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Google Maps is a very handy tool for route planning. With some tricks you can get even more out of a trip and experience interesting things.

Google Maps is meanwhile one of the most used navigation systems. One of the great advantages of Google Maps is that there are no fees for using it. You pay at most with Disclosure of some data.

With a few tricks, you can get even more out of Google Maps and gain some interesting experiences when planning your next route. Requires the use of the Google Maps app for Android or iOS.

Tip 1: Download the map before you start

Google Maps also works offline. This is always advantageous if you move in remote areas where there is no internet connection. To download the map data you just have to search for a destination, select the needed map section and click on the corresponding download banner on the map. Attention: The larger the map area you want to download, the larger the storage space required, of course. Once the data is stored on your smartphone, you can then navigate even without an Internet connection.

Google Maps: Download map data

Tip 2: Use Google Street View and visit hotels and restaurants in advance

If you click on the name of the hotel or restaurant you are looking for on the map in Google Maps, with a little luck matching Street View tours will appear, provided by the owner or even by visitors. With this you can take a first tour before you arrive and check if you would feel comfortable there. And even if there is no tour for the desired destination, you might find impressions from the immediate surroundings. If there are suitable tours, Google Maps shows them in the corner of the map.

Tip 3: Discover where the locals dine

Google Maps provides interesting insights when you select "Discover" in the destination area from the main menu. Google Maps then shows a list of facilities, between which you can switch by tabs. This includes, for example, breakfast options, restaurants for lunch or cafes. Particularly attractive is the point "Where local people go". Many an insider tip could be hidden there.

Route planning with Google Maps: Where local people go

Tip 4: choose a scenic route

Google Maps offers several options that can be used to influence route planning. Because not always is the fastest route also the most beautiful. After entering the destination and clicking the blue navigation button at the bottom, you can adjust various settings via menu. Especially the omission of highways is interesting in this context. This lengthens the route in most cases, but increases the chance of getting beautiful impressions along the way.

Route options in Google Maps


Google Maps offers more than meets the eye. By combining it with additional information such as images from Google Streetview and the experiences of other users, the app can also be used very well for discovery purposes. Of course, this comes at a cost: Even if you don’t have to pay money to use Google Maps, you can at least expect Google to use the resulting data for its own purposes. All those who don’t mind this will find Google Maps an interesting alternative to other navigation systems.

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