Sick pay: duration and amount of payment from the health insurance fund

A broken leg by a fall at work, tendinitis caused by incorrect hand posture in everyday office work, or a Herniated disc due to excessive strain on the back during heavy lifting – all of these can cause you to be incapacitated for work for more than six weeks and Sick pay must receive.

Short& short: Sick pay

Sick pay is a payment in lieu of remuneration from the health insurance fund. It amounts to between 70 percent of gross and 90 percent of net earnings.

Statutorily insured persons are entitled to sick pay if they are unfit for work and no longer receive continued payment (i.e. after six weeks of illness).

sickness benefit is paid for a maximum of 78 weeks within three years. Answers to other questions that employees often ask about sick pay can be found here.

Use the sick pay calculator!

Specific information on sick pay:

sick pay from when

From when sick pay is paid

When exactly is sick pay paid? In the guidebook you will find the answer.

sick pay calculator guide

Calculate sick pay

Here you can find out how to calculate sick pay and use the free sick pay calculator!

sick pay how long guide

How long sick pay is paid

Sick pay is usually limited by a maximum period of entitlement – details here.

Sickness benefit takes effect when the Employer can no longer be required to pay your salary. According to the law, sick pay is 70 percent of gross earnings and may not exceed 90 percent of net earnings amount.

Sick pay: When do you start getting the wage replacement benefit from your health insurance? In this guide you will learn more about it

Sick pay: When do you start getting the wage replacement benefit from your health insurer? In this guide you will learn more about.

What is sick pay actually? Who can receive it apply? Who pays it? When is sick pay paid? How much is it? What comes after sick pay? Are you then entitled to other Benefits? Learn more in our guide.

What is sickness benefit?

Sick pay: How long are you entitled to the payment?

Sick pay: How long are you entitled to the payment?

Sickness benefit is a payment in lieu of wages made by the statutory health insurance. The benefit is anchored in the Fifth Social Code (SGB V). Sickness benefit is paid when an insured person is sick due to a longer than six weeks is unable to work due to a prolonged illness or at the expense of the health insurance is treated as an inpatient.

Workers who are sick for up to six weeks at a time each year get their salary continues to be paid by the employer paid out until the health insurance fund pays the so-called sick pay to those who are unable to work as substitute benefit pays.

On the day on which the doctor determines your inability to work has determined, the entitlement to sickness benefit begins. In order for you to receive sickness benefit, your doctor must have without interruption certify sickness again. This must be done no later than the working day after the last certified end of incapacity for work. In this context Saturdays do not count as working days.

One overlapping sick days has been on sick leave since 1. January 2016 no longer necessary. The Act to Strengthen the Provision of Health Care ensured that in the future fewer people would lose their entitlement to sick pay because of formal error lose. However, you should still note that if your doctor treats you not retroactive can write sick.

When do you get sick pay?

In order for the health insurance company to pay sickness benefits, a person with health insurance must, because of an illness incapacitated for work its. The incapacity for work must be a insurance case act. This is the case if the insured person, due to his illness, is unable to perform his last no longer pursued the activity in question can.

In the case of the unemployed, incapacity for work is deemed to exist if they receive due to illness are no longer able to perform light work in a temporal extent for which they have made themselves available at the Jobcenter. It is irrelevant what activity the insured person was engaged in prior to the Unemployment has been pursued.

There is also a entitlement to sick pay vis-à-vis the health insurance fund if the incapacity for work is a consequence of an abortion which not illegal was, or a sickness necessitated Sterilization is.

Sickness benefit: After 6 weeks of continued payment from the employer, you will receive the benefit from the health insurance fund

Sick pay: After 6 weeks of continued payment from the employer, you will receive the benefit from the health insurance fund.

If you are treated as an inpatient in a hospital or a clinic at the expense of the health insurance company Precautionary or. Rehabilitation facility treats you, you are entitled to sick pay, even if not incapacitated for work are.

Employees who are not entitled to continued payment can only receive sickness benefit if they specify in an election declaration that their membership is to include the Entitlement to sick pay should include.

recipients of Unemployment benefit II (ALG 2) are not entitled to sickness benefit, unless they are insured for it due to another circumstance. During the Incapacity for work the Jobcenter continues to pay Hartz 4. Family members who do not suffer a loss of earnings in the event of incapacity for work also have are not entitled to sick pay.

