Scorpio man – inconspicuous and attacking?

Scorpio man - inconspicuous and attacking?

Diplomacy is not his strength and also otherwise the Scorpio man is a sign of the zodiac of the extremes. This is already ensured by its ruler planet Pluto, named after the Roman god of the underworld.

He is the only sign of the zodiac that comes with a sting. However, as in nature, you recognize this only when it is too late and you have stepped on the Scorpio’s toes. Then he stabs. Like their desert-dwelling namesakes, scorpions are masters of inconspicuousness and camouflage.

They tend to introversion and do not like to be the center of attention. But that is already the end of their reserved qualities. Under his armor, the Scorpio is a very special person in the time between 24. October and the 22. November born Scorpio a fascinating bundle of the most different qualities, which pull other people fast into their spell.

The most important characteristics of the Scorpio man

From his preferred position in the background, the Scorpio has the best view of other people. In the twinkling of an eye he has them figured out and sometimes does not spare comments. However, uncompromising honesty is not everyone’s cup of tea – and already the Scorpio is perceived as hurtful. By the way, Scorpio-born people often feel the same way as in this example. All or nothing is their motto and so they often move on a fine line between passion and obsession, attention and control addiction, power hunger and powerlessness. Every strength they have can also turn into its negative opposite. Whoever messes with a Scorpio man should have good reasons for it, because as an opponent he is not to be taken lightly. The others are allowed to take prisoners.

The Scorpio man conquer

Just as inscrutable as he himself is, the Scorpio wishes his partner to be as well. Whoever wants to conquer him should show himself mysterious and unapproachable. How to arouse his interest. Scorpio men need a counterpart who can deal well with their distinctive emotional world and at the same time does not let themselves be driven up the wall by their often relentless openness. Whoever manages this balancing act will be rewarded with a faithful companion, with whom it will certainly never be boring. Love without fidelity is unthinkable for him and also the physical passion belongs for the Scorpio absolutely to a fulfilled relationship. Gladly also once wild and impetuous and with all corners and edges – just as it lies in his nature.

Scorpio man - inconspicuous and attacking?

And how is the Scorpio man as a partner?

Do you hate him or do you love him? The answer to this question about the Scorpio man is usually very quick and very definitive. Good for you, if you like his kind. Then you win one of the most passionate lovers the realm of the zodiac signs has to offer, because "all or nothing" is exactly his motto also in the area of love and intimacy. Once he has decided for you, his whole heart belongs to you – and he lets you feel it too. Scorpios are impetuous, passionate and imaginative lovers who carry their partners on their hands. However, as high demands as the Scorpio man makes on himself, he also demands from his counterpart. If he is betrayed or his heart is broken, his devotion quickly turns into its opposite. Then the scorpion unpacks his sting!

Zodiac Typology Men

The Scorpio man on the career

The Scorpio man is often found at work where he can make a difference. He loves the challenge and the fight and naturally trusts himself with top performances. Therefore, jobs that require courage, toughness and assertiveness are just right for him. Almost to the same extent, by the way, he is also interested in professions with a strong human side. Would there be anything better for the dedicated Scorpio than a job where he can reconcile both aspects? So do not be surprised if you meet him as an emergency surgeon in the emergency ward. But these professions also fit well with the characteristics of Scorpio men:

  • Lawyers/Attorneys
  • Security staff
  • Allg. medical professions
  • Biological and agricultural professions
  • Military/Federal Armed Forces

By the way, Scorpios also have no problem with quitting from now on and literally "putting a steep career on the file". If his heart is no longer one hundred percent in it, he prefers to pull the ripcord.

Men with Scorpio ascendant

Good and bad qualities of a person often come out in pure culture with the Scorpio ascendant. The results are almost archetypal behavioral traits, as they are known from mythological stories. The radiant hero or the diabolic villain are only the most famous variants. The constellation of Mars, the position of the ruler planet, in the horoscope proves to be very important. It strongly influences whether positive or negative aspects have the upper hand. Fortunately, people with Scorpio ascendant are also often interested in their mental and spiritual development and thus set their own impulses. Because as interesting and accurate as the study of horoscopes and zodiac signs is: in the end, everyone is the architect of his own fortune.

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