Sauna wood – all types of wood with advantages and disadvantages for your own sauna

wood types for a home sauna

What wood is suitable for Sauna at home most suitable? Different types of wood bring different properties. Some woods are more, others less suitable for use in a sauna. In this article we will show you the respective advantages and shortcomings of the different types of wood in sauna construction.

sauna wood – all important information about the wood species at a glance

  • Wood must have certain properties
  • Different types of wood are often used for the body and interior lining
  • The individual types of wood each score points for their different properties
  • Domestic woods are cheaper due to short delivery routes
  • rare species of wood should not be used for sauna with respect to the environment

Which types of wood are used in sauna construction

Basically, when building saunas, wood species that are Do not resin too much, hardly splinter and provided with few knotholes are. These include the following woods in particular:

Only selected types of wood with the above qualities are is suitable for use in your own sauna. In expert circles such woods are also simply called sauna wood.

Sauna cabins in the favorable price segment as well as kits for the assembly at home consist in many cases of spruce wood Nordic spruce. It is occasionally also called Polar spruce designated. Natural way dried polar pine wood is also called Kelo. Nordic spruce is often used for the walls and ceiling of a sauna.

Another wood species that has been popular in the past is Canadian Hemlock fir. The wood is light, soft and therefore made for the sauna. Special feature of this type of wood is easy processing and the absence of resinous inclusions. Almost knotless is the Abachi wood, which manufacturers like to use for backrests and benches. Red cedar, aspen and the domestic fir are also commonly found in sauna construction. In the following sections, the different types of wood are presented in detail.

Nordic spruce respectively. Polar spruce for sauna construction

Preferred use of Nordic spruce is the Exterior cladding of a sauna. The structure of the wood is firm and uniform. The annual rings of this tree are extremely narrow. This results in a dense wood, which brings great weight. Spruce wood is uncomplicated to work with a plane and other tools because of the above qualities. The fibers are relatively straight and strong, but not too hard.

Reasons that speak for the purchase of a sauna from Nordic spruce

The Uniform structure is the reason why the polar spruce is ideal for decorative purposes in and outside the sauna cabin. It is often used for interior finishing and also for exterior cladding. The narrow annual rings and the consistently light color make the polar spruce the first choice. Also for constructive solutions the Nordic spruce is usable. Sauna manufacturers who have sauna cabins with high demands on aesthetics, durability and accuracy like to use this type of wood. The spruce wood is a thankful base for precise profile types to produce. The quality of a self-assembly sauna kit is correspondingly high – provided that the manufacturer has done a good (preliminary) job.

The quality of Nordic spruce is better compared to domestic spruce. The wood is on the one hand robustt and on the other hand fine-pored. Isolated, small ashlars spread a soothing atmosphere. In addition, Nordic spruce inexpensive in the acquisition. And the typical scent of spruce, which spreads unmistakably when you go to the sauna, provides the popular sauna feeling.

Important Tip: Nordic spruce is the very best choice. This applies to the price-performance ratio as well as to the design options and characteristics of the wood, which predestine it for sauna construction.

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