If you have a sick pay claim for an entire calendar month, a statutory sick pay paid for 30 days. If it is a partial month, the sick pay is paid for the actual calendar days of the month. The sick pay from employer resp. continued payment of wages is made only for six weeks permanent incapacity for work.

The sickness benefit is then only paid by the health insurance fund for this period. But when is sick pay actually paid referred? In principle, the sick pay will be paid retroactively. After you have filled in and sent the application for sickness benefit, it usually takes only a few days, until the benefit is in the bank account.

How long is sick pay paid?

If you receive sickness benefit because of the same Illness get, this runs initially over a relatively long period of time. Within three years 78 weeks or. 19.5 months have been receiving sickness benefits from the health insurance fund for. The following applies not sick at a stretch must have been.

The periods are added up. It is important that the incapacity to work arose from the same disease and has not been cured so far. If you are already on sick leave, the Duration of benefits of sick pay is not extended. It remains 78 weeks.

78 weeks you get sick pay and what happens then?

78 weeks you get sick pay and what happens then?

During the first six weeks of Incapacity for work the entitlement to benefits is suspended because you continue to receive remuneration from your employer. In addition, the Sick pay claim even if you are receiving unemployment benefits or are on parental leave. Meanwhile you will receive accordingly no sickness benefit.

This shortens the Benefit period. After six weeks of continued payment, you will only receive sick pay for up to 72 weeks. Start of a new Three-year period and you have the same illness as before, your sickness benefit begins Entitlement to sick pay again.

How to apply for sick pay

In order to receive sick pay, you must no application provide. Your health insurance fund will automatically contact you to discuss how to proceed. At the end of the Continued payment of remuneration by your employer, the health insurance fund sends a Form for your certificate of earnings to your boss.

On this certificate you will find the note that for the receipt of sickness benefits a complete proof of the incapacity for work is required. Besides the Carbon copy For your records, you will also receive a copy for the employer and one for the health insurance. In order to be sure that the sickness certificate reaches the health insurance company, you should include it in a registered letter with advice of receipt send.

As soon as the health insurance fund has checked the certificate of incapacity for work, you will receive the sick pay. This is paid retroactively until the first day of incapacity for work paid. You should also inform your employer about your situation. Even if the latter is no longer obliged to continue payment of wages, he must know when you are again able to work are. If you receive ALG 1, the employment agency to inform.

When is an allowance paid in addition to sick pay?

Sickness benefit is paid by the health insurance fund to the insured person's account

Sick pay is paid out by the health insurance fund to the account of the insured person.

If you are an employee unfit for work fall ill, your employer must continue to pay your wages for six weeks. Subsequently, you have a Entitlement to sick pay. However, this is less than the continued payment of remuneration by the employer. For this reason, the Difference often compensated by the employer.

There is no legal basis for sick pay supplement. For this reason, many employment contracts, company agreements and collective bargaining agreements contain corresponding regulations, which provide for a Sick pay allowance ensure.

Depending on period of employment the sick pay allowance is granted for a few weeks up to a few months. However, this is determined in each contract or by the employer on a voluntary basis. In principle, the sickness benefit paid on, while you are receiving the allowance from your employer.

However, this may be paid together with the sick pay no more than 50 euros above the net pay previously received. In this case pay is subject to contributions and the entitlement to sick pay is suspended.

Can you calculate sick pay?

How much sick pay you are entitled to by law determined. It amounts in principle to at least 70 percent of the gross wage and not more than 90 percent of the net earnings. The lower of these amounts is reduced by the Employee’s share reduced contribution to the statutory social insurance. You will then receive the remaining amount as sick pay.

For this purpose ExampleHildegard Bergmann earns, according to her last pay slip, a total of 2500 Euro gross. Since it is in tax class 4, there remains a monthly net wage of 1630 euros. The calculation of sick pay is as follows:

monthly gross salary2500 Euro
monthly net salary 1630 Euro
70% of the gross salary 1750 Euro
90 % of the net salary 1467 euros
monthly sick pay gross 1467 Euro
minus. Share of pension insurance (9,35 %) 137,16 Euro
minus. share of unemployment insurance (1.5 %) 22 euros
minus. share of nursing care insurance (1.275 %) 18,70 Euro
supplement for childless persons (0,25 % of 80 % of gross salary) 5 Euro
monthly sickness benefit net 1294,14 Euro
Difference to net income 355,86 Euro

One-time payments such as Christmas or vacation pay will be taken into account in your favor when calculating. Should the employer pay supplement can pay this 355,86 Euro up to the previous net salary plus additional 50 euros without the Sick pay rests.

