Save gas: tips for lower consumption.

With the help of our questions you can easily check to what extent your gas consumption is in the green zone, or if there is a need for action. In any case, we can help you save gas. With practical tips for your apartment or house.

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Small, medium or large?

To get an initial feeling for whether the amount of gas you are consuming is actually "too much" or not, it helps to first look at "typical" average consumption by apartment size – even though many other factors play a role, of course (more on the topic of calculating heating costs).

Save gas: Tips - How big is your home?

You consume more gas.

Your gas consumption is above the specified average? No worries. With our tips you will be able to reduce your consumption a good deal.
Continue with 2.

You consume less gas.

Congratulations, you are below average. But be sure to check out our general tips on how to save gas!
Continue with 6.

Oh, by the way: There is another way to determine the average value for your annual consumption: Multiply the square meter of your living space by 140 (without hot water) or by 160 kWh (with hot water). The result is the approximate annual consumption in kWh.

The latest of the new or in would aged?

Depending on how old the building you live in is, appropriate conclusions can be drawn about the state of insulation technology.

Save gas: Tips - When was built or renovated?

Built or renovated..

… before 1982.

Wow, it’s been a long time. You’re probably heating the neighborhood right along with it. Now it is time to renovate as soon as possible.
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… 1983 – 1995.

The insulation technology used is no longer up to date. Here it is worthwhile to at least think about a thorough renovation.
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… 1996 – 2003.

Good, yes. A few years have passed. Nevertheless, the installed technology is still reasonably up to date. But with our tips you can still save gas.
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… after 2004.

Great! The insulation technology of the house is up to date. Let’s see if we can still improve something on the inside!
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Master of the house? Or at least its good spirit?

As a homeowner, you can start right away by renovating the exterior of your building in order to be able to save gas permanently and efficiently. But even as a resident of a rented apartment, there are plenty of "gas-saving" options for you!

Save gas: Tips - How do you live?

You live in a rented apartment.

Your gas consumption is above the specified average value? Don’t worry. With our tips you will be able to reduce your consumption a good deal.
Continue with 2.

You live in your own home.

Dear homeowner: roll up your sleeves and get to work! Here are our tips for saving gas by taking measures inside the building. Continue with 5.

Save gas – with the right measures at Building.

You can easily save gas at home with one or two "mini-refurbishment" measures. Here come our tips for measures within the apartment. Installing a gas boiler of the latest technology is only one option here. By the way, did you know that you can rent a heater? It really works – with ENTEGA Warme komplett – heating installation, maintenance and repairs of your gas boiler included.

Save gas: Tips - Measures in the building

Apply window film!
It’s available at home improvement stores and avoids heat loss on old windows.

Improve window seals!
If the old seals are porous, put foam sealing tape over them or have them replaced.

Sheathing heating pipes!
Prevent heat loss by wrapping old pipes with plastic.

Install a modern gas boiler!
Saves about 29% gas compared to an old boiler. This is how you can easily save costs with a modern gas boiler.

Please also have a look at our general tips on how to save gas.
Continue with 6.

Save gas – with the right measures at Building.

Insulating an older building to the latest standards is the best way to save gas and heating costs. Here you can find an overview with the most reasonable measures at the building.

Save gas: Tips - measures on the building

Insulate roof!
Saves about 6 % gas.

Insulating glazing on windows!
Saves about 17% gas.

Insulate exterior facade!
Saves about 19% gas.

Insulate basement!
Saves about 6 % gas.

Perform thermography!
With the help of a thermal imaging camera, it is easy to identify the weak points on the house.

Check K funding!
When modernizing the heating system, there is a government subsidy for a gas heating system that meets the current standard. The K Bank offers subsidy programs for energy-efficient renovation or the purchase of a new, modern heating system. Installing a new heating system, cutting costs and saving energy is not as difficult as you might think.

Also take a look at how you can save gas by taking measures in the building. Continue with 4.

General tips for saving gas.

If your consumption is already below average or you have already worked through all the other measures: Here are more ideas to help you save even more gas in your everyday life!

Saving gas: Tips - General tips for saving gas

Turn down heating thermostats!
Saves about 6 % gas with every degree lower.

Shock ventilation instead of tilt ventilation!
Saves up to 200 € in heating costs per year.

Select temperature according to room use!
Not every room needs 20 degrees. For hallway and bedroom 18 or even 16 degrees are enough.

Keep radiators clear!
Concealed radiators consume about 15 % more energy.

Close doors!
Prevents warm air from escaping into cooler rooms.

Venting the heating system!
A vented heating system saves up to 15% energy.

Maintain heating!
A system checked once a year by a specialist saves 5% gas.

Conscious use of hot water!
Hot water also gets its heat from the gas heating system. Therefore: shower instead of full bath. Max. 10 minutes. Turn off water when soaping up.

One last tip: change your gas supplier!

You can even save gas by switching your gas supplier. Maybe not in the consumption itself, but very much in the form of the upcoming gas costs. Because they can vary significantly depending on the provider! Our tip: Simply compare gas prices – and while you’re at it: Make sure it is an eco gas tariff. In this way, everyone benefits: You yourself save money by finding a favorable gas tariff with the gas tariff comparison, and nature has the certainty that it is being treated with care.

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