Schnapps number day 2.2.2022 experts: here’s why marriages with special wedding days are less likely to last

Experts: That's why marriages with special wedding anniversaries last less often

Many couples pay attention to some symbolism in the wedding date. Statistics show that this is not necessarily a good thing.

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The man should not forget the wedding day- that is probably a great wish of many spouses. To prevent this faux pas from happening, many couples get married on a special date- as the 2.2.2022 or the 22.2.2022. But tying the knot on a Schapszahl day doesn’t necessarily bring luck- on the contrary.

Klaus Holub, President of the Federal Association of German Registrars, confirms that people like to get married on special dates. „There is already more going on than usual", he explains. And this although February is actually not the classic wedding month. „And then the 2.2. even on a Wednesday. That it’s actually not necessarily the day that marriages happen.“

Reasons for getting married on the date of the liquor number

Why however nevertheless many couples marry gladly on a day with special date? On it knows Wolfgang Kruger, couple therapist and book author, the answer. He explains that there are two reasons why couples choose to marry on a special date. One is rather banal: "Women today are very sober: they choose such a wedding day so that men do not forget the day.“

On the other hand, a day with a schnapps number in the date has great symbolism for many. „One attributes a certain luck effect to it. (. ) This also corresponds to our attitude towards marriage, which is very symbolically charged.“ Kruger speaks of a "great production", üBut couples can forget the actual reason for the wedding.

„A wedding is the greatest drama, the greatest staging of our lives. Where to prepare exactly half a year before: What hairstyle does the bride wear? The bride then begins to lose weight. One has fixed speakers. And one does not only want to have a special place for it. Of course, this also includes a special day. That I have the feeling that everyone who comes says "Oh, that’s something very special".“ Marriage is thus enhanced, explains the psychotherapist from Berlin. „It may all be beautiful. But all this plays only an insignificant role as far as the quality of the marriage is concerned.“

Wedding on a special date: Marriages have a higher risk of divorce

In fact, in 2016, researchers at the University of Melbourne compared marriage and divorce records in the Netherlands over a 14-year period. They found that marriages performed on a special day had a significantly higher risk of divorce. The risk of a marriage falling apart was eleven percent higher if the wedding took place on Valentine’s Day. And failure was even 18 percent more likely if the would-be union took place on a day with a liquor number, such as the 9.9.1999 or just the 22.2.2022, was concluded. By the way, one should also be careful if the date has an ascending sequence of numbers, such as the 11.12.2013 – then the probability of failure was 13 percent higher.

For this Bremen couple, it all started with a botched gag

Wedding on 22.2.2022 For this Bremen couple, it all started with a botched gag

The February waits with popular dates for weddings on. Many Bremen couples want to get married on 22.2.Marriage in 2022. Kim Claudia Franke and Philipp Mahler are one of these couples – they tell their story.

Why is that? „So I believe that people marry then above all, to which it onEXTERNAL drauf depend, which attach importance to certain symbols", explains Kruger. The couple therapist knows but also: "Marriages are especially good if I have a more down-to-earth view of love. So if I know, that a relationship could also become difficult at times, if I have a certain good nature, a certain composure. And the people who marry, so to speak, who rely so much on these great symbols of love internally, ultimately lack the staying power and also the inner connection that I need in order to face crises.“

The meaning of the number two

In our particular case- 2.2.2022 respectively 22.2.2022- The number two, for example, also plays a role? In any case, in mathematics it is considered a "super perfect number". However, the two can also be quite different from super perfect.

Ina Prinz, director of the Arithmeum at the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics in Bonn, knows around the symbolic power of the number. „With all religions, which agreed on a single God, the two rather means a splitting off. It can be interpreted as discord or doubt.“ In other cultures, however, the number two can also stand for the exact opposite. In Persian literature, for example, there is a comparison for the two with a string of two threads, in which two opposites would unite again.

„Who on 22.2.22 marries, which has naturally the separating and on the other hand the connecting as element in the two that is certainly quite nice as a date", says Prinz. But math professor knows also: "It is important for people to find their way in the world. And there numbers play a very big role. And it has also always played a role to give numbers a meaning that goes beyond the actual numerical values.“

Couples therapist Kruger advises: "Get married on any day you like. And if Corona allows it: Invite many friends. Then marriages last much longer.“

Who marries nevertheless on a special date, does not have to count however necessarily on discord and divorce. Kruger himself married his wife on 17.7.2017 married- and the two are until today a happy married couple.

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