When the entitlement expires – What comes after sick pay?

Sick pay: What percentage of salary does the health insurance company pay out?

Sick pay: What percentage of your salary does the health insurance fund pay out??

If you continue to be insured after the 78. week of sick pay you are not fit for work, it could be that a disability is present. In this case, a claim for Reduced earning capacity pension exist.

At the latest three months before the expiration of sick pay, the Health insurance to apply for a pension for reduced earning capacity medical rehab to file a claim. It is checked whether the ability to work is thereby restored within three to six months can be restored.

However, if this is not expected, your application for rehab will be converted into an application for reduction in earning capacity pension converted. At the latest three months before the expiry of sick pay, you should report to the employment agency, because you have a Entitlement to ALG 1, as long as the German Pension Insurance is reviewing your claim.

FAQ: Questions that arise on the subject of sick pay

Do you also receive sick pay for your child?

In principle, parents who are entitled by their insurance to a Entitlement to sick pay also have a claim if they also receive insured child is ill and Supervision, care or nursing required. The same applies to stepchildren, grandchildren and foster children.

Thereby the child may eleven years at the most be old. In the case of handicapped children and children dependent on assistance, there is no age limit. Generally, however, a physician must certify that the child needs care, nurturing, or supervision. In addition no other person in the household live who can supervise, care for or look after the child.

Without time limit is the sickness benefit for parents, if the child suffers from an illness according to a medical certificate,

  • the is progressive (progressing) and has already reached an advanced stage.
  • for which a cure is ruled out and a palliative medical treatment is necessary or desired by one of the parents, and
  • which is only limited life expectancy expected to receive sick pay for weeks or a few.

According to § 45 para. 3 of the German Social Code, Book V, insured persons with a claim to sick pay for this period against their employer have an indispensable entitlement to unpaid leave of absence. This is the case unless there is an entitlement to paid time off for some other reason.

Sick pay and vacation: How can this be reconciled??

How is sick pay paid? Payment slips no longer exist

How sick pay is paid? Payment slips no longer exist.

Under certain conditions, sick persons may receive a receipt of sick pay travel.

Provided that the trip does not have a lasting effect on your recovery, the Vacation nothing in the way.

For example, if you have Injury to the leg, an active vacation in the mountains is out of the question.

However, if you are mentally ill, a vacation may well have a positive effect on your recovery. In principle, however, you should make sure that you no medical appointments miss and are accessible for the health insurance company.

If you want to take a vacation within Germany, you have to be reachable for your health insurance company only. With a Travel abroad you should inform in advance the Permission Obtain from your health insurance company. Otherwise Payment of sick pay are stopped during the trip.

In order for health insurance to approve your trip abroad, written confirmation from your doctor can be beneficial. This should show that the journey does not harm the recovery. You can submit an application in writing to the health insurance company. In it, you should elaborate on where you want the trip to go and what to do at the place of leave become.

Does the employer pay Christmas bonus despite sick pay?

For this purpose Legal situation not entirely clear. According to a ruling of the Rhineland-Palatinate Regional Labor Court dated 26.03.2010 [Az. 6 Sa 723/09] a long illness can lead to the fact that the Entitlement to Christmas bonus Completely omitted. In this case no special payments afford.

After a Ruling of the Frankfurt am Main Labor Court from the 11.08.1999 [Az. 7 Ca 1743/99] the employer is not allowed to simply reduce the Christmas bonus if the employee falls ill. It depends in each case, how the service is declared.

What is the impact of sick pay on pension insurance?

Do you get sick pay if you are unemployed? This is not the case if you receive ALG II

get sick pay if you are unemployed? In case of ALG-II-receipt this is not foreseen.

If you are receiving sick pay, your health insurance company will send this to the relevant Pension insurance provider reported. Then the pension contributions are transferred there. This is mainly to avoid disadvantages in Pension be avoided.

