Rattelsdorf school building becomes more modern

"The school location is close to our hearts", said mayor Bruno Kellner (VU) in the meeting of the market town council and reminded that it succeeded in 2007 with the concept "Flexmo" the main and middle school respectively. "We agreed that the school renovation should be tackled", stressed waiter.

Thereupon numerous preliminary discussions took place and the government of Upper Franconia communicated the space need for the general reorganization of the primary and middle school. The architectural office Paptistella was commissioned with the basic evaluation. At the beginning of March, the school management announced that the number of students was declining. From the school board and the government of Upper Franconia came the devastating news that in the near future there will be only one elementary school in the village. In this context, a bound all-day school was considered, with the result that there would be no competition with the well-functioning lunchtime supervision of the "Itz Kids" should give.

Principal Rudolf Hennemann described the situation from the point of view of the school management. Starting from two abstract room plans, the considerations in the meantime were that in addition to the renovation of the elementary school, two classes should also be renovated for a reduced middle school with grades five and six. Specialty rooms would not be needed then. "Then the status of the middle school will not be lost, stressed the Konrektor.

From the school side, the pros and cons of the bound all-day school were also discussed. In this type of school, classes are held for seven hours on at least four days of the week. With this instruction no individual Nachhilfe is possible. As advantages of the "Itz-Kids Hennemann listed the flexible booking times, homework supervision and care during the vacations. He referred to the "Itz Kids" as the as a quality product. The vice principal informed that the application for funding could be made with the elementary school space program, it would make sense for the middle school location to be limited to the 5. and 6. Class.

Andreas Schmittwolf (CWU), a member of the town council, thought that the concept had been developed with a sense of proportion. The architectural office Paptistella was commissioned to work out renovation proposals for an elementary and reduced middle school based on the concept presented by the school management and alternatively for an elementary school with the space program determined by the government. The costs of a new building are to be determined for both variants, as well as the space requirements and the support possibilities of a lunchtime supervision or a day nursery for the "Itz Kids".

At the request of Andreas Eiermann (Ebinger Liste) and Reinhard Schmid (SPD), the architect was commissioned to assess the structural condition of the school buildings in Ebing and Mursbach.

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