money with Instagram??

In fact, you don’t need that many Follower, as you might think. Besides the number of users who follow your profile on Instagram, other factors also play a role in how much money you can earn with your account:

  • In which niche you have established yourself and how easily your products can be integrated into your posts?
  • How active are your followers on Instagram? Buying Instagram followers or inactive followers won’t get you sales in the long run.
  • In which way do you want to advertise and which companies do you work with?

Meanwhile, there are many brands that rely on so-called Micro Influencers Set. Thus, Instagram accounts with a lower reach have quite good chances to earn money. Advertisers are primarily interested in how active your followers are. Companies want to engaged users, which ultimately also represent potential customers. So you can already start with a number of 3.000 to 10.000 followers earn between 56 and 112 euros per Instagram post.

What are Instagram bots?

Instagram bots act automated in your name on your Instagram account. These programs are able to, selfie posts to be liked and commented on. You follow or unfollow other accounts and can even write direct messages to your followers and other Instagram users. The goal of the bot is to make your Instagram account easier to work with. Whether it works, with the help of the bot your Simulate engagement in a believable way and actually getting your followers to interact depends on the quality of the bot.

How to convince with your Instagram profile

It only takes a few seconds to form an opinion about a particular brand. That’s why the first impression you make on Instagram is crucial to your success. There is no right or wrong when creating your profile. It is important that potential customers recognize brands quickly and easily and are encouraged to stay on your Instagram profile or visit your homepage.

A good description of your Instagram account should:

  • Tell something about you and your brand,
  • Appeal to your target audience and
  • a Relevant link Include to lead users to your homepage or point them to certain products to make a sale or click.

Last but not least, your Profile picture an important role. For Instagram accounts used for business, visitors should be able to recognize the brand at first glance from the Instagram profile picture. The easiest way is to use your logo as profile picture.

How to get started on Instagram?

To long-term success To achieve success with Instagram, it’s especially important to set small goals for yourself. If you set unrealistic goals right from the start, you will often fail and lose motivation in the long run. Instead, you should set your sights on things you can actually reach out to and control.

Instagram login: business or personal?

  • Build a loyal Community to attention for your brand.
  • Get the most out of your Instagram posts with your descriptions.
  • Engage your users – for example, ask them questions on a regular basis to increase their activity.
  • Set to Consistency, to stay present. Post regularly and repost on Instagram ensures that users remember you, and at the same time they know when to expect new content on your Instagram channel.
  • Create one Editorial plan For your overview of when and how often you want to publish posts.

An overview of selected Instagram features

Sharing photos and videos is not all that Instagram has to offer. Numerous other useful features help you shape your posts to get reach.

Hashtags: Capture terms tagged with a hashtag

Images or posts of similar categories together. To have like-minded people find your posts, even if they don’t follow you yet. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post.

Instagram Stories: Content that you don’t want to be available after 24 hours you can publish in Insta-Stories.

Instagram Zoom: This feature allows users to enlarge photos and videos in the feed and on profiles. Using Insta Zoom posts are simply pulled up with two fingers.

Instagram filters: Customize photos, videos, and stories in your Instagram posts using the Instagram filter and many others. These include for example

  • Text
  • Sticker
  • Gifs
  • Music
  • Hashtags
  • Location
  • Polls

Instagram stores: With the shopping feature, you can offer your products for sale directly in your posts and stories.


Business banking can also be simple

Do you have to register a business?

If you’re planning to earn regular income from your Instagram account, you’ll need to have a Register a business. It doesn’t matter whether you create your account or not full-time or part-time and how many followers you have. Exempt from the trade tax obligation are one-time cooperation. To avoid legal consequences, be sure to protect yourself in time.

The Registration with the trade office is quite uncomplicated: What documents, you need to make a Trade license You can find the application form on the homepage of the Trade Licensing Office. As a rule, you will also need your identity card in addition to the completed application form. Depending on the federal state, the trade license costs between 15 and 60 euros.

Last but not least, you must of course also indicate the name of your activity. Possible would be for example "Services on the Internet". Thus, you are not limited exclusively to advertising on Instagram, but you can also advertise on other platforms as desired, such as Facebook or YouTube earn money.

Note that as a business owner who makes a profit with Instagram, you are, of course, also liable, Income tax and Sales taxes to pay. The amount of income tax depends on your profits. Under certain circumstances you can Small business regulation and be exempt from paying sales tax on the purchase of the service. The prerequisite is that your turnover plus the tax on it in the previous calendar year 22.000 euros and has not exceeded 50 euros in the current calendar year.000 Euro is not expected to be exceeded.

It is important for you as an entrepreneur not to lose sight of your income and expenses. Penta’s online business account helps you to keep track of your business at all times.

Instagram as a career opportunity?

As in any profession, the same applies here: If you want to make good money with Instagram, you need time and patience. Set yourself small goals and review them regularly. If you find your strategy isn’t paying off, adjust your plan. Focus not only on your posts, but also on your Instagram profile and try to interact with your users. However, never forget that with the intention of making a profit, you also have legal obligations, which you should inform yourself about early on.

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