The contributions are not calculated from the payment amount of the sickness benefit but on the basis of a fictitious Assessment basis Starting from 80 percent of the pay, which is the basis of the benefit. Accordingly, one year Sick pay worth as much for your pension as 80 percent of the the previous year of employment.

Do short-term and non-permanent employees have a right to sick pay?

From the 1. January 2009 followed a change in sick pay. Non-permanent employees and Employees on fixed-term contracts for a maximum of ten weeks no longer have a right to sick pay. Unchanged, however, is the regulation on Continuation of payment by the employer.

The health insurance company does not pay sick pay: What do you do now?

If your child is sick and needs care, you can apply for sick pay

If your child is ill and needs care, you can apply for sick pay.

Basically, there can be despite Entitlement to sick pay I have the problem that the health insurance company refuses to pay sickness benefits.

This can be the case, for example, if the health insurance company of the Conviction is that you healthy again and are wrongly receiving sick pay.

In this case, a decision of the Hessian Social Court on 18 December 2009. October 2007 [Az. L 8 KR 228/06] that the sickness insurance fund has to be Evaluation not excluslIch on the opinion of the medical service can leave. Basically also need to interview the treating doctors as well as a medical examination. The payments without sufficient stop review the health insurance company may not.

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I have an urgent question about sick pay.
I was dismissed without notice a few months ago after seven years with my employer and was still on sick leave during that time and still am. When I was feeling better I started to look for a new job. As soon as one enters again a new employer-employee relationship one must inform the health insurance company. Now I wonder, however, how the salary works, because you get paid the first salary at the employer only at the end of the month.
That is, if then also the health insurance but contract no longer pays, how to pay his rent and come over the month?

I would be very happy if someone here can help me further.

Hello Rigoverto,
in case of money problems and debts you can contact a public debt counseling in your region. These advise mostly free of charge.

Your team of labor rights.en

I have been on sick leave since 3 September until 6 November. My KK told me something payment from 15 to 25 October. have this so completely but not understood, has somehow what to do with the issuance of the last KS this took place on 25 October. they could help me there?

Hello am pregnant 5te month so 22ssw and am already for over2 months in sick leave because I have very ubelkeiten and and this pregnancy very exhausting runs with me and until today me the [edit. v. d. Red.] paid normally and [edit. v. d. Red.] on 31.10.2018 I got only a part so 6 days paid out from [edit. v. d. Red.] 69€ and yesterday I was at the gkk inquire and she tells me that I from 07.10.2018 with health insurance and it is calculated with the sick leave whether everything is correct as the employer has announced it because still no money have received from the health insurance although end of the month it is how long will take assessment when I get paid money because I have to pay my bills ..have only 2months until I’m maternity leave then and draw weekly allowance until then the health insurance will probably pay out … lg

Have there times a question.
I am since 5.1.2017 unable to work, was discharged on 3.7.18 ausgesteuert, my employer does not want to implement me at work.
In 2017 Christmas bonus would be paid, this year he does not want to pay.
In the a.contract says in a special payment after 12 months of service (50% of the gross) as a christmas bonus paid.
Am I still entitled to this, I am still employed.

Thanks in advance

whether you are entitled to the Christmas bonus, a lawyer for labor law can certainly judge.

Your team of labor

Hello, I get sick pay since January 2018. That will be until ca. April or May 2019 paid. According to the doctors I will no longer be able to go to work, at most on a 450 euro basis. What happens when the sickness benefit expires?? The normal disability pension are 1150 euros minus 11 %. But that is too little if you still have 650 euros credit to pay with wife and 1 child 13 years.
The disease is also not recognized by the BG. My VDK adviser said something about job seekers report ?

I have been on sick leave since 30.09.2018 ill, which month is used as a basis for calculating sick pay.
August or September?
In mid-September there was a change of AG…ie two gross salaries, if the September is the basis for calculation, both salaries are taken into account or only the last?

Thanks in advance

Hello Petra,
please clarify these questions with your health insurance company.

