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You cannot smoke without a head. The head sits on top of the shisha and is probably the most essential accessory. Fill the shisha head with the tobacco that will be smoked afterwards. Depending on which head is used, the setup (the head construction) is sometimes easier and sometimes more difficult. The amount of tobacco needed also depends on the choice of the head. If you buy a Shisha, in most cases a standard or clay head is already included in the scope of delivery. It belongs to the basic equipment. But with the use of other tobacco heads you can still get a lot out of your hookah tobacco.

Each Shisha head type brings different advantages with itself. Each Shisha head has a different behavior in the points of taste of the tobacco and the smoke development. Shisha heads come in a wide variety of shapes and materials. We advise you and show you hookah head recommendations, so you can buy the right hookah head.

Which hookah head is best?

Answering the questions about the best hookah head seems almost impossible, yet there are of course some favorites in the hookah community. We present them in this article. While beginners are still content with a standard head to make the first head building attempts, there comes a point at which you want to look around for an upgrade. In the following we show that the differences between the individual heads can sometimes be very large. Nevertheless, we will try a shisha head comparison and explain the different types. Furthermore, in our shisha head test, we introduce three heads that we are happy to use and recommend.

Shisha head test – Our top 3 heads

In our small Shisha head test we have looked at some heads and tried to create a best list, with which one is always just always right. As you can clearly see, the Phunnels are now among the most popular shisha heads. Many would even say a phunnel is the best shisha head. No wonder that the single hole head is directly represented twice in our best lists.

HOOKAiN LitLip – our shisha head test winner

Hookain is known to many as a popular tobacco manufacturer, however, the manufacturer now has a decent repertoire of heads in the offer. Among them also the extremely popular Litlip Phunnel. The head is available at a good price and available in almost every shisha online store. All Hookain heads have a very nice glaze that "drips" along the shaft of the head. It is quite economical, as you only need 13 – 17 g of tobacco per smoking session here. Not only does it give you a flavorful smoking experience, but at the same time it uses less tobacco than other phunnels. In our shisha head test the Hookain Litlip is clearly the winner!

Oblako M – the popular Phunnel

For many, the Oblako M belongs to the first place of the hookah heads. For us it makes a close second place, as it is very often sold out and often offered by resellers at astronomical prices. There the reputation as the best head is also of no use if it is not available anywhere. Apart from that, we can recommend the Oblako M Phunnel 100%.

Each Oblako is handmade and therefore unique. The colorways are always different and available in numerous variants. Nevertheless, the head is not only a visual highlight, but also has a high-quality processing and a corresponding quality. The Russian-made Phunnel head distributes the heat perfectly to the tobacco. One of the best hookah heads for a pleasant smoking experience!

Shisha head

Hot Shot RT – the classic

The Hot Shot RT has long been one of the most popular shisha heads in the scene and combines the advantages of several types of heads. It has several holes and is the most likely to be a multi-hole head. However, these are attached to the side of the inside and thus provide a strong improvement. The tobacco does not clog the head and there is a continuous and even taste and draft. We can only recommend this shisha head. It can be smoked with aluminum foil or even a chimney top.

Shisha head

Shisha head types comparison

Turkish clay head

Shisha head

This type of shisha head is the classic badly. The usual entry level head. Made of fired clay, sturdy and durable. Clay conducts heat well and transfers it evenly to the tobacco over a long period of time. At the same time, it is very cheap to buy and can be used for a variety of setups. Almost all attachments fit on the popular clay heads. These standard heads usually have 5 holes at the bottom, which provide a good draft. In the meantime, however, this head is no longer often smoked, except by beginners. In the Shisha head comparison, it performs with a not so good placement. Even in a hookah head test, it would probably hardly stand a chance against other heads. Of course, many other heads are also made of clay, but the Turkish clay head is often just called a clay head and forms its own category.

Best to use with a tobacco screen, so no tobacco falls into the holes and clogs the head when smoking

Multi-hole heads

Multi-hole heads have, as the name suggests, several holes through which the smoke can enter the hookah. The classic clay head also belongs to the multi-hole heads, nevertheless we have mentioned it again separately, because it forms a subcategory, so to speak. The multi-hole head is probably the most common head type. Many multi-hole heads are additionally glazed, which are easier to clean. The classic Chinahead is also one of the multi-hole heads for shisha.

Phunnel head

The phunnel is also known as a single-hole head and owes its name to its appearance. In the middle of this hookah head is a hole with a raised rim. Currently it belongs in combination with a Smokebox resp. HMD probably the favorite setup of all shisha smokers. However, it can also be smoked quite classically with aluminum foil. The phunnel is a head that especially advanced shisha smokers appreciate. Particularly popular models are the Oblako M or also the Hookain Litlip. These two models are our shisha head recommendations.

The tobacco is placed around this hole in a kind of "trench", so neither tobacco nor molasses can get lost in the smoke column. In addition to the clear advantage that the hookah is not completely dirty and requires extensive cleaning, this offers other positive aspects. The draught can not be influenced in any way and is consistently good. So remain also the Taste intense and the smoke dense.

Phunnel – the popular hookah head?!

In the past, phunnels were tobacco swallowers, but now there are also phunnels like the Litlip that can be used for tobacco-saving smoking. However, it can be, especially with Phunnels with a strongly raised edge, that by the train when smoking Shisha to a suction of the aluminum foil comes. This can be prevented with a so-called mod. At the same time, the mod can also further improve the heat conduction. Many are of the opinion that the Phunnel is the best shisha head.

