Shuttle-run-test – with mp3

The procedure suits team athletes because they don’t run at a constant pace like in the Cooper test. The intervals are constantly shortening.

With MP3 to download, PDF evaluations and a lot of information

The shuttle run test is so popular because it can be performed with minimal effort and with large groups at the same time.

To perform it, all you need are cones, possibly a tape measure, an MP3 player, boom box or CD player and in return you get a relatively accurate VO2max (explanation below) of your team.

Many trainers have been doing the shuttle run test for years now. Players (oddly enough) enjoy this test and it is much more popular than the Cooper test.

Whether Beep test or Yo-Yo, in the meantime there are world-wide different names for the test and the execution varies.

The great advantage of the shuttle run test

The procedure suits team athletes, because they don’t run at a constant pace like in the Cooper test. The intervals shorten constantly, thus no endurance run takes place, with which the runner can divide its tempo. Because this can lead to wrong results, if the test person wrongly divides the running speed and thereby overestimates or underestimates itself. This is not possible with the shuttle run, the time and pace are predefined.

Shuttle run test in soccer

This is how the Shuttle-Run-Test works

There are many variants, so variations are possible. Maybe you know the procedures in detail differently. But this does not play a role in the evaluation.

1. Two lines are marked with cones, the lines are 20 meters apart. In front of the lines there is a 2 meter wide tolerance zone. We recommend to show them with floor markings to prevent later discussions.

2. Now we can start and play the Soccerdrills-Shuttle-Run.mp3 from. The run is done in intervals, the speed is increased constantly. At each sound signal the players should arrive at the other end of the 20 meter track. To find the right rhythm, someone should set the pace on the first lanes on the side. He must be able to do it of course.

Here is a small audio sample from the start phase of the test. After the start of the MP3, the players have enough time to take the starting positions and concentrate on the run:

Listen to MP3 Shuttle-Run-Test

Shuttle Run MP3 and PDFs

Here you can do the Soccerdrills shuttle run.Download full-length mp3 (ZIP):

3. If the runner reaches the end line before the signal sounds, he waits there and is not allowed to continue until the sound is heard.

4. If the runner has not reached the end line at the beep, he must continue to the end line and may only then change direction. He must then increase his speed in order to be on time again on the next lane.

5. The rectangles at the end of the lanes are for orientation so that there is no discussion. If the runner is not in the rectangle 3x at the acoustic signal, the run is over. These small rectangles are tolerance zones, nothing more. The end line must always be touched.

6. The run is also finished when the runner gives up.

7. The level reached and the number of lanes run in the level are recorded as the test result.

Hint: The shuttle run is a test, not a training exercise. Because of the high load the health condition of the runners must be known. This test is not suitable for children’s soccer.

Evaluations and info tables to download (PDF):

Simplified definition VO2max

VO2max is the amount of oxygen a person can take up and transport in the body under stress. A high VO2max value indicates a high endurance performance.

The determined value corresponds to the number of liters of oxygen that the body can absorb in one minute.

How could it be otherwise? If we look at it closely, this value gives an insufficient result. A comparison oxygen uptake capacity of the test persons with each other is so not possible. That’s why today mostly the relative VO2max is used for comparison. This value takes into account the body mass in the calculation. The result is then how many milliliters of oxygen per kilo of body weight can be absorbed in one minute.

So there are different values that determine the VO2max in the shuttle run test. If you are interested you can find more info on the net:

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