Your team of labor

Good day
Need urgent short help.
The following
I have been working since 19.6.2009 in geriatric care for one and the same company.
I have been on sick leave since June 2016.Since March this year I was written by both the doctor and the employment office occupational disability for the job in nursing. I have been retraining for a new profession for 2 weeks now.However, I was NOT terminated until today ( Think out of fear because of the severance pay. The old employer also has no other use for me. Unfortunately, I rarely get an answer to my email.I have now asked on we should make a termination agreement, abe rauch no ANtwort. Yesterday I get an MAil .I can quit and then I will be paid my remaining vacation … I have normal in the YEAR 30 vacation days with us … How much is entitled to me if I quit now now ? From 2018 30? and what about 2017 and the rest of 2016? Can you tell me? And should I really quit or insist on a termination agreement?? What money do I get? MFG

whether the claims regarding the vacation still exist, a lawyer for labor law can judge. This can also advise you specifically on your situation.

Your team of labor

I receive since the 16.07.2018 sick pay from my health insurance, to 01.01.In 2019 I start a new job. If I am absent again due to illness, when do I have a new entitlement to sick pay?

if you are absent due to illness, you have after the expiry of the continued payment of wages from the employer again entitled to sick pay. But the maximum limit for three years must be respected.

Your team of labor rights.en

Have sent my sick leave in time (23.11.) but is only on 10.12. arrived at the health insurance and at the employer on time, the health insurance can refuse payment after objection ?
Where should I live ?

I am now since September 2017 sick leave, and meanwhile already receive sick pay.December with my doctor we had and decided to put the sick leave on 8 weeks, to avoid it that I find myself every month, with her to pick up the ticket.Am currently in inpatient preventative care for addiction issues. Does the health insurance company have the right to pay out the money only after 8 weeks, i.e. in February?? I mean I still have to be able to live off something.

Hello David,
You should contact your health insurance company directly.

Your team of labor

Hello, dear team,

I was on sick leave for 3 months because of a herniated disc. After the rehab I would now like to try to work.However I am not healthy…the question that comes to my mind; suppose after half a year I would be off again due to this illness… that then always again on the 78 weeks credited? If yes? What happens when the 78 weeks are exhausted??
Since I have four herniated discs, one can always cause problems…but I really want to work….and I will always try to get this done…but you never know and I’m tormented a bit of fears of future.
Thank you in advance

Norbert E. means

Hello team
I have a question. My doctor has been recommending that I take sick leave for several months because I am being extremely bullied. My question is how the sickness benefit is calculated if I have a company car, since this would increase the net salary by approx. 160€ reduced. Is it sensible to return the car and fuel card or can I continue to drive this as long as I am sick, but I myself do not really want more.
Thank you and best regards

I am since the 21.12.18 6weeks sick.The sick note is unfortunately only on 04.01.19 received by the health insurance.did not know about the 7 day period.the health insurance company refuses to pay in the period of 21.12 to 04.01. is this really correct? What can I do about it?
I have been with this health insurance company for 25 years and have always paid the highest contribution.was also until vorm a year hardly sick.there is not also with the health insurance companies something like kulanz?

thanks in advance

The first 6 weeks you had but wage continuation from the employer or not? Do I understand something wrong ? Were you at the 21.12 already 6weeks already at home or was the 21.12 the first sick day?

She is probably on 21.12 6 weeks sick.
So I think she means it.
I have exactly the same problem, can I do something if I have missed to give the messages??
Unfortunately I relied on my doctor, because the practice has always sent it to the KK?

Hello all,
I have been receiving sickness benefit since 18. November sick pay from health insurance. My employer sent me for the month of November still a statement with 0 €. I have now not received a statement for December. Does not the company normally still send a statement, despite 0 € wage ?

2. Point is that the employer has not paid me a cent of sick pay for the first 6 weeks, although he would have to. That is already with legal steps on the way.

as a rule, even with 0€ settlements, corresponding documents are sent, so that the proof remains gapless.

Your team of labor

am sick since March 2018 and that even until retirement on 1.03.2019. Now I have been called by an employee of the health insurance with the demand on evt. Vacation entitlements I would have yes possibly still and the vacation pay would probably be higher than the current sick pay. I told him that I first have to ask the employer about it. Now I should as soon as I know that report to him to discuss further.
That means as much as that my existing vacation entitlement to me, when leaving the company, is paid with the sick pay should be offset. Is this right?

Please give me an answer, this is very important for me.

Hello Norbert,
how the whole thing in this particular case, you should discuss with a lawyer for labor law. We are unfortunately not allowed to offer free legal advice.