However, it may be, especially with phunnels with a strongly raised edge, that the aluminum foil is sucked by the train when smoking shisha. This can be prevented with a so-called mod. At the same time, the mod can also further improve heat conduction. In the shisha head comparison, the Phunnel comes off very well despite this small disadvantage. Especially if you use Smokebox instead of aluminum foil. Perfect draft and heat distribution guaranteed.

Single hole heads are top for long smoking sessions, Accordingly, however, the tobacco consumption of the Phunnels is also high. They are perfect for smoking in a large group and over a long period of time. Of course there are also smaller phunnels. However, you should always count on a tobacco consumption of about 15- 20 grams.

Phunnel heads are usually smoked with aluminum foil, but they are even more popular in combination with smokeboxes. To use a chimney top may not be possible, because phunnels are very large and the tops usually do not fit on the head.

Buy the best hookah head

So there is a whole range of different models. All with completely different advantages. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to buy the different shisha heads over time and build up your own selection. So you are perfectly equipped for every occasion.

Heat Management Device (HMD)

Shisha chimney head

A Heat Managment Devices is actually not a shisha head type, but an attachment for shisha heads. HMDs are any kind of attachments that are used for heat regulation are. It all started with the chimney pots. Meanwhile, the abbreviation HMD is almost synonymous with the Kaloud Lotus Smokebox. With them it is possible to control the heat regulation a lot better. However, there are also a variety of other manufacturers who offer much cheaper smokeboxes.

chimney top for Shishas

The chimney attachment, often just chimney or often just badcha (named after one of the first manufacturers of this type of attachment) is the perfect way for shisha beginners to have a super smoking experience. Meanwhile a chimney attachment belongs to the scope of delivery of each new Shisha. While many, especially beginners, have problems with the classic tinfoil head construction, with the chimney top really anyone can Build the perfect head. Usually the chimney top comes in a chimney head set together with a multi-hole head made of clay.

The chimney top consists of two components, an attachment with a long tube, which brings the actual chimney function and thus always the same distance between coal and head (or. also the tobacco) is guaranteed. Furthermore, it consists of a charcoal screen that can be placed on top of this attachment. The coals can be placed on them and pushed back and forth without any problems, for a perfect heat regulation.

Shisha head

Buy chimney top for easy smoking

For the perfect smoke enjoyment simply use the Tobacco loosely in the head give and a certain Safety distance to the edge hold it so that the tobacco does not touch the chimney top. That was it. Buy a fireplace attachment and never worry about the setup again.

Kaloud Lotus

The Kaloud Lotus is simply the premium product among the smokeboxes and convinces not only by the noble design, but also by the functionality. Meanwhile, the Kaloud Lotus is often used as a synonym for all smokeboxes.

What makes the Kaloud Lotus so special is that it also has a lid in addition to the charcoal tray. This has different openings and so the heat can be regulated very well. This system for the airflow is great to readjust the heat when needed.

With the Kaloud Lotus often 2 coals are enough, because the heat is stored in the smokebox and released to the tobacco and it can be so smoke longer. Most smokers prefer to smoke the Kaloud (and all other smokeboxes) without a lid. Since here even too much heat can be generated!


There are many other HMDs that are similar in construction to the Kaloud Lotus. Often you can find these Smokeboxes but cheaper buy. Smokeboxes are the successor of the chimney tops inpuncto setup. Each manufacturer has developed its own approach here. They differ in appearance and control of heat regulation, but they all end up having the identical effect. The smokeboxes are all slightly similar, of course, as they all serve the same purpose. In the end, you have to decide for yourself, which HMD bought. Depending on your budget, just buy a cheaper smokebox or the expensive Kaloud Lotus.

Smokebox Guide

Everything you need to know about the smokebox!

Shisha head

A tobacco screen is used to prevent the tobacco from falling from the head into the smoke column or even into the bowl. Also the holes can then not clog and the draft remains good. For this, the screen is placed in the shisha head before the head construction. Especially with multi-hole heads it makes sense to use a tobacco strainer so that the holes are not clogged up.

Unglazed heads like the classic tobacco head can get full of molasses after a while and would then have to be boiled out. Often this sucking up and giving away molassa is called "bleeding". However, it is also often the case that the heat distribution can be better with unglazed heads. Glazed heads are easier to clean and also remains rather tasteless, because he just can not perform with Molassge.

Heads with holes at the bottom are not suitable for smoking with vapor paste. For that one rather uses a phunnel. Here the vapor paste can be nicely smeared into the head and there is no danger of plugging a hole.

Fans of Dampsteinen should reach for a Vortex head or a Power Bowl. The stones are big enough, so that they usually do not block any holes. However, for heads with holes on the bottom, the molasses could run into the smoke column and make your shisha dirty. This will make cleaning the shisha easier for you afterwards.

Even though most shisha heads are made of fired clay, there are also shisha heads made of 100% glass. Especially with glass shishas or shishas with a clear bowl, a shisha glass head can look very good.

Happy to use shisha heads made of silicone together with hotboxes. They are quasi unbreakable by the material. Advantages of silicone heads: they are super easy to clean and no head gasket is needed.

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