Setting the breakfast table: this is how it’s done!

Beautiful tableware and everything that goes with a pretty table arrangement is our DAILY BUSINESS. At the table, we know our stuff. Here we show you what matters when setting the breakfast table. What are the centerpieces, the basics and the small, but fine specialties that make the first meal of the day so perfect?? Feel free to take a seat and read on.


Hello morning!

The breakfast table is the place where you give your partner, your kids or your roommates the first smile of the day. Celebrate this moment every morning again and make it really nice to do so!

We would like to start with you not from the front but from the middle, the heart of every breakfast place. It is the Breakfast plate. It belongs to the basics. Around it takes place the daily breakfast ritual, which is sometimes more, sometimes less lush and rich in offerings. Because we don’t need to fool you: A breakfast table on Monday morning looks different than one on Sunday morning. But more about that later. Back to the heart.

The 1 x 1 of positions

To the right and slightly above the breakfast plate, which is usually 22 cm in diameter, is the Coffee cup, Cappuccino cup or Teacup. This depends of course on the preferences. These always come accompanied by the appropriate Saucer. It serves Coffee or tea spoon as a tray and catch a drop or two before it soils the tablecloth or tabletop. Depending on what all there is to grease, fork or spoon, the appropriate cutlery items belong to it. The Fork is on the left of the plate, knife and Spoon on the right side. With the spoon to the right of the knife. Cover Juice- or Water glass this is on the left of the cup. Egg cup including the egg spoon are also placed above the plate. The napkin is usually to the left of the fork.

Everything that now comes along on the table belongs to the freestyle. Like sugar bowl and milk jug, fruit bowl and flower vase. These things are usually put on the table when guests are expected and breakfast is not abruptly ended by the approaching workday, but you can take plenty of time for it on the weekend.

Give each place a pretty frame


Placemats are ideal for setting the scene with loving attention to detail. They offer a pretty background for plates and cutlery, but also for glasses, cups, egg cups and napkins. They come in a wide variety of materials, like this one in fresh blue made of recycled leather from LindDNA. But also wickerwork and textiles are popular table companions. Play with colors. Not every placemat on the breakfast table has to look the same. Stay in the color scheme and combine a maximum of three shades. This creates excitement and radiates calm at the same time. The versatile breakfast treats already provide heaps of colorful dots on the table.

Start the day full of energy


The time between breakfast and lunch can be quite long. Treat yourself to a good portion of muesli with berries or other fruit in the morning – depending on the season, the choice is quite varied. Self-prepared muesli mixtures or ready-bought ones come spoonful by spoonful directly into the bowl at the table. The cereals keep you full for a long time and give you an energy boost to start the day.

Cereal bowls made of stoneware like here from the brand Bitz or from porcelain by Villeroy& Boch, Rosenthal and ASA Selection are available in various sizes and shapes. They can range from narrow and tall to wide and flat. If you’re a morning cereal fan, the cereal bowl is ready to be filled on your breakfast plate.

May it be a little more?

We mentioned at the beginning that a Monday morning breakfast table looks different than a Sunday morning one. This is simply because we take and leave much more time for this wonderful ritual at the weekend. We like to exchange ideas about the week, we don’t just skim the newspaper but read it carefully, and we drink more than just a cup of coffee before moving on to other things. For these soothing breakfast moments we also like to serve up a little more.

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