Your team from Arbeitsrechte.en

I need your advice please. I had on 1.12.18 started a new employment relationship and am on the 8.01.19 sick leave. I was on 8.1.19 still at work and got the notice by the employer in the probationary period.

On the day of the dismissal my doctor wrote me sick because a severe depression was diagnosed.

Now the health insurance says it does not pay. Because I had been employed only 8 weeks and I should have been employed 10 weeks.

The health insurance company refers here to the SGB V § 44 Abs. 2 No. 3.

I don’t know how to go on and I’m really at the end, I cried all day today and have existential fears!

I am not entitled to unemployment benefits because I am not available to the labor market and if I could work again the unemployment benefits would not be enough to cover the most necessary costs. The sick pay on the other hand would be higher.

What do you say? Do I have a claim? Many thanks in advance.

The employer does not have to pay sick pay during this time ! It must be seperat an application to the kk
which fetches the certificate of earnings from the AG!
Is usually a tedious and long process!
The KK must pay you money nevertheless!

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I was from 7.11.2016 – until 22.3.18 sick because of 4 herniated discs that had to be operated and a tumor on the foot so I have used my 78 weeks of sick pay.
Have made the reintegration and was 8 months fit for work.
Now I am since 14.12.18 because of mental illness again sick you the health insurance does not pay sick pay because I was supposedly already sick because of this disease.
I have been advised to register with the employment agency so that I am financially secure.
Doesn’t it mean that after 6 months you are entitled to sick pay again because of new illness?.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I was on 19.10.2017, after the 6 weeks of sickness terminated by my employer, the 6 weeks he has paid!
Since I am continuously sick all the time, the health insurance company pays my sick pay.
now the health insurance company says I will only get sick pay until 17.04.2019 sick pay. Mathematically correct, but 05.01.2018 another disease was diagnosed and only the stand on the sick note.
if you calculate now you are right with the first illness and not with the new illness, after that I should get sick pay until July or at least until the end of 29-05.2019 ( if you count only 72 calendar weeks)
do not know it now so exactly..
they say 78 calendar weeks including the time where the boss is still paying,
but if a new illness is added, and only that is on the sick note, it is then from 05.01.2018 now still 72 calendar weeks or, then the health insurance would have to me nevertheless to 29.05.2019 pay money or?
one must announce oneself 3 months before unemployed, I had made that at that time immediately after the notice, despite sick report, whereby the good woman of the employment office said immediately, I should announce myself only again if I am healthy, since despite unemployment the health insurance company takes over the payment, naturally nobody says more, which one must announce oneself 3 months before healthy there, I do not know however how long I am still ill!
and now it would be crucial how long I still get sick pay before the employment office is responsible for me or will be.

actually only one question arises for me,
each illness is to be seen nevertheless for itself, if since January only the new illness stands on it and starting from there 72 weeks sick pay are to be paid by the health insurance company or?
and I would have to report now as soon as possible at the employment office, so that they know about it,
No matter whether I would then still be sick to get then at least my unemployment money or?

hope they can send me a short answer and thank me already times rechtherzlich

Good day.
My grandpa has been on sick leave since December 2018 and would still receive back pay from the health insurance company. However, the employer still has to fill out something for this, but refuses or pushes it further and further back, so that he has still not received anything until now. Is there any way to put pressure on the employer or are there deadlines that have to be met for certain documents??

Hello Sarah,
please contact the health insurance company and ask there. Also, you can contact a lawyer if there are any disputes with the employer. We do not offer legal advice.

Your team of labor

was now 14 weeks incl. Reintegration on HWS ill, how long do I have to work now to not come with the same clinical picture HWS in sick pay, but that the continued payment of wages begins again. Some say 6 mon. others 12 mon.
Mfg Karsten

Good day. I am since 6.11.18 in the KG- reference. To the 30.4.19 I now received the notice.wanted to report me unemployed yesterday. They recorded everything so far. Called the KK in my presence, u this assured me that I continue to receive KG, since my AU until 11.6.goes u afterwards I go to rehab. All sick leaves went without a gap a. the KK. I hope I really continue to receive KG?

my question is about the calculation of sick pay, I was already in sick pay before, but still took a new job and worked there for 2 weeks until I got sick again (the same illness), but at a lower monthly salary.
Is it okay from the KK, after the new job also automatically the salary of the 2 week job as a basis to choose or must the KK due to the shortness of the working time here also on the old remuneration of the previous employer orientate?

unfortunately we are not allowed to give legal advice. We recommend that you have the case examined by a lawyer.

