Rki publishes corona weekly report: warning to citizens

RKI weekly report: Corona numbers not falling fast enough

Rki publishes corona weekly report: warning to citizens

Wieler: Situation due to Omikron worsens also for vaccinated people

RKI chief Lothar Wieler expects omicron variant of coronavirus to become dominant in Germany, too. Wieler therefore once again urgently called for vaccination.

In view of the omicron wave, the RKI appeals to citizens in its new weekly report: measures should be followed.

All Corona measures must be maintained or even tightened: That is the conclusion of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) from its Weekly Report, which was published on Thursday. The number of reported new infections with the coronavirus has risen between 6 and 12 months. and 12. December by a total of 13 percent compared to the previous week, says the RKI report.

Against the background of the burden on intensive care units and the upcoming Omicron Wave writes the experts: "The current development continues to be very worrying, the number of serious illnesses and the Deaths will continue to increase and the available intensive care treatment capacities will be exceeded regionally."

And further the RKI writes: The maximum reduction of the Transmissions be necessary to slow down the expected spread of the omicron variant. "This is why everyone’s support is needed."

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RKI weekly report: concern about omicron variant

Although the proportion of positive samples tested has not increased further and is now at 20.9 percent (previous week: 21.0 percent). However, despite this development, very High number of cases recorded, the burden of the Intensive care units remain high.

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The RKI registered an increase in the number of detected infections with the omicron variant of the Coronavirus. Up to 14. December are according to 112 cases of the worrying variant about a Genome sequencing detected. In 213 other cases, there is a risk of infection due to a specific PCR tests the suspicion of it. There are already first outbreaks.

Corona: Stay at home if you have symptoms

Until the 7. December, there had been 28 confirmed infections with the omicron variant. In terms of the total number of infections, however, the variant still hardly plays a role in Germany: virtually all infections are currently still caused by the delta variant, writes the RKI.

The institute appeals that "every citizen should implement all of the following measures, if possible" Should. These include: Staying home if you have symptoms such as a cold, sore throat or cough – regardless of vaccination status – and contacting your primary care physician’s office by phone to have a PCR test performed.

"In principle, all unnecessary contacts should be reduced and travel avoided. Unless contacts can be avoided, masks should be worn, minimum distances maintained and hygiene observed", it says further in the report. (dpa/les)

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