Your team of labor

From 01.04.2019 to 14.04 sick leave . Then until 31.05 vacation. In addition, my employment ends on 31.05. The KK says if I am on 31.04 go to the doctor again everything is fine and I get my sick pay. However, I have a sickness gap aufund my vacation. What is now correct ?

Hello and good evening,
I need times help. I am since the 20.03.2018 sick leave, now the DAK has informed me that my sick pay expires at the beginning of July, which is not yet 78 weeks. Reason: an old diagnosis from 06.02.2017 which my doctor has written as a concomitant diagnosis to the main diagnosis. The main diagnosis is for the first time on 20.03.2018 have been put.
I should now try to appeal, but it has already been suggested to me that this would probably not be successful, it would all be legal, is that true? ?
Thanks in advance

please understand that we are not authorized to offer free legal advice. We recommend that you seek the advice and assistance of an employment lawyer for your plan.

Your team of labor

I true in the first 28 days 2 days sick leave, but the employment does not last 10 weeks. Therefore my question get money from somewhere? Employer says no and the health insurance also.

Yours sincerely

Hello Daniel,
the entitlement to continued payment of remuneration during incapacity for work arises according to § 3 para. 3 EntgFG "after four weeks of uninterrupted duration of the employment relationship".
For further questions please contact. to a lawyer.

Your team of labor rights.en

Hello, I have been on sick leave since September 18. Even got Christmas bonus in December 18, although the sick pay was already paid by the KK.
My question: must the AG now also pay the usual vacation pay in July??
Thank you for any feedback

Have been on sick leave 2 years ago for depression, got signed out after 18 months with the note that I am not eligible for sick pay again for 3 years with the same condition.

Does it make sense, in order to prevent, to change the health insurance to prevent a renewed risk of falling ill and then become destitute?

I am until 18.08.19 Sick leave, I was at my doctor’s office on 11.07.19 Now my health insurance company has told me that I can only work until 11.07.19 I get sick pay, because it is always the day of the determination that counts, and not how long one is sick. Ergo, I have since, the 11.07.19 no more money get.

Help help great need ,
I have been on sick leave for almost 16 months due to depression, but I am not eligible for dismissal (30 years with the state), employed in the public sector, I will continue to receive sick pay after 18 months?
Or who is then responsible for me ?
Thank you for your efforts and I remain
With kind regards

Dear labor rights team,

I was abruptly informed two weeks ago about the end of the sickness benefit entitlement (it is referred to the last three years) by the health insurance company. Neither has it been pointed out to me that I have a right to a medical rehab, nor was the three-month period respected. Of course, I can no longer report to the employment agency three months before the end of sick pay entitlement.
Could you give me a hint in which legal text (code and paragraphs) I can find these regulations? Would certainly help me a lot with my appeal.
For your efforts, I thank you in advance and remain,
with kind regards

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My health insurance AOK denied me my sick pay, I was sick until 18 written.9.2019 because of knee problems right cab and rental car . I then found a new job and started it on the 23rd.09.2019 started , but have had a day later severe pain am sideways when walking always weggeknickt sciatica ( nerves ) rear nerve root damaged and could not continue the newly acquired work am to the doctor of a referral to MRI and further to the medical center Wurzburg / Dr. Happy . There was with revealed a squeeze of the nerve tracts left as well as ‘pain means inject into the nerve canal for improvement . But these always last only 3-4 days . The AOK refuses me since this day my sick pay and refers me, it must be examined by the AOK Munich and since then nothing does itself more . I am held up with every phone call

In October last year I fell at my place of work. Because of this fall I got problems at the hand and had to be operated in May last year because of a strong arthrosis. The hand is now stiffened and I still receive sick pay until May.
Because of this operation and the strong discomfort I have now also got psychological problems.
My psychiatrist is now recommending that I continue to take sick leave.
How long will my sick pay continue?

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
I have a question:
My son is in training and since ca. 3,5 weeks sick leave. Also before that he was often ill. Unfortunately, he has repeatedly failed to send the AU certificates to the health insurance company. This he did last week in person. The employer has ordered a check at the health insurance and retains the wage during this time. Thus, my son has no money until the examination for sick pay is completed. Is the employer entitled to withhold wages for this period? ?
I hope for a quick answer and remain

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H. Book

Norbert R. means

Good day,
I got after a cardiological rehab for another 9 days sick pay from the health insurance company.
The AU ended on a Friday, from the following Monday I worked again.
From whom do I now get the money for the intervening weekend.
Both health insurance and employer refer to each other.
What does the legal situation say here?

Dear Sir or Madam,

so with me it is so at the moment I do not know what to do I am currently unable to work because of my herniated disc with me it goes for a long time min. two years I am already struggling with my pain I have a very good family doctor with whom I am also very well cared for and regularly examined by him I also got a medical certificate about my illness and its course that I have of course given my employer currently I am indeed in the work relationship but this back and forth makes me very much to create I know my KK pays me no more sick pay because they say I’m already paid out and would now continue to get my money from the employment office but that’s not true because there they also make it difficult for me and do not want to pay me any money so quickly whenever I called there they told me something else that takes me too long and I just do not know what to do next.Greetings ED

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I was until the 30.04.20 employed.
On 29.04.2020 I got sick and it started with a severe bladder infection and ended with a form of Crohn’s disease, which means having to go to the toilet in an uncontrolled and timely manner. I state this openly here to make the facts clear. Since I on 29.04.20 I could not go to the doctor without further ado and a holiday as well as WE lay in between, I am only on the 4.05.2020 by the doctor retroactively sick leave. In the meantime, I was registered with the employment agency and later deregistered, since I was sick. The health insurance company does not pay sick pay, because they say I was not insured on the day of the sick leave and for a sick pay directly on 29.04.20 have to go on sick leave. But it was absolutely not possible for me and to order an ambulance has not occurred to me, but I was told by telephone. After all, I could not control my walk to the toilet and it was not a matter of life and death. For May I have to pay money back to the employment agency and otherwise I have not received any benefits and sit on a mountain of debt. Is this all a haunting or should I go to social court like my doctor tells me to do. Personally I am frightened, since I have otherwise never needed anything from the health insurance, since I am rather a healthy person. Glad about your feedback.

Summary sick pay despite ALG1 interruption sick picture?
Health insurance company sees entitlement to sick pay exhausted:
Hello, I was on sick leave from 23.9.19 – 10.1.20 sick leave due to joint problems. Then from 11.1. – 10.2. in ALG1 u. from 11.2.20 – 24.4.21 sick again. During the last sick leave, the sick picture changed. On 25.2.20 I got heart problems (bradygraphy with pulse under 30) u. got on 26.2.20 implanted a pacemaker. My health insurance is now of the opinion that this is an additional illness u. therefore both times have to be combined u. thus my sick pay entitlement on 21.4.21 ends. Is that right?

Have received sick pay! I am then from 26.04 until 05.5. been working and was then from 06.05-12.05 sick again because of the same thing! It goes on then directly with sick pay ! The health insurance company now wants to have the statement from April for the calculation of the sick pay! Have in April to 26.4 Sick pay received and only 34 euros from the employer in the pay slip!
Can the health insurance company use April to calculate my sick pay?

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I am a severely disabled pensioner and work on 450.-€ basis in a Leipzig security company. I had to undergo an urgent stomach operation at the end of October’21, which was followed by 14 days of sick leave. On my following payroll I had to notice that sick leave was not taken into account. Due to my complaint to the employer, I got the answer: "You are not entitled to lost wages, because we pay according to the principle of absence. This means that if you were not scheduled in the duty roster, you also do not get any money".
I have a temporary employment contract and I am available to the company for the entire month if there is a lack of manpower. The duty schedule is very different. Either I am scheduled for the whole month or only for 12 hours or for 15. of the current month I first get a duty roster and / or all missing services are then made on demand.
I am of the opinion that I am entitled to continued payment of wages for sick leave because I am available as a worker for the entire month and for the entire year, which my employer makes good use of.
Can you please enlighten me if my way of thinking is right or wrong?
I look back on 49 years of work, but have never had such a situation.
Also, unfortunately I am not a customer of yours yet, as I just became aware of your website and would love to become a customer of yours.
I would be very pleased to receive a reply and remain hopeful.
With kind regards

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